Prep Baseball Report

Most Valuable Players : Class 6A (Regions 5-8)

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

GHSA 6A is a great example of why Georgia is a top 5 state for big leaguers in the entire MLB despite being a much smaller state than California, Texas, and Florida. The talent across this state from cities to rural areas is endlessly deep. We just love baseball here, and the weather allows it to go on year round. Not only are there a handful of current and future draft prospects in this article, but some big time sleepers who deserve more recognition. Without keeping you any further, here are the most valuable players in 6A (Regions 1-4)!

Carson Kerce SS / 2B / Pope, GA / 2023

Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot, 180 pounds. This 2022 Pro Case Alumni is without question one of the best baseball players in the state. Every facet of his game is advanced, but what stands out most is his clutch gene. It’s far from only the ability to thrive under pressure at the plate, but being able to think ahead and execute defensively to deliver run saving plays like his lightning quick backhand in the 6A State Championship. It was one of the most clutch plays I saw in 2022, and it showcased a multitude of tools & intangibles. The instincts, range, glove, and strong accurate arm. While he’s a highly cerebral baseball player who does everything well, let's not ignore that he’s a plus runner with solid avg MLB arm strength (plus accuracy) and a glove that will grade out A/AVG or better in the future. His perfectly sequenced swing mechanics and high level all fields approach are the foundation to a consistent, lengthy career. Few players in the state can put the team on their back like Kerce can.


Jack Myers SS / RHP / Pope, GA / 2024

Georgia Southern Commit. 6-foot, 175 pounds. With 97% zone contact this summer/fall, few hitters in the state (if any) have his bat 2 ball skills. From the 6A State Championship to Future Games to PBR Cup he’s been a walking barrel. With an unshakable demeanor on the field, his rarest talent is the ability to remain calm on the games largest stages. We love watching him toy with pitchers, his unreal pitch recognition allowing him to lay off nasty breaking balls well before they get to the plate. The 2nd most impressive thing about him? I’ve never seen him late on a FB regardless of velocity, and it’s an absolute rarity to see him mistime any pitch. Not only does he have elite reaction time while tracking, he’s able to consistently make the right swing decisions. Getting his deadlift up to 405 lbs now at 175 body weight, there are many bombs around the corner! This is a future A/AVG runner who is a smooth, underrated defender and will likely lead Pope to the promised land once again.


Cole Eison OF / OF / Alexander , GA / 2023

Columbus State Commit. 5-foot-9, 160 pounds.This is a high energy player with noticeable raw power in a lean & twitchy frame. He shows consistent barrels in BP with good swing mechanics. The swing is precise, on time, and fast. He plays even faster than his 6.9 60 time. When Eison adds 10-15 lbs to the frame, it would not be shocking to see him become one of the more impactful bats in college baseball. He turned an 86 around at 99 EV the last time we saw him, spending the entire swing working his hands above the ball to level out the plane. Cole can manipulate the barrel to any pitch in any zone and time up any FB with no fear, and will be the key piece for a hopeful Alexander playoff run.


Carson Adomnik 3B / RHP / South Paulding, GA / 2026

Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, 175 pounds.His advanced pitchability and silky smooth delivery will make an immediate impact for South Paulding. It’s a unique, deceptive crossfire from a L3/4 slot that creates a tough angle for both RHH & LHH. Carson has one of the lowest spin FB’s (1500 rpm, 82-85 mph) that I’ve seen since working at PBR. This is a true bowling ball that’s going to keep his pitch count down and allow him to be aggressive in zone from the 1st inning to the last. He paints the heater on both corners, but will have hitters beating the ball into the ground due to his discipline of working low in the zone. With ideal feel for his 70-73 SLV, the pitch gets aggressive late depth that will become a wipe out pitch to hitters on both sides as the velo ticks up. The CH will continue to develop, but for now it’s an advanced movement profile of 2 pitches.


