Prep Baseball Report

South Milwaukee Preseason ID: Quick Hits

By: Wisconsin Staff

On March 6, PBR Wisconsin hosted the longest running annual event on its winter calendar, the South Milwaukee Preseason ID at Hitters Baseball Academy in Caledonia, WI. Approximately 90 players, mostly from Southeastern Wisconsin, attended this event, many of whom have established themselves as high-level prospects in the state. This event also perennially provides our staff with a glimpse at the future, allowing us to gain a clearer understanding of the up-and-coming players in Wisconsin, specifically the Class of 2025.

This showcase has also consistently supplied us with players to invite to represent Team Wisconsin at the PBR Future Games, and there were numerous sophomores in attendance who have earned early consideration for the 2022 event.

Today, we’ll be highlighting the players who stood out here within this Quick Hits piece. Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to break down the in-depth metrics measured at this event, with the help of our tech partners TrackMan, Blast Motion, and Vizual Edge. Each of the players listed below are uncommitted unless stated otherwise.



+ RHP Adam Behrens (Warren Township, IL, 2023) announced his verbal commitment to Arizona State shortly following this event, right after tossing the day’s most polished ‘pen. Behrens sat 90-92 mph with little effort, with a fastball that spins at 2,223 rpm on average featuring hard arm-side action that projects to pummel the inner half of the right-handed strike zone. Behrens’ excellent feel and control over his offspeed, a curve-changeup combo, is his best attribute. His tight breaking ball bites through the zone with spin rates measured at 2,323 rpm on average, and his changeup is equally impressive, 77-80 mph, and it averaged the most horizontal movement of the day (19.1 inches). Ranked inside Illinois’ top-25, Behrens looks like he’ll receive consideration for a move up the board.

+ Sunday provided us an up-to-date look at the top uncommitted prospect in Wisconsin’s junior class: RHP Thomas Burns (Hortonville, 2023). Coming off an all-league hockey performance, Burns looked every bit the part of the type of prospect we saw last summer and fall. Standing at 6-foot-4, 195-pounds, Burns possesses long levers and an upside hack in his hips. Working a simple, and directional move down the mound, Burns delivers from a high slot with a large shoulder tilt. His fastball reached a peak of 91 mph on his hardest bullet, sitting at 89-90 mph on the day with control and smaller vertical misses. He owns the kind of fastball that misses a lot of barrels and looks to have a usable mid-90s upside with 20 inches of vertical break already in play. His curveball has made large improvements year over year, at 17 inches of vertical break, and 13.5 inches of sweep, all while working off the same plane as his fastball. The changeup picks up an effective 12 inches of horizontal break, and comes in considerably faster than the curveball. Burns is a legit arm with plenty of upside as a fan favorite of local amateur evaluators.   

+ MIF Alex Alicea (St. Thomas More, 2023; Louisville commit) started his day by burning a 6.52 with great short range acceleration. In the box, he showed us his typical display of barrel accuracy. With minimal movement, and a knob-to-ball entry, he grooved backspin liners around the field. Also, notably adjusting to lower pitches from both sides with ease. In the field, his elite defense was on display, traveling low to the ball with a keen sense for setting up hops, and capturing right to left momentum with consistency. Alicea possesses the quickest transition speed from fielding to throwing by an impressive margin, and firing accurate bullets with carry across the diamond. Alicea has a professional skill set on defense and many in Wisconsin should make a point of studying him. 

+ OF JT Kelenic (Catholic Memorial, 2023; Grand Canyon) is a 6-foot-4, 210-pound long-limbed athlete running a 6.52 in the 60-yard dash. His batting practice round was reflective of his growth this winter, showing easier pop than ever with simple, controlled swing actions. He utilizes strong hands to deliver the barrel with violence and now, more than ever, produces consistent contact quality with easy elevation. His outfield round displayed more of his athleticism while throwing 90 mph on his max bullet with carry through the target and not dipping below 88 on any of his five throws. His stock is trending up and moving in a promising direction. 

+ It had been nearly two years since we’d personally seen OF Chris Calico (West Salem, 2023) and the 5-foot-10, 170-pound uncommitted athlete made a positive statement on Sunday. He clocked a 6.78 in the 60-yard dash after making gains in speed and performance this off-season, developing in the batter’s box as well. During his hitting session, he worked into a quality firing position with consistent timing and barrel control. Calico covered the zone from high to low and drove line drives to the middle of the field with quality ball flights. He’s a quality bat handler and should be treated as such. In the outfield, Calico moved well and delivered accurate throws from a higher slot. 

