Prep Baseball Report

Summer Standouts @ LakePoint - Uncommitted 2020 RHPs

Phil Kerber
PBR Georgia

This summer Prep Baseball Report ran four tournaments at LakePoint Sporting Community in Emerson, GA. Thousands of prospects flooded through the gates to play in some of the most highly competitive tournaments in the country hosted at a state-of-the-art facility. You can look back at previous scout notes by following one of these links: PBR Georgia Showdown at LakePointThe LakePoint ClassicNational Program Invitational, and the PBR National Championships

Yesterday, we started out look back at some of the top uncommitted prospects still on the market who visited our confines this summer. We began with, what seems to be the hottest commodity, seven left-handed pitchers, from around the country. 

Today, we continue by shining a spotlight on 40 uncommitted 2020 right-handed pitchers who caught our staff's eye over the summer.

Brandt Pancer RHP / 1B / North Gwinnett, GA / 2020

7/29/19 - After closing out the semifinal matchup, dominates and goes the distance in the championship game. Fastball sat 87-90, easy out of the hand, played mostly true. Mixed in a breaking ball at 70-72 and changeup at 75-76. 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame.

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Parker Brey OF / RHP / Portage Northern, MI / 2020

7/28/19 - Started for 17u Arsenal and showed late life from ¾ slot on his fastball that was 86-87 with natural run to his arm side. The slider would flash bite and tilt with 10/4 shape with a couple nasty, late biting pitches at 73 mph. Also laced a double and moved with ease around the bags. The delivery is athletic and the velocity should continue to rise, uncommitted 20’ with ability on both sides of the ball. 

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Max Luke 1B / RHP / North Gwinnett, GA / 2020

7/28/19 - Was up to 88 mph and worked in the 85-88 range for multiple innings for DRB Elite today. The 2020 grad spun 12/6 shaped curveball with gradual downhill action, resulting in swings and misses and using as a put away pitch. 6-foot-3 frame and downhill action on the heater. 

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Cedric Degrandpre 1B / RHP / Academie Baseball Canada, QC / 2020

7/28/19 - De Grandpre is an athletic-looking kid. He’s a sturdy 6-1, 192 pounds, physical and looks the part no matter where you put him on the field. On the mound he sat 87-88, touching 89, with a slider that has shape to it. One of the better uncommitted players in the country, De Grandpre is eye-catching. He isn’t very vocal, and you don’t hear him a lot, but when he’s in the spotlight, he’s a can’t-miss player.

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Joel Sarver RHP / 3B / Champaign Central, IL / 2020

7/26/19 - An athletically built 6-foot-1, 185-pound right-hander, pitched a complete-game gem to lead Top Tier to a 5-4 victory over Elite Squad Texas. Sarver held his 86-87 velocity most of the game, bumped a few 88s and topped at 89. Fastball plays mostly true, and paired it with an effective 73-78 mph slider. When he threw the slider with more conviction and velocity, it served as a putaway pitch, as he did to two batters in the final frame. The arm is clean, loose and athletic coming out of a high-3/4 slot. The delivery, too, is athletic, low-effort, on-line and repeats it well. Threw a high-volume of strikes throughout the game. More velocity seemingly is in the tank. 

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Austin Warren RHP / 3B / Crawfordsville, IN / 2020

7/24/19 - Showed a loose, quick arm on Day one, running his fastball up to 89. Early on, he hung in the 86-88 mph range, but as the game went on, his velo dropped down to 83-85, and even more so from the stretch. In his later innings he was able to flash a couple 86’s and 87’s, but couldn’t quite sustain it. Warren starts off closed, and lands that way as well, throwing across his body, which gave him some deception on his fastball. He’s very max effort, which is a huge contributor to his inability to keep up his velocity. 

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Jake Soorus OF / RHP / North Lincoln, NC / 2020

7/25/19 - In the mix of his team getting run-ruled, Soorus was one of the better players on the field. He doesn’t exactly turn heads with his stock 6-0, 180-pound body, but the last two innings of the game belonged to him. In the top half of the 6th, he smashed a towering double to left that was a few feet away from a home run. Then in the bottom half, he stepped on the mound and flipped an easy 86-88 mph fastball, with a biting 76-78 mph curveball. If not for nothing in this game, Soorus is a guy to watch, and while it would be nice to see him extended a bit on the mound, he did enough to warrant a follow for the rest of the week.