Ethan Sutton RHP / 3B / Allatoona, GA / 2023

UGA Commit. 6-foot-3, 205 pounds. While the velocity was up and down this summer/fall with flashes of brilliance, the lasting impression I’m left with is his performance early in the playoffs last year vs Lassiter. When he’s on, he checks all the boxes you’d look for in a pro prospect on the mound. The prototype RHS frame, repeatable delivery (pace, balance, timing, arm action, release point, and finish), the advanced routine, and approach to pitching are exactly what you look for in an arm. On that day, he showed an 89-91 T92 FB with A/AVG life with the ability to work it vertically & laterally with ease. His 74-76 CB showed consistent 11-5 shape with ridiculous downward tilt and avg or better life. Hitters got no break with Sutton’s 80 mph CH, which had avg sinking & fading action and flashed better. He’s also Allatoona’s most impactful bat, and should come in rejuvenated from a long 2022 where he played more baseball than almost anyone in the country.


Cooper Underwood LHP / OF / Allatoona , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 150 pounds. This intriguing southpaw has some of the best pitchability I can remember in an underclassmen. In his lengthy frame, well sequenced mechanics, and easy arm speed, there is considerable projection for velocity in the future. This is a serious follow with a four pitch arsenal that opens eyes with consistent pitch shape, life, and strikes. His FB works in the 81-84 range and he dots both edges with a gradual tail. His efficient, short circle L3/4 arm action gives him plus deception and plays up his FB tremendously. Underwood has two different breaking balls with consistent shape and command. The 69-71 CB is 2700 RPM, showing gradual vertical shape and plenty of depth. The 71-73 SL tunnels very well with his FB, showing sharp sweep and late depth. The 75-77 CH has equal parts fade & depth, and absolutely dies at the plate when on. If he continues on this pace, Underwood could end up with 3 avg or better MLB secondary pitches down the line. We feel he will be integral in the distance the Bucs can go this spring.


Deion Cole OF / OF / Etowah, GA / 2026

Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more consistent bat from coast to coast at this age. Cole is as sure of a bet as it gets to develop an average or better hit tool on the pro scouting scale down the line. This is a player who has proven that he can regularly barrel arms 2-3 years older than him. He’s blessed with all of the tangible & intangible skills needed to be a pure hitter. Cole treats each game like it's his job, like a professional. He has a patient, all fields approach, and easily understands what opposing arms are trying to do to him. With advanced pitch recognition, plate discipline, and reaction time he rarely chases pitches out of the zone and is just as confident facing good breaking balls as FB’s. With elite swing mechanics for his age and a smooth, effortless forward move, the swing flows like water. With the defense being just advanced, Cole will take HS baseball by storm.


Jackson Rose LHP / 1B / ETOWAH, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 185 pounds. This is a very good athlete on the mound who oozes projection. The delivery is extremely explosive and he moves through it better than most in the class. Jackson’s arm action is a clean, mid depth full circle that's very tough to pick up for hitters. He fires from a funky low ¾ slot creating a unique angle on all 3 pitches. The arm speed is noticeable and works seemingly under no stress. He attacks hitters relentlessly early in the count with his disgusting 83-84 T87 FB with high voltage edge to edge run. The life on it is sharp and late, and gets on you quick. His sweeping SL in the 73-74 range is deceptive with 1/7 shape and gets late depth at times. His mid 70’s CH has enormous potential, with gradual fade and depth. He’s a sure bet to make big noise on the bump this spring.


Matthew Sharman RHP / SS / Etowah, GA / 2026

UGA Commit. 6-foot-2, 180 pounds. One of the top two-way prospects in the class, Sharman has big stuff on the mound and a loud bat at the plate. Body type wise, he’s as long as he is broad, and still has quite a ways to go before being a finished physical product. From a pure arm strength perspective, he is at the top of the class, running his fastball into the upper-80s this fall. He utilizes a tight 11/5 curveball that he has shown good feel for and has swing and miss tendencies to it. Furthermore, he has an impressive late fading changeup that is as advanced as we have seen in the class. Offensively, his well sequenced swing brings considerable raw power and the cannon will stand out wherever he plays in the field.


