PBR NC Rewind: August

By Brandon Hall
Director of Scouting, PBR NC 

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The month of August brought a lot of new, throughout North Carolina, even as the summer circuit began to wind down.  Below is a look back at the news and events from last month. 


PBR North Carolina Events:
  >> Underclass Prospect Showcase – Thomasville, NC
        >> Statistical Results Posted
        >> Top Performers
  >> Triangle Open Prospect Showcase – Holly Springs, NC
        >> Statistical Results Posted
        >> Pitcher Evaluations
        >> Catcher Evaluations
        >> Infielder Evaluations
        >> Outfielder Evaluations 

The Recruiting Trail: Interviews with NC Prospects:
  >> Noah Eaker, 2017, RHP
  >> Antonio Reneo, 2017, LHP
  >> Ryan Dula, 2017, LHP
  >> Jonathan D’Ercole, 2017, C
  >> Drew Latham, 2017, C 

PBR Plus: In depth news and rankings for subscribers:
  >> East Coast Pro Notebook
  >> PBR Future Games – Team Mid-Atlantic Report, Day 1
  >> PBR Future Games – Team Mid-Atlantic Report, Day 2
  >> PBR Future Games – Team Mid-Atlantic Pitchers
  >> Class of 2018 Rankings – PBR Overall Rankings 

Updated Commitment List from across NC:
  >> Complete Commitment List
        + 13 Total commitments in August
        + 2018 RHP Logan Jarosz, currently #50 in PBR Overall Rankings
        + 2018 LHP Bennett Nance to UNC shortly after the PBR Future Games
        + 2019 RHP, Brennan Malone to UNC
        + 2018 RHP, Ryan Sutton to Campbell
        + 2018 LHP, Troy Langmeyer to UNCW

Coming in September:
  + The Fall Scout Blog… Continued coverage of players, teams, and workouts as the fall season begins

  + Team Workouts, Evaluations, and Videos – PBR NC is scheduling high school teams and club teams for workouts and evaluations that will be posted onto the player’s profile within the PBR site.  Contact PBR NC if you have interest in setting up the evaluations.

  + State Rankings of NC – 2018 Class

  + Event Announcements – Top Prospect Games coming in October