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2021 Future Games: Team Ohio - Workout Day/Gameday Notes

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The tenth annual Future Games took place on July 28-31 at LakePoint in Emerson, Georgia. Top uncommitted prospects in the classes of 2023 and 2024 participated in one of the most popular events each year.

There were 32 teams, including Team Ohio, with players representing 38 states plus Canadian prospects. 

More than 330 scouts from across the country were looking on as approximately 500 players participated in this year’s event. 

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2021 Future Games: Team Ohio - Workout Day/Gameday Notes

The Arms

Dominic Carlson RHP / Toledo St. John's Jesuit, OH / 2023

Report: Impressive stuff/physical traits shown from the righty. 6-foot-2 with substantial projection left on frame. Fastball was 84-87, T88 mph. Complemented by a mid-70s slider and playable changeup.

Alex Caudill RHP / 3B / Bellefontaine, OH / 2023

Report: The arm talent and athleticism is apparent. Smooth tempo with a near over the top delivery that can generate velocities up to 90 mph. Lower spin rate on the fastball gives the pitch regular sink. Complements a fastball with a developing breaking ball that moves on an up and down plane in the low-70s. All the signs point to a high velocity arm that will continue to improve stock as secondary develops.

Nik Copenhaver RHP / Badin, OH / 2023

Report: 6-4, 205-pound athletic righty showcased quick arm speed with ¾ arm slot and a loose arm action. Drop/drive type pitcher who shows easy effort. Fastball sat 87-91. Compliments with a sharp breaking slider at 72-75 and an 80-81 change.

Drew Graham LHP / 1B / Avon Lake, OH / 2024

Report: No. 1 ranked player in Ohio’s ‘24 class. Elite stuff for class. Fastball was 88-91 mph, showed two different breaking balls that flash plus potential and a changeup that grades out as an above average offering. Almost unlimited ceiling, considering he could be a 2025 birth date wise.

Brayden Krenzel RHP / OF / Dublin Jerome, OH / 2024

Report: 6-2/170-pound physical projectable frame. Athletic on the bump, ¾ arm slot with long arm action and above average arm speed. Easy effort delivery. Fastball ramped up to 90 mph. Compliments the fastball with a sharp upper-70s curveball and a change up to 80.

Evan Shapiro RHP / 1B / University School, OH / 2023

Report: Current top 25 guy in Ohio's '23 class. Physical projection isn't tough to see. 6-foot-6, with long levers that generate fastball velocities in the mid-80s and up to 88 mph. Secondary wise he showed a sharp mid-70s breaker and feel for a changeup that flashed above average potential.

Ethan Stewart RHP / 1B / Meigs County, OH / 2023

Report: Physical presence on the mound that was up to 89 mph. Easier velocity generated through a cleaner arm action. Fastball was the top graded offering but also showed a playable breaking ball that moved on an 11/5 plane. Tossed two scoreless innings for Team Ohio. Very solid showing.

Jacob Tabor LHP / OF / Olentangy Orange, OH / 2023

Report: 6-3, 187-pound protectable southpaw. Loose 3/4 arm action while showing quick arm speed. Easy effort in his delivery. Fastball sat 82-85 and is complimented by a change with good fade at 75-79 mph. Also features a 71-75 breaker.

The Catchers

Dominic Brancel C / OF / Hawken, OH / 2023

Report: One of the top backstops in the state who once again showed a well-rounded skillset. Behind the dish he consistently popped sub 2.0 in a workout setting, showing a big arm and quick transfer abilities. Loose, athletic stroke from the right side. Combination of above average bat speed (75mph), physicality and whip created allow him to generate lower effort pop that can run into the upper 90s off the bat. Middle of the lineup type guy with run producer upside.

Will Kocher C / OF / Kings, OH / 2023

Report: High upside prospect across the board. As he continues to progress he's a guy who could continue to raise his stock. Impressive arm talent offered, which shouldn't be surprising considering he's also a talented Quarterback for his high school. Whether it's from the outfield or behind the dish ball jumps out of his hand. Although he's already caught college attention behind the dish/once again showed well there the athleticism/arm looks solid in the outfield on this day as well. Offensively, he has run producer traits considering size/bat speed and intent to each swing. Solid round with loud middle of the field contact, peaking at 94 mph exit velocity wise.