+ We’ve long considered T.J. Schuyler (Antioch, IL, 2023; Indiana) one of the top catchers in the region, especially defensively, and he’s since continued to garner more and more consideration as a pitching prospect over the past year or so. Well, on Sunday, Schuyler really asserted himself as a true pitching prospect. At this event, the Indiana recruit was landing turbo sinkers inside the strike zone in the upper-80s, and his best single pitch was a 90.1 mph sinker, located on the black and at the knees, that moved almost 20 inches horizontally. While still harnessing his feel for spin, it’s improved over the past year, spinning at 2,302 rpm on average thrown with aggression, 77-78 mph. His changeup features powerful arm-side action, too, and it mimics his traditional arm speed and shape effectively.

+ In our first look at RHP Zachary Olson (Muskego, 2023) in some time, the 6-foot-3, 200-pound uncommitted right-hander left a solid impression. Working through an easy and controlled delivery, his fastball worked up to 87.5 mph with 18 inches of vertical break, 15 inches of horizontal break, and spinning at a 2,250 rpm average. Considering the way Olson moves, and his personal room for development, it’d be easy to assume he’ll reach into the low-90s with his fastball over time. His curveball offers a small wrinkle with 2,300 rpm spin, and the changeup offers 18 inches of horizontal break. Olson is an interesting upside arm that’d leave evaluators unsurprised if/when he pops. 

+ 1B Aiden Schenk (Janesville Craig, 2023) built off the positive momentum he sparked late in the fall at this event, coming away as one of the best hitters in attendance. At a physical 6-foot, 200-pounds, Schenk sets up tall with a barrel wiggle and works through a strong hitting position. He made grounded swings with hand strength, working with authority in a small window and showing a more vertical orientation. His batting practice round showcased easy pop from gap to gap with quality barrel control and solidified his status as a top left-handed bat in the junior class.

+ RHP Adison Tevz (New Berlin Eisenhower, 2023) is a 5-foot-10, 175-pound right-hander that had a strong showing at this event. Tevz was up to 87.6 mph with his fastball, working an aggressive drop and drive delivery with a lower release point. His fastball has significant action; spinning up to 2,350 rpm, with 17 inches of vertical break and 14 inches of horizontal action to pair. His slider spins tight at 2,500 rpm with up to 23 inches of sweep. Tevz polishes off a tough arsenal with a large action, lower spin changeup with 17 inches of horizontal action. Tevs is a tough arm in game and a few ticks on the fastball would make for a lot of tough days to get to him. 

+ We came away impressed with C Michael Clarkson (Loyola Academy, IL, 2023), especially with his round of catcher defense. Clarkson definitely looks the part of an everyday catcher, at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds with an athletic build and a strong lower half. During his round of defense, Clarkson popped in the 2.00-t0-2.09 range, one of the quickest of the entire event. While behind the dish, Clarkson showed off a quick exchange and a solid one that topped at 79 mph, with all throws being accurate to the bag. At the dish, Clarkson worked out of a stock setup, and an up-down stride. He swung directly to impact with solid barrel speed (72 mph), and exit speeds as high as 96 mph. Clarkson used the whole field, while mostly driving balls to the pull side.

+ LHP Michael Carpenter (Arrowhead, 2023) was a big winner from Sunday’s event, utilizing a polished three-pitch mix throughout the entirety of his ‘pen. His delivery is athletic down the mound with an efficient lower-half, creating easy power from his 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame. Carpenter’s arm plays long out of the glove into a loose ¾ slot, generating a fastball that worked its way up to 88 mph with arm-side finish through the zone. His curveball looks to have wipeout potential, playing off a 1/7 plane with sharp action and finishing with depth through the zone. Carpenter’s changeup looks to be an above-average, change-of-pace offering as well, fading heavily into his arm-side at 76-79 mph, kept down consistently.

