Prep Baseball Report

Most Valuable Players : Class 6A (Regions 1-4)

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

GHSA 6A is a great example of why Georgia is a top 5 state for big leaguers in the entire MLB despite being a much smaller state than California, Texas, and Florida. The talent across this state from cities to rural areas is endlessly deep. We just love baseball here, and the weather allows it to go on year round. Not only are there a handful of current and future draft prospects in this article, but some big time sleepers who deserve more recognition. Without keeping you any further, here are the most valuable players in 6A (Regions 1-4)!

Knox Sheppard RHP / OF / Evans, GA / 2024

UGA Commit. 6-foot-2, 165 pounds. There are few equal competitors on the mound in the entire southeast as Sheppard. His intense look and fast tempo suffocates hitters and takes control of games quickly. Despite his hips rolling to the plate almost as soon as he lifts the knee, Knox is so quick and efficient through up+down+out phases that the arm is always on time. With his big time explosiveness+tempo combo in such a young build, he will occasionally drift across the body and have to fight against himself. This is of no concern and should go away completely as he gets stronger. I love the fluidity in the delivery and the full circle arm action that effortlessly builds momentum. I’m always encouraged to see when a HS prospect's shoulders+chest+core rotate on an identical plane as their arm slot, promoting not only arm health but spin efficiency. Sheppard does this very well. His lower half is quite advanced in his move down the mound, landing with good posture (slight bend in knees creating steep plane and power from ground up). The lead leg block happens in perfect sequence with his extension (locks out post release), and that block will only become more explosive as he gets stronger. This is a strike thrower of strike throwers, and he does it with identical intent pitch by pitch. His 88-90 FB (2400 RPM) jumps out of the hand with explosive run, and he can paint both corners with ease. The 77-78 SL has gradual sweep and depth, and shows regularly as an AVG MLB offering. His smooth delivery & athleticism project very well for his 83 CH with fade+depth. Few arms are more intriguing in the state than this Evans Knight.

Owen Anchors OF / 1B / Dunwoody , GA / 2024

Clemson Commit. 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. Few players in the country dominated 2022 PBR events like this one. Not only does he have current A/AVG raw power (future ++), but he checks all the boxes in the hit for average department. With an advanced approach, plate discipline, and serious bat speed, Anchors is a walking RBI. His crouched stance and the incline plane he rotates on create insane loft, and few can match pitch trajectory like him. Owen’s gap to gap power, balanced hands, and near perfect inside out swing allow him to take away the outer half of the plate, forcing you to go in where he’ll turn & burn with ease. If that’s not enough to sell you, he’s a 6.7 runner with a strong arm and years of projection left! Anchors will create a buzz like few others the next 2 springs for the Wildcats.


Drew Burress OF / 3B / Houston County, GA / 2023

Georgia Tech Commit. 5-foot-9, 180 pounds. The PBR Georgia Player of the Year (2022) has done nothing but dominate every step of his process. As our No. 49 prospect in the nation, he’s proven himself to our entire company and the scouting staffs of many MLB teams. Drew’s ability to take high impact hacks while maintaining an all fields approach with consistent barrels is outstanding to me. His routine from the moment he steps on the field is exceptional, and he has real 5 tool potential. The instincts in all facets are second to none, allowing all tools to play up in game. I truly believe this can be an A/AVG bat with A/AVG power/speed production at the game's highest level one day. We’re excited to see him put on for the Peach State at PBR Super 60 on 2/5!


Andrew Dunford RHP / RHP / Houston County, GA / 2023

Mercer Commit. 6-foot-7, 235 pounds. This former future No. 4 or 5 starter is one of the easiest operators I’ve seen at his size. Dunford is a very unique arm with a fundamentally sound delivery and sky high ceiling. His ability to locate his FB and SL to both edges stands out, giving him a reliable two pitch mix that I feel can get college hitters out now. His deceptive low ¾ arm action and slight crossfire that create a very unique angle and life on his pitches. It’s a very intimidating look for hitters - the FB, SL start behind RHH which plays up both pitches tremendously. To LHH, it's a ridiculously tough angle that's very difficult to time up. Every strike he throws starts outside of the zone and ends up in the zone, which is a confusing adjustment for hitters. He gives an intriguing look to scouts and is good a bet as any to make a big jump this spring.


