Prep Baseball Report

Week 1 Games

By: Diego Solares and Peter Hamot
Illinois Staff

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Brother Rice vs Maine South - 3/15/23

By: Peter Hamot
Area Scout, Staff Writer 

Cole Van Assen, RHP, 2023, Brother Rice
Purdue commit. Currently ranked No. 21 in the state. Lean, upside build standing 6-foot-3, 205-pounds with room to fill out. Van Assen impressed over his four innings of work, allowing just one run on three hits to pair with seven strikeouts and two walks. The slender right-hander has a simple delivery that he repeats consistently, moving into a medium balance point and tall/fall lower-half that works in-line with the plate. His arm works with a short/repeatable circle, playing from a ¾ release. Van Assen cruised with his fastball right at 89 mph early on, struggling to command it some but settled in nicely throughout his outing with control to the glove side. He often went to a 76-78 mph curveball as his secondary, playing with sharp action off an 11/5 plane, missing barrels under the zone with depth. He also showed early confidence in a changeup at 80-81 mph, throwing in any count early in the game. Polished right-hander with above-average pitchability, impressive first look for the Crusaders’ ace of the staff. 

Amir Gray, 1B, 2023, Brother Rice
Purdue commit. Currently the No. 37 ranked player in IL. Listed at a strong-bodied, 6-foot-1, 200-pounds with a strong lower-half. Impressed at the plate with numerous quality at-bats throughout the day against premium velocity. The left-handed hitter starts in a stock setup, moving with a quick leg-lift and minimal hand-load to remain on-time for velocity - sitting back on an 88 mph fastball on the outer half and shooting it the other way for an RBI single. He showed a keen eye at the plate, walking in his first at-bat on the day and rarely chasing out of the zone. He finished the day 2-for-2 with an RBI. High-level left-handed bat within the state’s 2023 class. 

Drew Koenen, RHP, 2023, Maine South
Dartmouth commit. Ranked No. 34 in the state. 6-foot-3, 215-pounds with a durable build. Koenen has made some impressive strides since last spring, improving his pitchability with an up-tick in velocity. He cruised early on at 88-90 mph, reaching back for 92 mph with ride through the zone. He went to a short, lateral breaking ball at 81-82 mph, though he was able to manipulate the shape into more 11/5 at times, playing 79-80 mph. He flashed a straight change that worked 81-83 mph, but relied more on the FB/BB. Intriguing arm to keep tabs on, especially with his recent jump in velocity. 

Sam Higgins, LHP, 2026, Maine South
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 165-pound build with plenty of room to add on strength in the coming years. Higgins was impressive over his two innings of work, not allowing a single hit or run and striking out one with one walk - not to mention it was his high school debut against one of the top teams in the state. Higgins worked his fastball up to 79 mph, sitting mostly 77-78 mph. He went to a 1/7 breaking ball at 66-69 mph, flashing sharp action. Impressive varsity debut for the freshman, follow 2026 arm moving forward. 

Kerim Orucevic, SS, 2023, Maine South
UC-San Diego commit, Currently ranked No. 38 in the state. 6-foot-1, 200-pound frame with evenly proportioned strength. Orucevic wields one of the better left-handed bats in the class with proven in-game success. He starts with a wide and crouched setup, loading into his back-knee to start his stride. His hands start low and rock back into load before moving with a flat path through the zone. He took some quality at-bats throughout the day against above-average arms, establishing his strike zone and rarely chasing out of it, also barreling up a double to the right/center gap. Impressive left-handed bat that will continue to hit at the next level. 


Althoff Catholic vs Civic Memorial - 3/14/23

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois/Missouri

Bo Gomric, INF, 2025, Althoff Catholic
5-foot-8, 150-pound athletic frame with strength in the lower half. Started at third base and hit cleanup for Althoff Catholic in this look. Confidence and moxy at the plate, balanced base, bat waggles pre-pitch. Athletic hands, level bat path, patient. Looked the part defensively both in pre-game and throughout the day. Bounce and rhythm in the lower half, glove works out front with clean funnels inward. Chested up a hard line drive and recovered to make an accurate throw across the diamond, made a handful of plays to the glove side as well. Quick to release from a short ¾ slot. A sophomore to follow for the Crusaders throughout the spring. 

Bo Gomric

Bryer Arview, MIF, 2023, Civic Memorial
Western Kentucky commit. 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame, strong lower half that fills out the uniform. Started at shortstop and hit in the three-hole for the Eagles. Balanced at the plate, hands waggle pre-pitch, minimal load, simple. Short quick swing with bat speed, works direct to the baseball and doesn’t try to do too much. Comfortable working to all fields - singled and doubled to the opposite gap in this look, also launched a no-doubt home run to the pull-side. Fluid defensively with clean feet, soft hands, and lateral range up the middle, likely profiling at second base at the next level. Arm works from a ¾ slot. A PBR Future Games alumni that’s amongst the top senior middle infielders in the state. 