+ An uncommitted athlete that looked the part on both sides of the ball: OF/RHP Sam Steuber (Muskego, 2023). The 6-foot, 170-pound junior started his day with a 6.76 in the 60-yard dash out of an athletic gait with quick feet. In the box, Steuber sets up crouched, open, and striding square. From a 45 degree barrel set, he enters the zone with a more vertical orientation up to 71.6 mph barrel speed. Steuber works through the zone from high to low and has a quality knack for timing his impact window. In the outfield he works a longer loop action from a high slot, carry, accuracy, and showed advanced arm strength for his age, topping at 89 mph high on his hardest bullet. On the mound, Steuber works with an up-tempo delivery, dropping into a powerful lower-half and striding slightly across his body. His fastball worked its way up to 86 mph with noticeable life out of the hand and finish through the zone. He then went to a curveball, thrown off an 11/5 plane with acceleration through release, 74-76 mph. To round out his arsenal, Steuber went to an intriguing knuckleball, thrown at 75-76 mph that he kills the spin on effectively.

+ RHP/INF Tyler Meyer (Wauwatosa East, 2023) gave our scouting staff an intriguing look on Sunday thanks to his projectable frame and strong arm. Standing at 6-foot-5, 200 pounds, the right-hander showed the ability to repeat his delivery despite his long limbs, moving athletically and coiling with a high leg-kick into a strong lower-half downhill. His arm plays short of out the glove and into a ¾ slot, producing a fastball up to 86 mph (2,169 rpm on average). His best secondary offering on the day was a changeup at 71-73 mph, fading heavily to the arm-side with some feel for the zone.


+ There were several high-end prospects in attendance at this event, but INF JD Dix (Whitefish Bay, 2024) stole the show. He’s a top-shelf left side infielder that stands at a physically mature  6-foot-2, 175 pounds, with long limbs and he still has more room to add strength. He started his workout off by running a 6.61 in the 60-yard dash, a number that’s greatly improved from the 7.17 we saw him run at this same event last year. He showed present polish from both sides of the plate in BP, working relaxed to delivery from inside the ball and showing a propensity for rewarding ball flights with authority. He repeatedly connected for hard gap-to-gap contact from the left and right side, averaging 91 mph off the barrel with a max exit velocity of 97.1, and a peak batted distance of 358 feet. Dix also looked the part of a high-end prospect on the infield. He traveled low to the ball with athletic feel and slowed the game down naturally with his glove actions. It was a highly impressive look at arguably the state’s top prospect, regardless of class, as Dix looks every bit the part of a high-end national sophomore.

+ One of the top arms in the state’s 2024 class, RHP Nolan Buss (Arrowhead), has made strides in multiple aspects of his game on the mound over the winter – and he showed just that on Sunday. At 6-foot, 175 pounds, Buss brings the funk from a low release with a long loop, working from an average release height of 4.9 feet and considerable forward extension (6.5 feet). His fastball worked at 90 mph all day with 15 inches of vertical break, 20 inches of horizontal action, spinning at a 2,300 rpm peak, making for a unique profile that should garner plenty of swings and misses on its own. The slider he showed works in the upper-70s with shorter action, and the changeup comes out firm with large horizontal action (20 inches on average). Buss has a full arsenal of large spreads, with laddered velocity separation for timing disruption tactics. His ability to spin may be understated based on his grips and action when observing in close proximity.

+ LHP/1B Jackson Brewer (Homestead, 2024) came away a winner in multiple categories from Sunday’s event, showing extremely well on both sides of the ball. On the mound, the southpaw moves athletically throughout his delivery, utilizing an efficient lower-half with a drop/drive movement pattern, striding slightly across his body and into a closed landing foot. His arm played long out of the glove into a loose ¾ slot and produced an ultra-easy fastball that topped out at 88 mph, running naturally to his arm-side. Brewer showed two quality off-speed pitches throughout his pen, the first being a slider that plays off a 2/8 plane with sweep across the zone, showing some feel at 71-72 mph. The second offering was a changeup that he throws with fastball intent, fading to the arm-side at 72-75 mph. It’s a mature three-pitch mix that should only continue to improve as Brewer matures. Brewer also showed well in the positional segments, working from a tall setup and a flat barrel set, while swinging at 74.5 mph of barrel speed, 71% hard hit rate, and generating some clean pull-side flights when timed up. In the field his feet worked well, his arm was clean and adjustable, and he possessed a clear feel for the different plays. He’s amongst the top uncommitted prospects in the Badger State’s sophomore class. 

