Prep Baseball Report

NorCal Uncommitted Focus: Ranked 2023 grads

Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Director

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NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - We saw these players during the summer and/or fall (or both), at various PBR and PBR scouted events. Click on the player name to go to full profile where you can find more stats, a full history of data we have on the player, and also video.

Full 2023 California State Ranking (next update will be made in early November)

Name Pos High School CA Rank CA Position Rank; B/T; Ht/Wt; Event; Notes/Data/Etc.
Nick Zuccaro OF Ponderosa #105  #16 - R/R, 6-0 195; ProCase attendee; Tools range from physicality with the bat (95.3 max EV, 78.4 mph max bat speed), to footspeed (6.74 60), with a usable OF arm (83 mph) for any of the three spots
Michael Ryan OF Gridley #137 #22 - R/R, 5-10 175; ProCase attendee; Good runner (6.94 60), big OF arm (90 mph), clearly has hit tools (99.3 max EV, 23.9 max hand speed, 80 mph max bat speed), feel for barrel w/high revving motor
Zane Denton C Las Plumas #145 #18 - R/R, 5-10 190; ProCase attendee; Outstanding C/T tools & one of stronger C arms in CA (81 mph max, 1.93-2.03 pops), hit tools are there too (94.7 max EV, 24 mph max hand speed, 71.4 max bat speed)
Jacob Hudson RHP/OF Valley Christian #162 #49 - R/R, 5-10 195; ProCase attendee; Have seen up to 92 w/2657 max FB spin (27.2 spin score), SL spin up to 2600, hit tools as well, 98.4 max EV, 22.8 max hand speed, 74.3 max bat speed, with OF arm up to 92
Myles Walton OF Clayton Valley #181 #34 - R/R, 5-11 160; ProCase attendee; Lean wiry athlete, 6.78 60 yard, 85 mph OF arm, 23.1 max hand speeds projects for more bat speed w/strength (69.7 mph max, 90.8 max EV), middle of field line drive hitter - UPDATE 11/7/22: committed to Sacramento State 
Aidan Sakai C Hillsdale #203 #22 - R/R, 6-2 205; ProCase attendee; Physical body, flashes big tools such as 81 mph C arm (1.89-1.97 pops), 86 mph arm at 3B, 98 max EV, 23.8 mph max hand speed, 74.1 mph max bat speed, 7.18 runner too
Cameron Taylor 3B Napa #212 #8 - R/R, 6-2 190; CA State Games; Prototypical 3B profile, strong arm (86 mph), well abv avg glove, juice in the bat, plays w/conf. edge, 76.8 mph max bat speed, 96.9 max EV, 6.76 60, XBH power that plays now
Liam Kevill RHP Northgate #219 #68 - 6-1 190; Bay Area World Series; Strong athletic body, loose quick arm, made steady progression w/velo during spring into mid-summer, we saw 89 mph (has peaked above), 2341 max spin, SL is tighter than CB
Connor Harrison C/1B De La Salle #221  #25 - R/R, 6-3 210; ProCase attendee; Consistent performer w/bat that shows up in workouts & games, RBI-man & run producer, 97 mph max EV, 24.4 mph max hand speed, 77.1 mph max bat speed, accurate catch/throw skills
Diego Castellanos OF/LHP Live Oak #225 #41 - L/L, 6-1 185; Bay Area World Series; LHH w/impact hitting talent, gritty & hitterish in the box, 6.73 60, 96.9 mph max EV, 88 mph OF arm, compact stroke w/power, good L on L, 2353 max spin on the FB up to 84 mph
Carter March OF/RHP Granada #227 #42 - R/R, 5-10 180; Bay Area World Series; TOOLSY as position player & pitcher, ran 6.81 60, 88 mph OF arm, short quick stroke w/juice, speed to pressure the defense, FB peaked 87, quick CB 2240 spin, closer profile/approach
Antonio Moreira OF Pittsburg #230  #43 - R/R, 6-3 210; Bay Area World Series; Body is noticeable, arm is big & functional (90 mph), hit tools are present, 99 mph max EV, 72.1 mph max bat speed, as he refines usability of hit tools he will emerge more brightly