Bryer Arview

Althoff Catholic vs Freeburg - 3/14/23

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois/Missouri

Hank Gomric, OF/LHP, 2024, Althoff Catholic
Saint Louis commit. 6-foot-5, 205-pound long, lanky, lean-limbed athlete. Started in center field in game one of this double-header, toed the rubber to start game two. Stands tall in the box with some knee bend, lead leg lifts slightly as hands drift back. Long left-handed swing with some leverage, barrel stays in the zone. Aggressive with intent to elevate. Flashed above-average raw power, driving two balls deep to center field that weren’t off the barrel. Moved around center field comfortably, showed an average arm pre-game. Worked exclusively from the stretch on the mound, simple leg lift into a tall/fall type delivery, upright posture throughout, maintained direction to target. Arm draws down and back from the glove, finishes from a ¾ slot with some deception and loose arm speed. Fastball sat 83-84, touching 85 mph a few times early on, playing mostly straight, flashing cut. Spun a curveball at 70-71 mph, depth and late downer spin on occasion from a 1/7 plane, landed for strikes. Also threw a more lateral slider in the same velocity band, developing feel. Struck out four batters over six innings of work. 

Columbia vs St. Joseph Ogden - 3/15/23

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois/Missouri

Dominic Voegele, RHP, 2023, Columbia
Kansas commit. Currently ranked No. 9 overall in the Illinois’ 2023 class, slotting at No. 220 nationally. 6-foot-2, 180-pound frame with lean strength and room to continue physically filling out. Started for Columbia on the mound, firing five no-hit innings, striking out eight while walking only one. Also a star on the Eagles football team in the fall - rushed for 1350 yards and 15 touchdowns, while racking up 78 total tackles and three interceptions as a defensive back. Simple tall/fall type delivery, creates momentum down the slope and stays closed to front foot strike, finishes through a firm lead leg and consistently in line. Repeated with minimal effort, advanced athleticism is clear on the mound. Compact arm path finishes from a fast high ¾ slot, arm speed out front. Fastball held 90-92 mph throughout, touching 93 mph early, with late life and sizzle at the top of the zone, strikes. Spun his usual swing-and-miss slider at 76-80 mph in all counts with sharp late bite, landing it for strikes while also spotting it beneath the zone to the glove-side for whiffs. Showed a more advanced changeup at 85-86 mph that was thrown at fastball arm speed and intent, commanding it beneath the zone with late fading action, and showing it to both right-handed and left-handed hitters in all counts. Also hit in the two-hole and started the game off with a booming home run over the left field fence. One of the premier right-handed arms in Illinois, regardless of class. 

Brody Landgraf, 1B, 2026, Columbia
6-foot-4, 195-pound highly projectable frame with present strength and room to add more. Started at first base for Columbia in this look. Also saw playing time for the Eagles varsity basketball team as a freshman, shooting 63.9% from the field and grabbing 141 rebounds over 33 games played. Tall at the plate with some knee bend, hands start at midline and work back at load, quick hitch with a toe-tap trigger. Long flat left-handed swing, hard off the barrel. Flicked a deep flyout to center field off balance in his second at-bat, drove a double into the opposite field gap in his following appearance. Projects to impact the baseball more consistently as he matures. Comfortably moved around first base in pregame with footwork feel and sure-handed actions. A name-to-know in the Illinois’ 2026 class. 

Edwardsville vs St. Joseph-Ogden - 3/15/23

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois/Missouri

Logan Geggus, LHP, 2023, Edwardsville
6-foot-2, 205-pound strong, physical athlete. Started on the mound for Edwardsville in a win against St. Joseph-Ogden. Simple mover downhill, lead leg lifts to an athletic balance point, gets onto his backside and works down the mound in a tall/fall pattern. Stays closed to footstrike with a strong front side, finishes onto a firm lead leg with a square finish through release. Long arm action, over-the-top arm slot. Fastball played heavy at 83-85 mph, grabbing 86 mph a few times early, and played effectively down in the zone for strikes. Sweeping slider with depth, 69-70 mph, and turned over a 76-77 mph changeup on occasion. A high academic uncommitted southpaw from the state’s southern part. 

Cole Funkhouser, INF, 2023, Edwardsville
Central Missouri commit, ranked No. 93 overall in the state’s senior class. Has added strength since our last look in the summer, particularly in the lower half. Hit leadoff and started at second base for the Tigers. Simple and athletic at the plate with balance, fluid load, strides short and maintains posture through contact. Loose hands with rhythm, short and direct bat path, level with little swing-and-miss and line drive feel. Drove the first pitch he saw all season deep over the left field fence for a home run, singled as well and drew a walk. Impressed defensively in pre-game and in between innings. Feet consistently work around the baseball in rhythm, soft hands work out front and funnel cleanly, short to release without much added time. Has shown our staff an advanced defensive ability multiple times in the past. Figures to be a catalyst on both sides of the ball for the Tigers this spring. 