+ OF/LHP Cade Palkowski (Oak Creek, 2024) is a strong and stout 5-foot-11, 188-pound left-handed hitter that duals as the starting quarterback at his high school. He showed his athleticism early, and throughout the day, beginning it with a 6.86 in the 60-yard dash. In the box, Palkowski works from a stock setup with a controlled barrel wiggle, cross striding slightly into plant and crowding the plate with aggression. He enters the zone with a more vertical entry from inside and produces violence at impact with high contact quality and ball speed to all fields (95 mph max exit velocity). Notably, performing well in the pull-side gap for a player who lands on the chalk. From the outfield, he worked a longer loop with a power arm that peaked at 91 mph while ranging well on defense and moving with all the athleticism needed to stick up the middle moving forward. While his athleticism, left-handed bat, and center field profile make it hard for him to project as anything other than a position player, he also has a carry fastball that reached an 83.7 mph max on Sunday, featuring high-end vertical action.

+ RHP/OF Brennen Grams (Kimberly, 2024) was one of the biggest winners from Sunday’s event, showing off a four-pitch mix that plays well above his age. He’s a high-level athlete that also ran a 6.71 in the 60-yard dash. From a mechanical standpoint, Grams works with a smooth tempo throughout his delivery, controlling his leg-lift into an athletic lower-half that moves with a drop/drive movement pattern downhill. His arm plays long out of the glove into a quick over-the-top slot, producing a fastball that clocked in at a max of 89.1 mph with late life through the zone. Grams’ most impressive offspeed offering is a fading changeup, thrown with identical fastball intent and with advanced feel for the zone, 79-81 mph. The first of two breaking balls Grams showed was a curveball, 70-72 mph, that plays off an 11/5 plane with slurve-type shape and sharp finishing action, landing it for strikes consistently. His slider plays off a shorter shape than his curve, breaking off a 10/4 plane with some sweep, 73-74 mph. This was our first look at Grams, who can now be considered among the top arms inside the state’s 2024 class. His athleticism showed positionally as well, after he ran a 6.71 in the 60 and topped an exit speed of over 93 mph from the right side in BP.

+ Describing 1B Aren Robinson (Brookfield Central, 2024) as physical would be an understatement, listed at a hulking 6-foot-4, 200 pounds. Perhaps the most interesting update on Robinson was the improvements he made defensively. He’s currently moving well on the infield and he surprisingly syncs his feet and arm action consistently, given his size. His arm action is clean with carries out of a natural ¾ slot, and he picks balls well with the pocket. At the dish, Robinson didn’t have his best day, and yet still connected for hard line-drives off the barrel with mid-90s EVs, sitting on his back leg and simply flicking the barrel. It’s easy to look at him and dream big on his slugging potential. It’s not a matter of capacity, so much as unlocking it consistently. Robinson is a large upside slugger with great makeup. 

+ One of the day’s biggest winners on the mound was RHP Payten Jibben (Oak Creek, 2024). Physically built at 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, Jibben’s sheer arm strength first caught our attention from the outfield, where he uncorked a 90 mph high with true backspin and carry through his target. He hopped on the mound shortly afterwards and pumped his heater in the mid-80s, topping at 87 mph with rise and run. Pairing off that fastball was a 68-70 mph curveball that Jibben showed feel to spin and locate, landing it in the zone at a 75 percent clip. He also threw one of the day’s best changeups, a 73-74 mph offering with deceptive fade at arm speed that he located. Jibben figures to play a factor in the Oak Creek rotation this spring and he’s trending positively from a prospect standpoint, too. 

+ LHP Tannis Lange (Waukesha South, 2024) has consistently proven to be one of the top southpaws in the state, and Sunday was no different. The lanky 6-foot-3, 195-pound left-hander works with a simple tall/fall delivery that moves athletically downhill. Thanks to his over-the-top slot, his fastball enters the zone at a tough angle for hitters, topping out at 83 mph with an average of 15.6 inches of vertical break. He pairs it with a polished changeup out of a similar fastball window, coming out of the hand clean with heavy sinking action to his arm-side at 3-74 mph. Lange’s curveball also looks to be well-above-average, especially for his age, playing off a sharp 1/7 plane that he easily guides to the bottom of the zone at 68-70 mph. 

+ INF Brock Lulewicz (Muskego, 2024) is a 6-foot, 180-pound left-handed-hitting infielder with the defensive skill set that should keep him occupying the left side of the diamond. After running a 7.13 in the 60-yard dash, we got our latest look at his lefty bat. Standing tall in the box, with a narrow load, and small stride, he charges his hands while keeping his arms spaced from his body. Lulewicz works from above the ball at 72 mph barrel speed with control, and contains his swing to the impact window. On the infield, Lulewicz showcased his high-end feel for defense. Working fundamental actions into everything he does with his glove on, and looking the part of a ballplayer who can play the game at a high level.