Trevor Condon OF / 2B / Etowah, GA / 2026

Miami Commit. 5-foot-8, 160 pounds. The most competitive prospect in the class. Condon plays the game with a true chip on his shoulder, like every player on the diamond has disrespected him. It is an all gas, no brakes style of play that is only accentuated by some freakish tools. With elite strength for his age pound for pound, he has a lean build filled with quick twitch fibers that are explosive in every sense of the word. The run tool is already near plus, posting a 6.83 laser-timed 60 and a max run speed of 20.5 mph last June. Condon aggressively utilizes his speed every chance he gets. Whether it is a hard 90, stealing a base, or tracking in the outfield, he can take it to another gear that very few can. At the plate, he has a violent left-handed swing that sprays lasers all over the field. His DB skills in football translate to an advanced defender (instincts, fluid hips, routes, tracking ability) at a premium position.


Will Curcio 3B / 3B / Etowah , GA / 2023

Chipola Commit. 5-foot-10, 180 pounds. This is one of the most consistent bats in 6A without question. Not only was he a great performer in showcases for us (99 EV at TPG), but the game production at the plate was even better. His elite separation & innate timing (rides the backside through stride creating “stretch” in load) allows him to create consistently hard contact to all fields. Easy, fluid hand path with impressive bat to ball skills. One of the better approaches in the state as we see him take+recognize spin early in the count. Aggressive FB hitter who does not seem to miss his pitch and is a walking 95+ EV. Curcio is an athlete who possesses raw power at the dish with an already advanced approach, and a run tool that plays a lot better in game. His experience in the 2022 State Championship and leadership qualities will be so important for this young Eagles club.


Joseph Cable C / OF / River Ridge, GA / 2023

Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 185 pounds. This is an explosive athlete with freakish strength and standout passion for the catching position. Soft hands as a receiver who sticks it well, lightning quick footwork for his age and creates good momentum to the bag on throws. It’s a quick exchange with accuracy and he’s one of the more willing blockers I’ve seen in the class with impressive agility. Offensively, it’s a direct path with all fields juice! He shows the ability to adjust to quality arms and is a walking QAB. But, he’s also going to be a big time pitcher in 6A this year. The FB jumps out of the hand at 86-90, and his tight lateral SL at 80 will get plenty of whiffs. This is a leader on the field who is the unquestioned captain of this River Ridge team.


Kenneth Hart OF / RHP / River Ridge, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, 190 pounds. Quite simply, this is one of the best swings in 6A baseball. While he’s just now coming onto the radar, he had a big showing at LakePoint ID earlier this month. Blessed with tall guy power and a very well sequenced swing, the bat is going to continue climbing as he gets stronger. His ability to time up a pitcher's delivery with the hips and their pace out of the hole are exceptional for such a broad, lengthy frame. Hart’s feel to manipulate the path to different pitch locations and work explosively with balanced hands close to the body stand out. His shoulders rotate on an optimal diagonal plane for loft and he produces consistent 90+ EV’s with ease. He will help just as much on the mound, as he’s up to the mid 80’s with a smooth delivery.


BRYSON THACKER LHP / OF / Coosa, GA / 2023

Tennessee Commit. 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Rome’s unquestioned ace is one of the most athletic arms in the state. With an advanced feel for 4 pitches, he’s got one of the most unpredictable arsenals in the southeast. Despite being ahead of the game in many ways, the delivery is still slightly raw and can continue to improve, raising his ceiling even higher for us. An intense competitor on the mound who won’t back down from any hitter. His FB reached 92 mph (91.8) this fall and there’s so much more in the tank. His 2 seamer sits in the 88-91 range with aggressive sink & late tail at 1800-1900 rpm, certifying it as a true bowling ball. His sharp low-mid 70’s SLV bends air at 2800 rpm, with a ridiculous amount of HZB and late 2 plane depth making the pitch nearly impossible to barrel. It regularly flashes A/AVG and will be a plus offering in the future. But what differentiates Thacker most, is his CH in the 78-80 range. The pitch is completely unrecognizable from his FB, repeatedly coming from the same arm slot with identical intent and late downer action. A newly added CUT in the 83-84 range gives him a whole new element in the arsenal. Check out “Appalachian Southpaw” for his story.