Payne Hobbs RHP / OF / Germantown High School , MS / 2020

6/20/19 - Lanky and athletic. He separates into a stab and inverts to get out, but when he was synched up he showed good stuff in his outing at 86-89 with occasional sink. When he was up in the zone and straight the Arkansas Prospects made him pay for it. His breaking ball is still inconsistent but would flash shape at 72-74 when he gave his arm time to work and was on time.

Beau Coffman RHP / SS / St. Xavier, KY / 2020

6/21/19 - Pitched three stellar, shutout innings of relief with a 86-91 mph FB and swing/miss 74-77 mph SL.

Adam Weihe RHP / OF / Atherton, KY / 2020

6/21/19 - 6-foot-3, 200 pound 2020 Adam Weihe who struck out two of the three batters he faced in the first inning by spotting his 84-87 mph FB and mixing in an occasional 72-75 mph CB.

Landon Lewis RHP / OF / McCallie , TN / 2020

6/8/19 - 6-foot-5 190lbs; right handed pitcher. Tall, projectible frame with room left to grow into. Over the top arm slot with very clean mechanics. The uncommitted rising senior got up to 86 on the gun at 1900rpm. Also flashed a CB with 12/6 shape. Lewis got 6.5ft worth of extension showing that his velo plays a little more than what the gun reads.

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Adam Bendoraitis RHP / SS / Batavia, IL / 2020

7/27/19 - Was really difficult to get solid contact off of with a strong FB/CB mix that kept hitters off balance. FB rung up as high as 85 and sat at 82-83 in all four innings of work. CB was one of the most impressive pitches of the afternoon, however at 71mph and 2400rpm’s. Had a firm 12/6 shape that saw a lot of swing and misses resulting from it. 

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Joseph Garrett SS / A. Crawford Mosley, FL / 2020

7/26/19 - Has an aggressive delivery coming from a slew of different arm slots. Predominantly throws from a low ¾ slot but raises up to an overhand release late in counts, and goes more to a sidearm slot when throwing his SL. FB was 83-85 and got up to 86 at 1900rpm’s, showing arm side run. Had good feel of his SL, which ran 69-72, 2400rpm’s, and had 10/4 shape to it. Gets good use from his lower half as he really drives off the back side to generate power.

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Nate Kusner RHP / 2B / Solon, OH / 2020

7/27/19 - Is a 5-foot-10, 150-pound strike-pumper who dots his 84-87 fastball to both sides of the plate, topping at 88. Also effectively mixed in a 66-72 mph curveball, thrown consistently for strikes. Works out of high-¾ slot, short in the back, easy out front. Delivery is simple and repeats well. Threw a high-volume of strikes and missed barrels.

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Caleb Bohn 3B / RHP / Pinecrest Academy, GA / 2020

6/21/19 - Pitched four shutout innings in his start with a sneaky 83-86 mph FB which generated repeated swing/miss. He also mixed in a 74 SL and 71-72 CH. Bohn is a strike thrower who worked quick and filled up the zone with three pitches. 

Samuel Tompkins RHP / OF / Brantley, AL / 2020

7/26/19 - The uncommitted 2020 is 6-0, 175-pounds, sitting 84-86 with a clean arm action, repeatable delivery, and some late sink on his fastball that induced a lot of ground balls. He doesn’t have a ton of swing-and-miss stuff, but he’s got the stuff to break bats, and it should only get better down the road.

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Jarek Wells OF / RHP / Smithson Valley, TX / 2020

7/26/19 - Got the start in this game, and he was cruising thanks in large part to his breaking ball. While he controlled the fastball well, sitting 83-85 with some zip, his curveball at 75-77 mph is what kept hitters off-balance. With a spin rate of more than 2400 RPM, it was flat out nasty, and made his fastball look even harder. Without missing a beat, he then stepped to the plate and roped a base hit with a smooth, clean swing.

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Joey Pourron RHP / Union Grove, GA / 2020

6/6/19 - Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 175-pound right-handed pitcher, projectable frame with room for continued physical development. On the mound, fastball sat 84-85, touching 86 (2000-2100 rpm). Mixed in a curveball at 67-68 and a changeup at 77.

Ian Donahue RHP / American School in Japan, MA / 2020

6-foot, 155-pound athletic right-handed pitcher, lean frame. Deceptive delivery, messes with timing by adding a shimmy, great balance throughout. Arm works loosely. Fastball sat 84-87 (2400 rpm) in first relief appearance at LakePoint Classic. Offspeed is still a work in progress.