Garrett Wright C / SS / Jackson, OH / 2023

Report: Complete skill set behind the dish, which is why he's considered one of the state's top defenders regardless of position. Big-time arm back there at near 80 mph from the crouch. The combination of throw tool and athletic feet/quick exchange allow him to pop under 2.0 in a workout setting consistently. Smooth, quiet actions prior to swing decision which lead to a balanced launch at the plate. Short stroke with quick hands and natural mobility with lower half that allows him to generate quality rotation without sacrificing direction. 70 mph+ bat speed at times with upper teens rotational acc. Top exit velocity of 92 mph.

The Infielders

Cole Cahill 1B / LHP / Olentangy Orange, OH / 2023

Report: Quality showing from the Olentangy Orange product who continues to raise his stock. Smooth, well-timed movements that come together to create balance and energy. One of the loose swings that creates natural whip with impressive tools. One of the better rounds we saw from Team Ohio that caught the attentions of scouts in attendance. Carried his impressive showing into Game 1 vs PA with an RBI 2B in his first at bat. As a defender he has all the tools to be a quality defender over at first base at the collegiate level. Athletic with ball skills and feel for the position. Although he looks the part at first base you could also see him see some innings in the outfield if team needed, considering tools we just alluded to.

Parker Corbin SS / C / Cincinnati Country Day, OH / 2024

Report: One of the more productive rounds we saw from Team Ohio. One of those guys whos just has a natural feel to hit/barrels everything. All fields direction, line drive flight, peaking at 77 mph bat speed and a top EV of 92 mph. With the glove he has a middle infield candidate at the next level considering advanced ball skills and feel for the game. How much he twitches up/lateral mobility develops will likely determine which side of the infield he ends up on.

Andrew Cox SS / RHP / Mason, OH / 2023

Report: Quality showing from the Mason product. Ran one of the better times for Team Ohio before flashing the leather in the infield. True middle skill set considering his athletic feet, smooth actions and some of the top ball skills the state has to offer. Arm also showed well and will continue to progress along with hit tool as he fills out. Top of the lineup profile offensively. Smooth/athletic actions to load sequence followed by a level, efficient path through the zone. Already shows above average bat speed and should continue to add pop as he fills out his athletic frame. Consistently backspun the ball to opposite field gap in BP.

A.J. Havrilla 3B / 1B / Canfield, OH / 2023

Report: Fun to watch in the box. Efficient patterns throughout sequence and he doesn't get cheated up there, consistently trying to do damage. An above average mover with quality bat speed. Middle of the lineup profile that topped at 96mph off the bat. Ball looks different when he connects. Corner skill set defensively that continues to progress in the right direction. How lateral mobility/ball skills continue to grow will likely decide future destination.

Ryder Kirtley SS / 2B / Troy, OH / 2024

Report: Slowly becoming one of the more intriguing prospects in the state. Potential to be an elite defender who sticks at the shortstop position at the next level. Simply makes plays most prospects his age can't match. Showed straight line speed by running a sub 7.0 but the lateral mobility is off the charts. In the box the obvious athleticism the displayed in other aspects of his game translates. Tools wise he was one of our more explosive guys generating 79.9 mph top end bat speed, impressive rotational acceleration, and 97 mph exit velocity. Ball jumps off barrel during a solid round, showing mostly middle of the field flight. All the tools are there.

Grant Wilson SS / RHP / St. Edward, OH / 2024

Report: One of the more talented bats in the state put on a show in BP. Natural mover in the box with load tools that help generate easy, explosive pop. Tough to believe your watching a '24 in the box. Top EV of 97 mph. Got the attention of scouts in a big way. Versatile defender that we've seen be productive in multiple spots. Also gave you an idea of his athleticism by running a 6.8 electric timed 60-yard dash.

The Outfielders

Conlan Daniel OF / RHP / Moeller, OH / 2023

Report: Toolsy outfielder that is one of the better athletes we have in the class. Also a type of guy who as he adds strength you will see steady improvements across the board. Sub 7.0 runner who moves well in the outfield. Clean arm that generates mid 80s velocity now and has the potential to be a big time tool down the road. Offensively, the athleticism translates with solid bat speed and compact path through the zone. Showed backspin ability to both gaps. Like the rest of his game, already impressive and will only continue to progress in the right direction as he adds physicality.