Eli Stephens C / 1B / Houston County, GA / 2024

Mercer Commit. 6-foot-2, 215 pounds. Not only is this one of the smartest, most disciplined hitters in the state, but he can deliver a serious boom on a consistent basis. His natural swing is a thing of beauty and shows plus ease of effort moves efficiently in one compact spot, keeping his head still w/ no wasted movement. He creates exceptional backspin from a dead center approach built for doubles and bombs. Stephens is a BB machine, with some of the best strike zone judgment I saw in all of 2022. In today's age of OBP & OPS, Eli will open eyes at the next level. He will save runs for Houston with his willingness as a blocker and impressive catch & throw qualities.  


Ryker Chavis LHP / OF / Houston County, GA / 2023

UGA Commit. 6-foot-2, 178 pounds. This southpaw is so far advanced as a HS pitcher that it’s hard not to think about him being an immediate contributor in the SEC next year. This is a very unique pitcher with a ridiculous feel for 3 pitches and tons of projection. The delivery flows like water, and he uses his advanced lower half mechanics to work down hill with ease. His clean, efficient arm action comes from a near sidearm slot, creating tough angle for hitters to track. His 85-87 T88 FB is one of my favorites in the class, due to its sudden, late tail. It gets consistent in zone whiffs vs RHH, and attacks LHH hands. The mid 70’s CH is of the same quality and tunnels perfectly, with late fade and depth. Chavis can locate the low 70’s SLV to both edges as a quality 3rd offering.


Gaven Smith LHP / 1B / Lee County, GA / 2024

Georgia Southern Commit. 6 foot 4, 165 pounds. This athletic gunslinger is well on his way to the moon ceiling wise. Despite the uber projectable skyscraper-like frame, he has one of the best deliveries in the state. Few move more athletically than Smith, who builds pace gradually+perfectly in the delivery and arm action. He stacks the back side in stride with impressive compactness as he moves down the slope, creating linear connection with his core and drive leg. His lengthy stride helps create unreal hip/shoulder separation, and plays up his 85-87 FB with late tail. Smith’s sweeping 70-72 CB took huge leaps in 2022 and he’s already able to command the pitch arm side. We have no doubt he will dominate for Lee this spring, and look for a big jump in velocity!


Antonio Anderson SS / RHP / North Atlanta, GA / 2023

Georgia Tech Commit. 6 foot 3, 205 pounds. The young looking, switch-hitting prospect is one of the top hitters in the country with serious juice from both sides of the plate. His dynamic, explosive, one piece swing is always well timed and sequenced. The shoulders rotate on a perfect diagonal plane for loft, gradually tilting the front shoulder downhill as he separates. This creates a smooth, uphill path that produces a knob led path and exceptional linear connection. The ball absolutely takes off from his barrel. The best part? There’s much ceiling left in his lengthy, well muscled frame and strong lower half. His hands and feet are smooth up the middle, and he shows off the instincts with good reaction time and reads. Anderson has all the tools to stick at SS long term, and separates himself with swing mechanics, raw power potential, arm strength, and overall athleticism.


Isaiah Drake OF / RHP / North Atlanta, GA / 2023

Georgia Tech Commit. 5 foot 10, 185 pounds. You are looking at the fastest player in the state. Very rarely do you see a top of the scale runner in HS, as most of them get to prime speed in college after filling out physically. Hard work in the weight room has taken him from a plus runner to an excellent runner over the past year. A relative of NFL RB Kenyan Drake, I sure would love to see those two race each other. You’d be hard pressed to find a more relaxed hitter than Isaiah. His tall setup, free flowing hands, and timed up hips remind us of some of the better hitters in our game today. Add in his good dead center approach and ability to recognize spin, and you’ve got a real baller. Few in the country can close on balls in CF like him, as he’s a guarantee to be a plus or better defender. The hip fluidity and long speed allow him to nearly cover the entire outfield himself. Drake's strong arm and endless range will save handfuls of runs for his North Atlanta pitching staff. 