Cole Greer RHP / OF / Cherokee Trail, CO / 2020

6/13/19 - 6-foot-2, 170-pound right-handed pitcher, strong, athletic build, some quick twitch, room continued development. Arm works long, showing on the back-side, quick arm speed gets to a ¾ slot with ease. Fastball sat 82-85 with late life, swing and miss type movement to it. Relief almost entirely on fastball to get outs.

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Samuel Roebuck RHP / OF / Greenbrier, GA / 2020

6/13/19 - 5-foot-10, 162-pound right-handed pitcher, athletic build with strength in lower half. Short  arm action with a quick draw to a ¾ slot. Uses lower half well in drop and drive delivery, keeps momentum on-line, lands square. Fastball played up to 85 mph, mostly 81-84, featured armside run. Breaking ball had sweeping action to it at 64-66. Also mixed in a changeup at 70 mph.

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Tate Marks SS / RHP / Piedmont Academy, GA / 2020

7/24/19 - A right-hander for Duluth Noles came out of the pen during the first game of the day on Wednesday. Marks makes good use of a sturdy 5-foot-10, 165-pound build, getting into his lower half, dropping and driving towards the plate. He throws from a high 3/4 arm slot, repeats, and gets out front freely. He sat 83-86, mixing in a curveball with 11/5 shape, using the pitch off of his fastball to freeze hitters. Marks impressed over the course of his outing. 

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Koby Dunn RHP / C / George Walton, GA / 2020

6/7/19 - 6-foot-0, 160lbs; two-way prospect. Longer arm action, but uses it to get on time with front side making for clean mechanics. The right-hander had a high ¾ arm slot, and induced a lot of ground ball outs. Worked the bottom half of the zone effectively with a solid FB/CH mix. FB sat 81-83 and touched 84 paired with a CH at 74mph and displayed an above average spin rate (2100rpm) and late sink to it.

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Noah Sweatman RHP / C / Homeschool, GA / 2020

7/24/19 - A 2020 RHP dealt for Sox Baseball all night long. Sweatman sat in the low 80’s, maxing out at 84 mph in as last as the 5th inning. He maintained his velocity, added and subtracted, affecting the timing of the batters. He changed slots, mostly releasing from a high ¾, but dropped down to the side on lots of occasions. His curveball was an effective pitch for him this evening.

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Jamie LaFramboise 3B / RHP / Wesleyan, GA / 2020

7/25/19 - Spun a gem before running into control issues later in the game. Standing at 5-11, 170 pounds, he was 82-85 mph, with a 70-71 mph curveball with some depth. He added an RBI single the opposite way to top it off.

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Vince Dant RHP / 1B / Newpalstine, IN / 2020

7/24/19 - Was impressive on the mound, sitting 82-84 with his fastball, while flashing his curveball in whatever count he wanted. While he’s not very physically imposing, the 5-10, 150-pound pitcher was all over the strike zone, competed, and pitched much bigger than he was. 

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Cole Yeager 2B / RHP / Penn Hills, PA / 2020

7/24/19 - At a thick 5-10, 170 pounds, he made a few tough plays at 3B, showing arm strength across the diamond. Then he got on the mound, and it translated well. His fastball sat 82-84, curveball at 70-72, while showing a high degree of confidence and poise on the mound. 

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Oliver Rau SS / RHP / Greenwood Community High School, IN / 2020

6/13/19 - 6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitter average build with strength in lower half. Arm works short, with a stab on the back-side, to an over-the-top slot, hides the ball well. Tall and fall delivery, strides towards the third base side of the rubber, lands closed, finishes upright. Fastball sat 81-84, some life at-times. Curveball at 71-73.

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Jake Hill RHP / Forsyth Central , GA / 2020

6/9/19 - 6-foot-3, 185lbs; uncommitted. The submariner dominated nearly every batter he saw, managing out of a bases loaded, no out jam and struck out the side. Good weight transfer and front side mechanics, overall very clean mechanically. FB had late run to it, 80-82, T83 at 2100-2200 rpm. SL was a plus out pitch frequently missing barrels with it; 67mph, 2400rpm and good sharp action.