Effingham vs Mascoutah - 3/15/23

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois/Missouri

Austin Musso, RHP, 2025, Mascoutah
Well-proportioned 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame with present strength and room to add more. Started on the mound for the Indians against Effingham on Wednesday night and dominated, punching out nine batters over four hitless innings, walking just one. Tempo’d throughout, worked downhill from balance point in a slight drop/drive pattern, level shoulders, athletic finish through release. Repeated in rhythm. Short arm draw with arm speed out front, worked from a clean high ¾ slot. Backspun fastball at 85-87 mph, stayed behind the seams and worked up in the zone, painting the corners on occasion. Comfortable challenging hitters with it, did so throughout his outing. Landed a curveball for strikes at 70-72 mph with depth and gradual action, used sparingly. A high follow prospect in the Illinois’ 2025 class. 

Josh McDevitt, RHP, 2023, Effingham
Missouri commit, ranked No. 18 overall in the state’s senior class and No. 498 overall nationally. 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame. Hurled three innings for Effingham in a start on Wednesday night, failing to allow an earned run. Simple drop/drive delivery, front hip coils inward as lead leg lifts to balance, level shoulders, stays linear throughout. Finishes onto a firm lead leg with a still head and polish through release, repeated consistently. Short arm draw with some poke on the backside, loose out front and finishes from a clean, quick high ¾ slot. Fastball sat 89-91 mph, touching 92 mph early, and played straight with some ride into the upper quadrant. Also comfortably worked the inner-half to right-handed hitters. Sharp late bite on slider at 76-78 mph, manipulated spin both in the zone and beneath it for whiffs, profiles as a swing-and-miss pitch at the next level. One of the top arms in the Illinois’ 2023 class. 

Quest Hull, OF/RHP, 2023, Effingham
Jefferson JC commit. Physical stature with proportional strength throughout and room to add more. Came in relief for Effingham and showed loud raw stuff in a brief glimpse. Simple operation, works to balance point and gets downhill in a tall/fall pattern, lands onto an open front toe and finishes towards the first base side slightly. Short tight arm window with deception, over-the-top slot. Fastball sat 85-87, touching 88 mph twice, and played straight with occasional carry up in the zone. Tight shape with some depth on a 72-73 mph breaking ball, used sparingly. Also hit in the three-hole for Effingham and flashed intrigue on a long, loose, uphill left-handed swing. 

Quest Hull

Oswego vs Triad - 3/16/23

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois/Missouri

Austin Brown, RHP, 2023, Triad
Chipola JC commit, rose up the Illinois’ 2023 rankings in a recent update, now slotted at No. 42 overall. Long, lanky 6-foot-5, 155-pound lean-limbed frame. Started for Triad against Oswego and struck out 13 batters over six innings of one-run ball. Quick worker, long side step starts delivery, works upright to balance point, gets onto his back leg and rides downhill. Open front side, lead leg swings to front footstrike, finishes out front towards target. Short tight arm window, worked from a ¾ slot, fast out front. Fastball held 85-88 mph, flashed ride and run action created by arm slot and seam placement. Slider continues to be a weapon, spinning with hard, heavy horizontal action at 74-77 mph and grabbing multiple whiffs throughout this outing. Comfortable throwing it in all counts to any hitters, both around the zone and out of it, and it’s a pitch that could miss bats at the next level right now. Figures to anchor Triad’s pitching staff throughout the spring and is one of the premier arms in southern Illinois. 

Austin Brown

Brady Coon, OF/RHP, 2024, Triad
6-foot-1, 170-pound frame with lean strength and room to fill out. Hit leadoff and started in center field for Triad in game one against Oswego, toed the rubber in game two against Champaign Central. Stands upright at the plate with his bat rested over his back shoulder, weight and hands drift back at load, lead leg lifts, balanced throughout. Barrel enters the hitting zone on a flat path and stays on plane through contact, rotational athlete that generates strength in that regard. Hard off the barrel in this look - turned on one to his pull-side for a single in his first at-bat, screamed a line drive home run over the left field fence in his second. Moved around center field comfortably, an above-average runner for his age. Athletic mover on the mound, works downhill in a drop/drive pattern with heavy stack onto his backside. Closed shoulders, short strider downhill that finishes onto a closed front foot. Long arm action, quick out front and finishes from a ¾ slot. Fastball played with late arm-side action at 84-86 mph. Confidently spun a tight, short wrinkle slider at 75-78 mph in all counts for both strikes and whiffs. A two-way uncommitted junior to follow for the Knights throughout the spring. 