Sims DeLong RHP / 3B / North Atlanta , GA / 2023

Washington & Lee Commit. 6 foot 2, 175 pounds. This is without a doubt one of the most intriguing 2023 sleepers on our radar. His fast tempo, aggressive all stretch delivery will pump high octane, high spin fuel by 6A hitters with ease this spring. DeLong’s unique crossover stride creates a nasty angle on his riding, running FB (88-89 T91, 23-2500 RPM), without impacting his ability to stay behind the ball (minimal upper half drift). The violent life on his heater only plays up the high spin CB (71-75, 24-2600 RPM). It has a SLV-like shape and when he controls his balance, shows equal parts sweep+depth. This high projection arm is an absolute Ace in the hole for the Warriors and will be the key to a State Championship run.


Ira Jefferies Harris SS / 3B / North Atlanta, GA / 2024

Mizzou Commit. 6 foot 1, 180 pounds. This is a monumental addition for the Warriors and only adds to their star studded roster. Ira left a lasting impression on our VP of Scouting Shooter Hunt at NPI, as he said, “The switch-hitting, 6-foot-1, 180-pound shortstop takes a relaxed approach from both sides of the plate allowing his fast hands to work freely in delivering a heavy barrel. He demonstrated the ability to drive the ball to all fields, including a booming opposite field home run from the left side, and should carry significantly more strength in coming years. The ability to slow the game down and track pitches stands out at a young age, and as he continues to gain more experience and mature physically, look for the young shortstop to make steady progress.”


Montrell Christian Jr RHP / OF / Forest Park, GA / 2024

Georgia State Commit. 6 foot 4, 220 pounds. While he first caught the eyes of our evaluators on the mound, the ceiling on his bat is just as high or higher. His quiet rhythm & perfectly sequenced forward move is wildly impressive.. Even more noticeable is his efficient, repeatable hand path that allows the knob to lead and get to the ball quickly, keeping both hands balanced thru zone. He’s a pro at getting to the low ball, as he gets barrel angle late in the swing with the top hand, keeping the barrel in the zone forever. His hips control the swing with good pace and he does a great job of timing that pace with the pitcher's delivery, two of the biggest keys to hitting. You just can't teach his swing mechanics, bat speed, and strength. Trell also showed a rejuvenated arm last fall after resting from a long summer, sitting 87-89 T90 and flashing a serious SL that has plenty of potential.


Elijah Wellman RHP / 3B / Brunswick, GA / 2024

Samford Commit. 6 foot 3, 170 pounds. The “Commander of Curveballs” is far from just that, as he’s an elite athlete with an advanced delivery and repertoire to match. Not only does this Future Games legend dominate on the mound, he does it on the basketball court. FG was the last time we saw him mowing through hitters with ++ deception. His athletic twist of the lower half in the lift phase turns his back to hitters, hiding his hand break very well so hitters don't know when to roll into their hips. His loose, deep full circle arm action works down to his knee and gets into a near sidearm slot that rotates connected with his core. His running FB has ridiculously effective velo and he’s already been up to 89. His nasty low-mid 70’s CB rotates very tightly, starting at RHH shoulders and landing in the zone for freeze after freeze. He showed an amazing feel for the pitch and is sure to rack up big numbers this spring. Check out my article “Tools & Intangibles” for an in depth look on what make him electric on the hill.


Julian Carter SS / 2B / Riverwood, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6 foot 1, 165 pounds. Showed extremely well for us at Preseason All-State, peppering hard line drives up the middle and spraying gaps consistently. When he’s on, there are few players in the state with swing mechanics as natural and fluid. He was right at the top with the best defenders at the event, showing near elite footwork and an impressive glove. The arm strength isn’t quite there yet velocity wise (80 mph), but his throws do carry with accuracy and the exchange is smooth. Carter has the definition of quick twitch hands at the plate, proving that earlier this month with his hand speed reading of 25.9 mph. It's a knob led path that spends optimal time in the zone and he very rarely strays from his up the middle approach, which is one of the most intriguing qualities about him. Very rarely do I see Carter off balance at the plate, and his body control will only improve as he gets stronger. This is an exciting follow with a very high ceiling.