Parker Falkenstein OF / SS / Archbishop Hoban, OH / 2024

Report: Type of bat who could be used in a variety of roles. Advanced speed guy with developing bat speed and feel for contact. Balanced throughout process with a compact path through the zone. Upper-60s bat speed with 20gs of rotational acceleration according to blast. Peak exit velocity of 94mph. Defensively he moves well, with an arm that projects to be above average and considering advanced run tool he's a guy who could play multiple spots.

Max Palinski OF / OF / St. Ignatius, OH / 2023

Report: Physical bat with a run producer profile from the left side. Everything is smooth, easy and controlled. Caught barrel after barrel in BP, showing easy/mid 90s jump. Very solid round/one of the better ones we saw from Team Ohio. Defensively how arm develops will likely determine future destination as he's continually progressed ball skills wise and his 6.8 speed is impressive considering how physical he is.

CJ Richard OF / 2B / Archbishop Moeller, OH / 2023

Report: Once again showed why he's considered one of the top run tools in the state with a blazing 6.59 60-yard dash. Considering how he covers ground and that athleticism translates to ball skills would give him a shot to stick in center at the next level. Offensively, skill set is ideal for top of the lineup with some sneaky juice. Compact stroke, upper-60 mph bat speed that consistently generated line drive flight to the middle of the field. Topped at 94 mph off the bat.

Ben Slanker OF / 1B / Canfield, OH / 2023

Report: Silky smooth mover in the box with obvious athleticism to patterns. When he gets on plane he absolutely lands on baseballs. The upside/tools here aren't hard to see. Upper-70s bat speed, 20+gs of rot acc, and mid 90s EV. One of the more highly followed bats in the state. Defensively, the arm continues to progress into a big time tool as he tossed it with 86 mph strength to home plate. How foot speed progresses will likely determine future destination as he shows solid ball skills with natural/functional athleticism.

The Two-Way Prospects

Andrew Edrington SS / RHP / Princeton, OH / 2023

Report: Talented, two-way prospect who will also be one of the top glove guys for Ohio with a rocket across the diamond. Athleticism really showed defensively through lateral mobility and transitions. Type of guy you can play just about anywhere considering athleticism, ball skills and elite arm talent. Expect him to light up the radar gun on the mound as well if his 93 mph infield velocity is any indication. At the plate he's an athletic mover with natural whip to stroke. Path is efficient, and he showed the ability to generate true spin inside a middle back approach. Top exit velocity of 92mph. Got the start on the mound for Team Ohio for Game 1 and was electric at times. Up to 92 mph several times, sitting in the upper-80s to 90 mph for the most part. Also showed a tight slider in the mid-70s.

Jake Hanley 1B / RHP / Mason, OH / 2024

Report: Not tough to see why he's a top 100 prospect nationally in '24 class. Offensive traits that college coaches will drool over. 6-foot-5, with smooth patterns an advanced burst through the zone. Ball flies off the barrel with consistent mid 90s jump and a peak EV of 98mph. As a defender we've seen the skill set play in the outfield/over at first base at a solid level. Was the offensive MVP for Team Ohio in Game 1 vs Pennsylvania, going 2-for-2 with two doubles. Continues to show why he's one of the highest recruited '24s in the Midwest.

Sawyer Solitaria 3B / RHP / St. Ignatius, OH / 2024

Report: Middle of the lineup type skill set. Physical dude with the top bat speed we saw from Team Ohio at 82 mph. Also showed efficient movement capabilities with lower half. Mid-90s jump off the barrel. Everything points to run producer skill set at the next level. Defensively he offers a corner skill set. Functionally athletic with smooth actions. Also gave you a quick glimpse of what you're going to see on the mound as well, tossing it 87 mph across the diamond. True two-way talent who also hopped on the mound and showed impressively. Physical presence with very easy velocity. Upper-80s consistently with a top of 90.4 mph. Fastball dominant but also showed a playable breaking ball.

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