Braxton Wade RHP / Rome, GA / 2024

Kennesaw State Commit. 6 foot 3, 185 pounds. This is one of the more under the radar arms in the state, and we feel he should open eyes this spring for the Wolves. His controlled, minimally paced delivery allows him to keep very good balance & direction down the hill, leading to consistent strikes of all pitches. His frame is one of the most projectable in 6A, and with an efficient full circle arm action (H3/4) he’s got plenty of velo potential. Wade’s running FB works in the 87-89 range and is reportedly touching into the low 90’s on occasion. His tightly rotating 11-5 CB has a consistent shape and is thrown for strikes. Braxton has plenty of feel for a fading CH in the low 80’s and should continue to climb the stronger he gets.

Ean Marria 3B / C / Sequoyah, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 200 pounds. This dual sport athlete is without a doubt one of the 3 strongest players in his entire class and it shows in all facets. At the plate his quick, compact swing makes a thunderous sound through contact and completely cancels out the force of any velocity. There are few hitters in the class that make such an impact on the baseball. But he’s not just a power hitter, Marria has very good feel for an inside-out swing and can really cover the entire zone. The ridiculous EV numbers will continue to climb. Ean can also sling it with ease on the hill, as his 84-87 T88 FB is quite live. We look forward to a big spring for him as a two way for the Chiefs, and will be following him closely. 


Porter Buursema RHP / OF / Blessed Trinity Catholic, GA / 2023

Georgia Southern Commit. 5-foot-11, 170 pounds. This is a high impact starter with a deadly high spin arsenal. What he lacks in prototype size is made up for with athleticism, freakish core+lower half strength, work ethic, and shockingly electric stuff. It’s a well paced, compact, twitchy delivery with elite balance and good direction. Metrically, he’s the best arm in Georgia’s 2023 class and there are very few in the country with a repertoire like him. The spin rate master is also in an elite group of arms visually. He creates a shocking amount of torque in hip/shoulder separation, and is very mobile+flexible as the arm works in & out of throwing position. Buursema is aggressive early in the count with his riding 90-93 T95 FB (cut+ride), creating illusion at 2600-2800 rpm. It’s an arm speed arm strength combo and the violence he produces is so compact, efficient, and controlled it looks like he’s not even trying. His 2700-2800 rpm power SL works in the 78-81 range and tunnels perfectly on FB plane with sharp HZB and wipeout depth. The pitch has such a sudden bang that it looks like mid-upper 80’s velo. His 3k rpm CB at 72-75 hovers in mid air before taking off with a vicious two plane snap. We didn’t see a pitcher with 2 breaking balls this good all summer, and that's saying something. Check out “Spin Rate Masters” for an in depth look at his insane arsenal.


Jake Lankie RHP / OF / Blessed Trinity, GA / 2023

UGA Commit. 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. This advanced right-hander is one of the state’s most polished arms. He works efficiently with an 88-91 FB that dominates the upper quadrant of the zone with unreal carry, consistently registering 22-24 IVB. His current plus CH works exceptionally well off of it, and is without a doubt his best offspeed pitch. The low 80’s shows gradual fade & depth, nearly stopping time just before reaching the plate. Quick-armed with some steepness to the plane, Lankie’s SL is at 81-82 has a short break and tight spin that tunnels the fastball with late bite at the plate. His advanced pitchability and confidence to throw 3 pitches in any count put him on a different pedestal. With the 1-2 punch of he and Buursema, runs are going to be nearly impossible to come by for opposing hitters.


Cooper Milford OF / RHP / Blessed Trinity , GA / 2023

UGA Commit. 6-foot, 170 pounds. This is an electric athlete whose speed is in an elite group of only two other players in the state, Henley and Drake. One of Georgia’s 3 top of the scale runners in the ‘23 class, Milford is the best defender of the 3. With incredible instincts and ++ range, this will immediately be one of the best defensive CF in college baseball when he arrives in Athens. Known for acrobatic catches and his rocket arm (94 mph in 2021), I firmly believe he would be a plus defender in an MLB game right now. Offensively, he’s got an effortless one piece swing that produces gap to gap pop from a RC to LC approach. The quiet toe tap signals a timed up hip/shoulder separation, and the hands are explosive out of launch position. Cooper expands his speed game with high level bunts and is nearly impossible to throw out on the basepaths. 