Joshua Pashby RHP St. Ignatius Prep #238  #72 - 5-11 180; Bay Area World Series; Former catcher brings those intangibles to mound, strong quick arm, FB up to 88, big tight CB w/feel and ability to use for strikeouts, has run 6.88 60 as indicator of what is in his body
Carston Pearson OF Dublin #248 #46 - L/L, 6-0 180; Big flashes of electric hitting tools, plus run (6.81 60) tool, 97.8 mph max EV, 23.2 mph max hand speed, 90 mph OF arm, swings works to all fields w/present pull side power, has all 5 tools & high motor
Danny McInnis C De La Salle #255 #31 - L/R, 6-0 190; Bay Area World Series (named MOP), LHH catcher, showed all-field hit-ability, 93.4 mph max EV, pops 2.05-2.18 w/75 mph arm, has some edginess to his game and intensity with how he competes
Cameron Valentine C Mountain House #256 #32 - R/R, 5-10 185; Bay Area World Series; coming off back to back conference MVP awards, has strong C/T skills (78 mph arm, low 2.0s pops), leader presence & interaction w/pitchers, 91 mph EV, all-field hitting approach
Paul Contreras OF/RHP Gregori #268 #54 - R/R, 6-2 180; Bay Area World Series Uncmtd; all-around tools rate w/top players in his class, body type draws attn, then tools & play carry him, 6.88 60, 98 mph max EV, 22.6 mph hand speed, FB peaked 84
Lucas Durand SS Irvington #274  #63 - R/R, 5-11 170; Bay Area World Series; looks more physical than 170, hit/run tools are quite good, 6.74 60, 93.6 mph max EV, 72.7 mph max bat speed, INF arm 80ish mph, plays with energy, bent arm stroke
Tyler Allen OF  Whitney #286 #60 - R/R, 5-10 170; California State Games; Well-rounded player w/multi-positional versatility (3B), tools play competitively, 95.2 max EV, 84 mph OF arm, 72.7 mph max bat speed, 7.17 60, steady middle of field approach
Spencer Lanz RHP/1B Buhach Colony #287 #81 - R/R, 6-3 200; Bay Area World Series; big physical body, FB peaked at 87, CB & SL near 2300 spin, heavy FB, pounds zone, at plate has juice, 99.7 mph max EV, 77.8 mph max hand speed, confident relaxed hitter
Atticus Gonzalez C St. Joseph Notre Dame #295 #35 - R/R, 5-11 195; Bay Area World Series; full set of what is sought at catcher, strong C/T talent (78 mph, 1.95-2.09 pops), has power at the plate (XBH plays now), 94.8 max EV, aggressive hitter, leader-type charisma
Drew Dillehay C Los Gatos #299 #36 - R/R, 5-10 170; Bay Area World Series; hard-worker w/steady improvement arc, abv avg defender, affable relaxed competitor, was in mix for BAWS MOP, 92 max EV, has XBH pop (pullside), 1.97-2.12 pops, 74 mph arm
Zane Baltz RHP Heritage #314 #88 - 6-4 225; Bay Area World Series; clearly the size that draws attn, quick strong arm, pounds zone, FB up to 89 mph, has feel and control of SL that flashes as potential average pitch, should be some 90+ touches in spring
Marcus Maeder RHP Colfax #334  #95 - 6-3 170; Bay Area World Series Uncmtd; Long lanky young body/face, ability to create spin is at the highest end in California, SL/CB feel along w/2700-2800 spin, FB peaks 85 w/2300-2400 spin, monster potential
Derek Waldvogel OF Serra #338 #69 - R/R, 6-2 190; Bay Area World Series; Physical bruising hitter w/corner OF profile, raw power is real, 97.1 max EV, 75.4 mph max bat speed, 25.8 mph max hand speed, 85 mph OF arm, can punish mistake pitches
Ben Johnston C Granada #350 #41 - R/R, 6-3 190; Bay Area World Series; Toolsy & athletic catcher w/present skill & projectable tools, selfless teammate, glue guy, 78 mph arm, 2.03-2.08 pops, 92.5 max EV, 70.9 mph max bat speed, gap to gap