Prep Baseball Report

Spring Video Scout Blog: Edition 3

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director

With the recent news New York extending their "NY Pause" until May 15th the staff at PBR-NY is here to provide an avenue to help get your name out. Whether you already have an existing profile or you are a first timer, we got you covered.


Jerek Hobb LHP / OF / Schalmont, NY / 2022

Athletic 5-foot-11 145 build with a low 3/4, sling shot type release. Creates a different look for batters, including a tough left-on-left matchup with his zone sweeping breaking ball. Easy delivery; getting over the front side with extension after short out of the glove back swing. Up to 82 MPH in February with a history of an above average curveball. An arm worth seeing at the 2020 NYS Games.


Daniel Cohen RHP / SS / South Glens Falls , NY / 2022

Lean with an wiry, athletic build at 6-foot-2 160 pounds with some quick twitch actions. Had an impressive effort during the preseason on both sides of the ball as a position player but also running his FB out to 85 MPH on the mound. The delivery is fluid with a long arm swing from a 3/4 slot. Gets downhill over his front side. Sharp action to the CB with late fade to his change up. Must follow for the summer, including the 2020 NYS Games.


Andrew Bonilla 2B / SS / Valley Central , NY / 2021

Athletic, proportional build at 5-foot-8 160 pounds. Even setup with a preload of weight over the back leg and 20-30 degree barrel angle to start. Stays back into contact with an on-lane swing path. Has always showed soft hands defensively with actions that work up the middle of the infield.


Harry Berezansky RHP / Guilderland, NY / 2021

Strong build at 5-foot-10 175 pounds. The RHP from the Capitol Region works with an uptempo pace out of the stretch with some effort attached. Arm action is long and works through a high 3/4 slot. Showed an above average breaking ball in the video and was up to 83 MPH this preseason. Intriguing arm to see at the 2020 NYS Games.

Eric Hodnett 1B / RHP / Ballston Spa, NY / 2021

Big, strong frame at 6-foot-4 220 pounds. THe 1B/RHP had solid numbers this preseason with a 95 MPH raw exit velocity while showing some arm strength positionally (83 MPH). Slightly spread stance with some barrel tip towards the mound; stays behind the ball well, flashing some juice to his pull side. Active feet around the bag defensively; moves well for his size. On the mound he features a rear rubber setup form the windup with a strong leg drive. Lands in line to the plate with a strong finish over the front side. Long arm action with a high 3/4 slot. Curveball showed early action while change had some fade. Excited to see him once again at the 2020 NYS Games.


David DePew 2B / 3B / Rondout Valley, NY / 2021

First time appearance for the Hudson Valley resident who features a 6-foot-2 195 build. Spread setup at the plate, slightly closed off. Minimal timing mechanisms coupled with an on plane swing path that features some lift to his pull side. Upright approach defensively; stays square to the ball with moderate arm swing; multiple release points. On the mound Depew works with an uptempo pace; aggressive leg drive with a long arm action that works through a high 3/4 slot. Maintains arm speed on off-speed and works down in the zone to both sides of the plate.

William Adkins C / Oswego , NY / 2021

Compact build at 5-foot-8 160 pounds; the RHH from northern NY stays up and down the stride line at the plate as his hands get into a strong launch position. Flat swing path with a late one-handed release. Stayed through the middle of the field with balance. Compact setup behind the dish; soft receiving around the edges of the plate. Clean exchange with feet gaining ground. Short arm path with hand getting slightly behind the head; high 3/4 slot with throws staying online.

Brendan Kenneally RHP / C / Kennedy Catholic, NY / 2022

Sturdy frame at 5-foot-11 175 pounds. The RHP from the lower Hudson Valley sets up glove side of the rubber with a rhythmic pace to his delivery; lands slightly closed and in-line with the plate. Moderate arm swing with fluidity from a low 3/4 slot. Accelerates through his release. Has been up to 82 MPH at past events. Will be an arm to see at the 2020 NYS Games.