Evan O'Neill RHP / Blessed Trinity , GA / 2023

Indiana Commit. 6-foot-3, 200 pounds. Future impact arm with an extremely athletic delivery, high ceiling, and tons of pitchability. This is one of the most well sequenced deliveries in the class and it’s only going to get more explosive as he gets stronger. The 87-89 T90 FB plays just as effectively up in the zone as down, with A/AVG spin. His CB has very good shape with no hump out of the hand and plays very well off his FB up. I like the arm action - Loose, smooth, mid depth with a perfect full circle from a high ¾ slot. His rock & fire delivery creates plenty of separation and relieves all arm pressure without a large stride, allowing the stride to be a strength instead of a hindrance. With such an exceptional ease of operation, prototype size+athleticism, and elite delivery, strength is the only thing he needs to take the next step as a prospect. He’ll be very important this spring in one of the best rotations in the southeast.


Wesley Bass OF / Blessed Trinity, GA / 2025

Georgia Tech Commit. 6 foot 2, 177 pounds. This is an exciting underclassmen who can impact the game in a wide variety of ways. Bass shows considerable power potential at the plate that will only improve as he gets stronger. He shows advanced swing mechanics, beginning with his sink into the lower half during negative move. This compacts the swing, bringing more balance, back side connection, and puts him in a position where he can match pitch trajectory easier (also creates some loft). Wesley is an impressive defender with a 90 mph arm, and could play CF for a lot of teams across GHSA. He hustles from first inning to last, allowing him to use every bit of his 6.7 speed in all facets. As he gets stronger, the tools will only continue to climb.


Cason Engert RHP / 3B / North Forsyth , GA / 2023

ETSU Commit. 6-foot-3, 195 pounds. With a delivery painted by Picasso, this is one of my favorite arms in the state. The 2022 East Coast Pro selection has a large, lean muscled frame with noticeable athletic ability. He starts in the offset windup, so his shoulders and hips are easier to square up. His good footwork allows him to maintain balance, as he keeps his side step small and pivots his drive foot in place so his entire body stays over the rubber. The pace in the delivery gradually increases which usually foreshadows effortlessness. The rhythm and timing of his hip/shoulder separation is very good, and he has a near perfect short circle arm action from a ¾ slot. His sinking, bore-ing FB has sits in the 88-91 range, reportedly touching 93. His SL has taken off, as it's now 76-77 with tight spin and late two plane snap. Engert also has a fading CH of the same quality in the upper 70’s. North Forsyth’s ace will be the key to another playoff run.


Jared Webb LHP / LHP / Lassiter , GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6-foot, 170 pounds. Webb is my gut feel pick to dominate 6A with an advanced 4 pitch arsenal. This is a strong athlete who moves naturally on the mound. It’s a clean, all stretch delivery that's very well sequenced. The delivery is extremely compact, and I love that it’s semi raw and non manufactured, giving me a tip that his near 12-6 CB is completely natural and not created by instruction. His 84-85 T86 FB has a late tail and plays just as well up in the zone. His 70-72 T73 CB has some of the biggest potential in the class, with tight spin, sharp+consistent 11-5 shape, already showing wipeout depth. Webb also has a nasty sinking, fading CH in the mid 70’s that stops time and tunnels well with his FB. He can throw both the CH & CB in any count (also back 2 back) with no effort, showing an innate ability to pronate and supinate. Webb has added a sharp lateral SL with late depth in the mid 70’s to add another element of unpredictability to hitters, and shows he can manipulate the baseball like few others in 6A. This is the ace for the Trojans and I feel many schools will come calling after a big spring season.