Tyler VanSumeren OF / LHP / Tift County, GA / 2026

Kennesaw State Commit, 5 foot 10, 145 pounds. This is one of my favorite bats in the country for 2026, and he earned many accolades in 2022, most notably a JFG selection and a commitment to the MLB laden Owls staff over in Kennesaw. He has the most advanced swing mechanics in the class, well before reaching his eventual physical strength. This puts him in a consistently good position to hit with optimal torque in separation at landing. It’s a big reason Tyler can produce 95+ EV’s with ease at such a lighter weight. VanSumeren’s ability to work with his hands close to the body in compact space allow him to stay inside the ball and adjust to any pitch location on the fly. He’s an instinctive defender and will surely make a name for himself in his 1st HS season.


Greyson Gegg OF / 1B / Glynn Academy, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6 foot 3, 170 pounds. This ultra projection athlete opened eyes with PBR evaluators in 2022. Being one of the younger players in his class will undoubtedly benefit him when he reaches the college ranks. This is easily one of the most compact swing paths in the entire class. His quick little c load, relaxed upper half, and feel for both the back elbow tuck & front arm shrink creates incredibly balanced hands through the zone. His gradual, controlled forward move creates optimal stretch for big EV’s! The 91 mph cannon attached to his right arm should save many extra bases and runs.


Jamir Holloway 3B / RHP / Mundys MIll, GA / 2025

Kennesaw State Commit. 6 foot 1, 185 pounds. This is a large, stocky frame with enormous power potential. When he steps up to the plate, it’s easy to see another 20-30 pounds fitting on him comfortably without losing athleticism. But Holloway’s offensive game isn’t just pure raw power, he shows consistent swing mechanics and an all fields approach. He’s not trying to hit home runs, they just happen because he consistently hits the ball hard. It’s encouraging to see his willingness to go the other way and take what's given to him, as most pitchers don’t like to challenge him on the inner half. When they do, it's a quick, violent, short path with very simplified movement. We love how he uses less barrel angle than most power hitters, allowing him to get more barrels in the upper 3rd of the zone, creating more contact and less swing & miss in general. With some small adjustments at the plate that have to do with separation timing, we feel there is much more power to be had with his current body and skillset. This A/AVG runner is very instinctive on the basepaths as well as defensively, where his solid actions show plenty of potential. Jamir has the skill set needed to develop into a premium power bat.

Reginald Tuggle MIF / 3B / Rockdale County, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6 foot 1, 160 pounds. This is one of my picks to click for 6A as a whole, as he really opened eyes this fall at LakePoint. It’s a long levered frame with plus athleticism and A/AVG speed, and the frame can easily hold 15 more lbs of lean muscle. You see flashes of freakish ability on the diamond in his well sequenced swing, plus run tool on the bases, and rangy glove at SS. His swing is well sequenced and he has very good feel for the stretch in separation, allowing him to consistently hit balls with authority that you wouldn’t expect out of a player this size. While he’s not overly physical, he does have lean twitchy strength. Tuggle’s dynamic swing has just as much feel for going inside-out to the opposite field as it does turning the barrel in tight space.


Kai Decker / OF / Houston County / 2023
Elijah Smith / OF / Houston County / 2023
Gunnar Plante / LHP / North Atlanta / 2023
Jonathan French / IF / North Atlanta / 2023

Matt Pearch / RHP / Dunwoody / 2025
Cooper Kuriger / SS / Dunwoody / 2023
Will Fairris / RHP / Dunwoody / 2024

Gus Gandy / SS / Glynn Academy / 2024
Sam Summerlin / C / Glynn Academy / 2025
JJ Howe / OF / Veterans / 2024
Nick Allen / OF / Woodward / 2023
Carson Ray / SS / Woodward / 2026
Colton Masse / C / Northside / 2023
Griffin Taylor / RHP / Thomas Co Central / 2023
Brayden Payne / SS / Thomas Co Central / 2023
Griffin Howe / RHP / Effingham County / 2023
Maddox Shiell / OF / South Effingham / 2023
Dalton Redmond / SS / South Effingham / 2023
Daniel Simontacchi / OF / St. Pius / 2023
Wesley Ingham / C / St. Pius / 2025
Jacari Hardaway / SS / Forest Park / 2023

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