Steven Merkel C / SS / NorthStar Christian , NY / 2022

Solid 5-foot-11 195 pound frame for the western NY backstop. Open setup with an easy take back of the hands; lets the ball get deep with a short compact stroke. Line drive approach. Impressive with his on-the-bag accuracy from behind the plate. Throws maintain trajectory out of the hand with carry. Put up a 90 MPH raw exit velocity along with a 2.08-2.15 pop time range at this past February's preseason event.


Scott Raymond OF / 3B / Clarence , NY / 2022

Well put together 6-foot-2 205 pound LHH from western NY. Narrow setup at the plate; calm and collective timing mechanisms that get him into hitting position. Covers the whole plate with a short, compact swing path but yet stays through the zone a long time. Line-to-line approach while showing some pop to his pull side. Upright setup at 3B; gathers the ball into his body with an above the belt arm swing and high 3/4 slot. Put up a raw 89 MPH exit velocity and showed left side arm strength at 82 MPH back in February. 

Brady Wilcox 3B / RHP / Dolgeville , NY / 2021

Proportional build at 6-foot-0 180 pounds for the left-handed hitting northern NY resident. Short load of the hands and stride; aggressive lower half with a direct swing path to contact. Middle of the field to pull-side approach. Up right setup at 3B; short shuffle step with a moderate arm swing from a 3/4 release. On the mound; belt high leg drive with a slightly longer arm stroke and higher arm slot. Gains ground into landing and works through a strong front side.


Jonathan Larrea C / 3B / Baylor School, TN / 2022

Athletic 6-foot-0 180 pounds with some quick twitch actions. The RHH NYC resident already has a busy summer lined up in front of him as he will appear in both the NY and PA State Games and has already earned an invite to the Future Games (Team Tennessee). Even, upright setup with a short path that has an uphill finish. Line drives with lift results; works the gaps. Has shown plenty of arm strength behind the plate at past events with sub 2.0 pop times. Quick first step at 3B and shows lateral range. Promising upside for the 2022 grad.

Justin Larrea LHP / OF / Rabun Gap Nacoochee, GA / 2021

Lean, athletic 6-foot-0 170 pound LHP/OF. The NYC resident had a strong showing at the February 29th PA Preseason event in Williamsport running a 6.97 60 while up to 84 MPH from the OF with an 88 MPH raw exit velocity. On the mound Larrea features a controlled pace from start to finish. Moderate to long arm swing from a high 3/4 slot. FB features late life through the zone and some arm side run. CB has some 1-7/12-6 action with depth. Has worked 81-84 at past events and we look forward to seeing him once again with his brother Jonathan at both the NY and PA State Games.

Andrew Kramer RHP / OF / Ballston Spa, NY / 2022

Projectable long and lean 6-foot-2 185 build for the Capitol Region resident. Delivery is at a controlled pace with a long, sweeping back swing to his arm action, working through a high 3/4 arm sot. CB features some 11-5 down action that his able to throw for strikes. Delivery repeats while finishing in a square fielding position.


Nicholas Montagnese OF / SS / Westhill , CT / 2022

Balanced setup at the plate with a flat path through the zone. Line drive results through the middle of the field. Controlled approach as an outfielder; fields the ball outside his lead leg with with longer arm action and 3/4 release. At the Northeast Pride workout in February he ran a 7.25 and was 78 MPH from the OF with a 83 MPH raw exit velocity.

Jason Ambos OF / Bay Shore , NY / 2021

Physical 5-foot-10 180 pound build for the left-handed hitting Long Island resident. Explosive lower half; stays behind the ball with a slight upward angle through the hitting zone. All signs point to having some extra base potential at the plate. In the OF Ambos showed an aggressive approach with quick transition into a crow hop with a short arm action that produces a quick arm out in front. Throws held carry and stayed on the bag.

Ryan Foody LHP / 1B / St. Joseph's Regional , NJ / 2023

Highly projectable 6-foot-3 195 pound build for the LHP/1B out of the lower Hudson Valley region. At the plate the approach is simple; hands stay inside contact with hard line drive results. Compact with delivery on the mound; aggressive leg drive and hides the ball well. Arm action extends back off the hip and works through a 3/4 slot. Some late life to FB with more in the tank. Up to 78 MPH at preseason workout in February. A definite follow for the 2020 NYS Games.



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