Darrell Mcdowell RHP / 3B / Lassiter , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 165 pounds. Athleticism, projection, and feel are what excite us so much about this Lassiter riser. The long levered boss has one of the better deliveries in the class with impressive rhythm, balance and sequence well before reaching his physical ceiling. When you combine the frame with his mobility, flexibility, torque in separation, backside connection, and quick twitch fibers, you get big velocity when the strength comes. His deep, fluid one piece arm action (¾ slot) has a smooth, gradual increase in momentum. This makes for a low effort operation and allows his arm to consistently repeat his release point. Due to these advanced traits, we see him as a solid bet to reach his lofty potential.  His FB currently works in the 84-87 range with run and sink,  CH in the 78-80 range is currently his nastiest offspeed pitch, with very similar life to the FB and disappearing depth that he can throw in any count. His 73-76 SLV shows consistent sweep with improving depth.


Judah Powell 1B / 3B / Apalachee, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, 230 pounds. This country strong beast had a strong showing both on the mound and at plate earlier this month at LakePoint ID. Powell’s smooth, overhead windup is eye opening for his size. The arm action works short and clean, allowing him to get out front on time consistently. His fastball played up to 89, sitting 86-89 with sink. He showed the ability to spin two distinct breaking balls. The slider, which has downer action, comes in at 72-75 with a 2600 rpm spin rate. The curveball takes an 11/5 shape, coming in at 71-73 with a 2550 rpm spin rate. Both pitches have swing and miss qualities and have the potential to be weapons at the next level. Powell also showed good feel for a changeup at 77-80. At the plate, there is advanced raw power in the swing combined with the patience to take what's given to him. Apalachee has a great supporting cast, but they will go as Judah goes.


Branson Crawford C / RHP / Gainesville , GA / 2026

Uncommitted. 5-foot-9, 150 pounds. Few players in 6A display the kind of athleticism Crawford does, and he hasn’t even started his 1st year of HS baseball yet! He truly does everything well, one of the most versatile players I’ve scouted in the state. He’s by far the most advanced defender in his class behind the dish - strong hands as a receiver, lateral agility as a blocker, quick feet+transfer (1.88 pop time), and a cannon for an arm. The swing mechanics are advanced and the ball jumps off his barrel, already working into the low 90’s EV wise well before his eventual physical ceiling. On the mound he’s already working into the mid 80’s with a sharp breaking ball that gets a considerable amount of whiffs. As a 7.2 runner, he runs well for his age and should end up A/AVG. Branson’s toughness shows regularly in game and he’s got a bright future ahead with the Red Elephants.


Adrian Jimenez SS / 2B / Lanier , GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 175 pounds. This is a balanced hitter with some of the best swing mechanics in the state. Jimenez is like a rubber band in separation, with a gradually slow stretch that creates effortless violence in his hands after he lands. After he throws the knob of the bat through the zone, his barrel replaces with special acceleration through contact. His hands work so well close to the body, able to shrink the swing on inside FB’s & get his hands above FB’s up in the zone. He barrelled a 96 mph middle in FB from Dylan Lesko last spring with ease, putting him on our radar. Adrian understands how to hang his leg kick on offspeed, slowing his body down to adjust timing. The plate discipline is advanced. He’s a solid average runner who shows dramatically improved defense, and should be able to stick at SS in college. He will be one of the more impactful bats in 6A this spring for an underrated Lanier squad.



Jakob Cowart / OF / Alpharetta / 2023
Braydon Kersey / RHP/SS / Alpharetta / 2024
Colin Hedges / 3B / Apalachee / 2024
Traver Park / C / Apalachee / 2024
Kent Schmidt / 1B / Pope / 2023
Dawson Jones / LHP / Pope / 2024
Jake Prince / SS / North Forsyth / 2024
Andrew Elkhill / LHP / North Forsyth / 2023
Terrance Bowen / IF / Alexander / 2025
Maverick Chitwood / CF/LHP / Habersham Central / 2026
Konner Burrell / 1B/RHP / Habersham Central / 2024
Cooper Shirley / SS / Habersham Central / 2024
Bryson Bridges / RHP / Rome / 2024
Reece Fountain / OF / Rome / 2024
Dixon Noland / OF / Lassiter / 2024
Collin Strovinskas / C / Lassiter / 2023
Caleb Fones / LHP/1B / Lanier / 2023
Chase Jameson / OF / Lanier / 2024

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