+ OF R.J. Thomae (Hartford Union, 2024) started his day running a 6.78 in the 60-yard dash before showcasing a fundamental batting practice round. He swung with control and relaxation at around 70 mph barrel speed. His swing works directly to the ball from above with a lagging barrel, and mostly utilizes the backside of the field. On defense, he moved with athleticism and feel for his energy funneling with direction consistently, and marked as high as 86 mph from the outfield. 

+ At a lanky 6-foot-2, 160 pounds, OF Roman Sienza’s (Mukwonago, 2024) upside is clear. He clocked in at 6.81 in the 60-yard dash with throws measured at an 87 mph high to home from the outfield, showcasing both accuracy and carry to the target. At the plate, Sienza works from a stock setup with a pre-set barrel. He makes a controlled, quiet move to plant, attacking from inside-on-top, while driving backspin line-drives to all fields. In the field, he utilizes a long loop with some arm speed, gaining ground on balls with long athletic strides.

+ RHP Grayson Flugaur (Franklin, 2024) is an athletic prospect with a live arm that showed an uptick in stuff throughout his ‘pen at Sunday’s event. Working with tempo, polish, and ease on the mound, Flugaur’s breaking ball was amongst the best we saw all day and it’s starting to become a staple for the uncommitted right-hander’s arsenal. It’s a sharp swing-and-miss offering at 67-69 mph that checks the analytical boxes as well, spinning at a near 2,400 rpm average while averaging 17.3 inches of vertical break, too. He featured a more firm, laterally spinning slider, 71-74 mph, that averaged 18 inches of horizontal movement. His aptitude to spin both of these pitches enhances the effectiveness of Flugaur’s fastball, which is a lively 84-86 mph four-seamer that plays up in the zone with life. Finally, Flugaur threw a firm high-70s changeup at arm speed and matching slot to complete his four-pitch arsenal. He logged quality innings as a freshman for Franklin last spring and should slot right into the top of their rotation in his second season at the varsity level.


+ RHP/INF Jaxon Clayton (Brookfield Central, 2025) is rapidly ascending to high-follow status in Wisconsin’s freshman class. The high-waisted 6-foot-1, 178-pound prospect tossed what was, possibly, the most impressive ‘pen of the entire day. From a fluid-moving frame, Clayton works with a slight drop/drive lower-half that remains in-line to the plate when striding out, repeating his delivery consistently. It’s a highly athletic operation that flows efficiently down the mound, creating tremendous arm speed through release from a straight over-the-top slot. The separator in Clayton’s arsenal is his knack for spinning two different breaking balls. His curveball plays from an 11/5 plane and features late, sharp break, kept primarily down with noteworthy depth at 70-72 mph (2,607 rpm on average). He then went to a shorter 10/4 breaking ball, 70-73 mph, also featuring elite spin measured at 2,566 rpm on average. Both showed hard, late action that he threw for strikes at a high rate for a freshman, and the breaking balls play off his fastball especially well. Positionally, Clayton darted his way to a 6.83 in the 60-yard dash early on in his workout and recorded one of the day’s farthest batted balls (344 feet).

+ INF/RHP Ryne Dzierzynski (Grant, IL, 2025) was one of the best defenders in attendance. From the first ground ball, he showed advanced footwork and tempo. The coordination and timing throughout his defensive operation was that of a high end defender. He received the ball with a soft, quick quality in his glove, and transitioned with a poised urgency. The ball came out from a smooth ¾ action with true feel for carry across the diamond. In the box, he worked direct to the ball while covering from above and staying through the middle of the field with swing and approach alike. Notably, Dzierzynski has a great feel for his hands and barrel release. Fresh off an impressive showing at PBR Illinois’ Preseason All-State event, Dzierznyski further solidified his status as a high-follow freshman from just south of the border. It’s worth mentioning that his ‘pen was also impressive, utilizing an athletic, clean arm action that resulted in a projectable fastball that pairs well with his deceptive changeup and a cutter that featured downer bite.

+ As a freshman committed to Louisville, INF Ethan Moore (Oak-Park River Forest, IL, 2025) showed as one of the better infielders in attendance. He ran a 7.07 in the 60-yard dash, threw 84 mph across the infield, and showed bat speed at the plate from both sides of the box. During his defensive session, he traveled low to the ball using a stagger step from right to left with athletic feel. He showcased soft hands while receiving and transitioned quickly with clean exchanges. At the plate, he made short, aggressive swings that produced quality lower ball flight. 