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Anthony Patterson OF / RHP / Aaron Academy, TN / 2020

6/8/19 - 6-foot-2, 155-pound two-way prospect, lean athlete, room for continued physical development. Offensively, right-handed hitter, gap-to-gap type hitter with emerging power, uses long levers to create leverage. On the mound, arm played athletically, running his fastball up to 85 mph (2300rpm).

Ryne Haney C / RHP / Daniel Boone, TN / 2020

6/6/19 - 6-foot, 180 pounds. Works from an OH armslot; straight back on arm swing. Had a solid outing; good control of 3-pitch-mix. FB sat 80-83 with late run. Kept hitters off balance with significant speed difference. Loose CB that fell into the zone at 63-65. Also showed a CH at 70.

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John Whiteside RHP / SS / Haleyville, AL / 2020

6/20/19 - A 2020 that still offers some projection, because of his tall, wiry frame and hand-speed.  His fastball flashes quality sink at 80-83. He has the ability to spin the baseball, but works out of a lower slot at times with his breaking ball and loses some shape to the pitch even though he gets more consistent break from down there.

Brayden Ballard RHP / OF / Smith Cotton , MO / 2020

6/20/19 - Has a medium frame and works from a 3/4 slot with some drop and drive to his delivery. He works off his fastball well at 82-85, showing quality sink when down, but often finished up in the zone with riding arm-side life. Early on, he struggled getting to his breaking ball (69-72), but developed better feel for the pitch as his outing wore on showing both spin and shape.

Tyler Kotsis 3B / RHP / Fort Zumwalt West, MO / 2020

6/20/19 - Mixed a low-80s fastball with two effective breaking pitches (68-70 mph CB, 73-74 mph SL) that he repeated and threw in any count to keep the Rays off-balance throughout his five innings pitched. Kotsis is a strike thrower who has good feel and isn’t afraid to pitch inside. His arm works well and more velo is likely in the near future.

Austin Adair RHP / Hendrickson , TX / 2020

7/24/19 - *Recent ULM commit* Was one of the most effective relief arms on the day. Not only is he a sidewinder with a violent delivery, but his ability to ramp up his fastball to 83 for sinking action, and pound the zone with a sweeping slider is advanced. By no means is he going to start at the next level, but at 6-1, 150-pounds, he will most certainly come out of the pen in college, and get a lot of outs. All in all, at-bats against him are uncomfortable, and you can see it with the swings he induces. 

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Blake Leadford LHP / OF / CBC, MO / 2020

7/24/19 - Is a lean 6-foot left-hander comes from a ¾ slot with a fast one piece type arm action. His fastball sits 80-83 touching 85. Plenty of strength gains remain for Leadford and could see a up tick in velocity as he matures due to natural hand-speed.

Reed Proctor 1B / RHP / Northgate, GA / 2020

7/25/19 - A 6-foot-5, 180-pound right-hander was excellent in a Thursday night pitches dual. He sat 80-83 consistently throughout the night, and from a downward angle with good extension out front; hitters had trouble catching up. He used his curveball in big spots, with the tying run on third-base late, he trusted the pitch and went to it to record swings and misses. He went the distance, allowing a hit and no runs against a strong club. His body control and fluidity in his delivery allowed him to stay consistent throughout the night. 

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Gabe Buchanan RHP / 3B / Fannin County, GA / 2020

7/25/19 - A 6-foot-2, 195-pound righty took the hill for the Colt 45s and pitched well over the course of his outing. The righty was in the 82-83 mph range, using a curveball very frequently; early and late in counts. He uses a large leg kick, hides the ball well, and lands open before releasing to the plate. He is still on the market as of now, and could be a useful arm for a club at the next level.

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Kendall Anthes RHP / SS / Cass City, MI / 2020

7/25/19 - A 6-foot, 160-pound right-hander started for the Metro Stars to start off the day. It’s a lean, loose body with a clean arm swing and body movements. He works from a ¾ arm slot and throws across his body towards the plate. He was 82-83 mph, mixing in a 75 mph breaking ball and 77 mph changeup. His secondary stuff needs refining, but there is a lot to like with Anthes.

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Bracken Rice RHP / 1B / Rossview, TN / 2020

7/26/19 - A 6-foot, 160-pound right-hander put together a solid outing tonight against a strong club. He tempered with his delivery throughout the night, using his secondary offerings off of one another to effect hitters timings. He was 80-82, topping out at 83 mph on this night. His curve was his primary off-speed pitch and demonstrated 11/5 shaped break. 

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