Brady Coon

Wyatt Bugger, OF, 2023, Triad
Uncommitted. Strong, compact 6-foot, 175-pound frame. Hit in the five hole and started in the outfield for Triad in both games against Oswego and Champaign Central. Balanced at the plate, bat waggles into a back hand load, quick leg kick trigger. Quick hands, short and compact right-handed swing, works on top of the baseball and showed comfort working on the barrel to all fields. Finished the doubleheader 5-for-6 with a double, three RBIs, and two walks. 

Wyatt Bugger

Tyler Stack, C, 2023, Oswego
Xavier commit, slotted at No. 72 overall in the Illinois’ 2023 class. Professional frame at 6-foot-4, 200-pounds, really looks the part. Started behind the plate and hit in the two-hole for the Panthers. Tall start with some knee bend, bat wraps at load, lead leg hovers to footstrike. Strong hands, swing works long and uphill through the zone. Jumped on a fastball in his first at-bat and launched it over the left field fence for a no-doubt home run. Showed to be an asset defensively behind the plate. Plus arm from the chute, throws played with carry to target and popped a 1.98 in-game to gun a would-be base stealer. Soft hands worked down-to-up, stole a few strikes below the zone as a result. Also a willing blocker that chested up baseballs consistently. A top senior catcher in Illinois. 

Oswego vs O’Fallon - 3/16/23

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois/Missouri

David Barker, RHP, 2024, O’Fallon
6-foot-3, 170-pound long, lanky, highly projectable athlete with whippy levers. Entered the high school season with plenty of momentum after a stellar winter circuit. Toed the rubber for O’Fallon, hurling four scoreless frames in a start. Simple side-step starts delivery, front hip coils inward and starts working down the slope from balance point, drop/drive pattern that stays closed to footstrike. Finishes onto a firm lead leg, maintains direction to target. Fluid mover downhill, repeated consistently through cold and rainy conditions. Short arm draw from the glove, loose and clean ¾ slot. Held 85-87 mph with his fastball, worked east-to-west with consistent strikes to the glove side. Flashed tight spin on a 72-74 mph slider, late horizontal action on occasion, used sparingly. An upside uncommitted junior arm that’s primed for a big spring as the ace of this O’Fallon staff. 

William Millard, C, 2023, O’Fallon
Hillsdale College commit, ranked No. 140 overall in the Illinois’ 2023 class. 5-foot-11, 195-pound sturdy frame with strength in the lower half. Hit in the three spot and started behind the plate for the Panthers. Balanced start at the plate, smooth and simple hand load, short stride, poised and controlled throughout. Short flat bat path, works on top of the baseball and uses the whole field. Patient at the plate, rarely expands the zone with minimal swing and miss. Picked up two hits in this game, both to the pull-side, and also worked two walks. A sound receiver behind the plate, working down-to-up with soft hands that cradle the baseball at gather. Flexible hips, receives from one knee at times and comfortable blocking with consistently. Can stick behind the plate moving forward. Vocal leader for this O’Fallon club. 

William Millard

Lockport vs Mt. Vernon - 3/17/23

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois/Missouri

Niko Mastoras, MIF, 2023, Lockport
Saint Xavier commit. 6-foot, 180-pound frame with proportional strength. Hit second and started at shortstop for the Porters. Balanced in the box, simple back hand load, short stride. Strong quick hands, level bat path, stayed on plane, worked on the barrel in a few plate appearances. Doubled in this game and drew a walk, plating a run and scoring himself. Impressed defensively in this look. Fluid feet, quick first step, ranges well laterally and works around the baseball in rhythm. Soft hands, quick to release with a present internal clock and comfort throwing from multiple arm angles. Capable of sticking up the middle at the next level. High energy and motor player that’s a leader for this Lockport squad. 

Kayden McGee, MIF, 2023, Mt. Vernon
Uncommitted. Wiry 5-foot-9, 145-pound frame, lean athlete. Hit leadoff and started at second base for the Rams. Upright setup with some knee bend, handsy load, short stride, moxy at the plate. Short and simple swing, works on top of the baseball and doesn’t try to do too much. Quick out the box, above-average runner, 4.20 down the line in his first at-bat. Also tripled late in the game, plating a pair in the Rams’ comeback effort. Looked to take the extra base out of the box. Advanced defensive actions on the infield. Nimble feet with bounce, covers ground and comfortable ranging laterally to both sides, lower half works around the baseball. Soft hands at gather, clean funnels and quick to release. Capable of sticking up the middle, athleticism would play well in center field, too. A high motor, high energy type of player that’s still uncommitted. 

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