+ OF Braylen White (Brown Deer, 2025) is a high-capacity, dynamic athlete in Wisconsin’s freshman class, starting his day off with an elite 6.55 time in the 60-yard dash. In the box, White offers an interesting look. He works from open to slightly closed and swings with a higher slot and quick hands, finishing the barrel with some violence with a strong plant leg. White repeated line drives to the middle of the field with a knack for repeating flights. During his defensive session, he moved with athleticism, and delivered from a high slot with some arm speed. He gained lots of ground on different plays and worked with clean alignment in transition. White is a blooming outfield name to know and will surely gain lots of interest as folks gain looks on his  maturation process.

+ INF/RHP Jack Poellot (Lake Country Lutheran, 2025) is another notable underclassman who showed well here and represented Team Wisconsin at the PBR Junior Future Games last August. Built at an athletic 6-foot, 170 pounds, fit with proportional strength, Poellot ran a 7.11 in the 60-yard dash to start his day. He showed us clear developmental strides made in the winter, attacking baseballs with quality barrel speed (74 mph average) throughout BP. Poellot worked from a stock setup with a big vertical rhythm, maintaining an inside track, and delivering the barrel quickly for a youngster. He showed feel to backspin line drives and moments of feel for slugging to the pull side as he matured physically. Poellot travels low to the baseball on the infield with a well timed stagger step from right to left. He also is quick to transition and clean on the exchanges.

+ RHP Trent Oiler (Brookfield East, 2025) is listed at a physically mature 6-foot-5, 200 pounds, and the right-hander offers tremendous on the mound. From his large frame, he works exclusively from the stretch with a smooth tempo throughout his delivery, coiling slightly into his leg lift before moving into a powerful drop/drive lower half. His arm plays from a loose ¾ slot and produces a fastball up to 86 mph (2,369 rpm on average), playing with finish through the zone to his arm-side. Oiler’s second offering is a sharp slider, playing off a varying 10/4 and 11/5 plane, featuring depth at 69-71 mph, thrown while maintaining his typical arm speed. His size and athleticism combine to produce some of the class’ biggest potential on the bump.

+ RHP Abe Herchenbach (Elkhorn Area, 2025) is another high-level Class of 2025 prospect who showed well on Sunday. Standing at 6-foot, 180 pounds, Herchenbach showed the ability to control his body well down the mound with a fluid tempo and slight drop/drive lower half. When moving downhill, Herchenbach tends to stride slightly across his body, creating a tough angle for would-be right-handed hitters, and yet he’s still able to clear his hips to the plate and create torque effectively. His fastball reached 84 mph and it played through the zone with arm-side action, averaging over 21 inches horizontal movement to the plate. Herchenbach also showed two quality change-of-pace offerings; an 11/5 curveball at66-69 mph, and a changeup that featured slight arm-side action, 73-75. Both offerings have the potential to develop into plus pitches with added arm speed and natural development in the coming years. 

+ Few prospects in attendance contain the level of upside as RHP Zachary Ausburn (Warren Township, IL, 2025), a 6-foot-6, 190-pound prospect with a quick, loose arm that seriously projects. Ausburn sat 83-85 mph on Sunday without requiring much effort, and we’d previously seen him demonstrate some pitchability in-game. While he didn’t fill up the strike zone on Sunday, he did showcase a stand-out arsenal that includes a four-seamer packed with vertical action, an aggressive curveball that spins at a high rate for his age (2,140 rpm on average), as well as a firm changeup that he flashed confidence in. His size and athleticism down the mound create a must-follow profile here.

+ INF Daniel Hauboldt (Muskego, 2025) took one of the cleaner rounds of batting practice at the event. The 5-foot-10, 155-pound freshman peppered repeated line drive contact back up the middle from a clean right-handed stroke with some length to contact. Hauboldt looked the part defensively as well, playing low to the ground with clean, on-time footwork throughout his workout. 

+ Listed at an athletic 6-foot-1, 158 pounds, INF Ethan Bauerschmidt (Tremper, 2025) is a projectable athlete to follow for the future. He ran a 7.14 at the start of the day, and his foot speed and athleticism translated seamlessly onto the infield, where he showcased efficient defensive actions and throws that flashed carry across for his age. A right-handed hitter, Bauerschmidt has a short swing that created some violence at impact, especially for his thin build that only projects to connect for more authoritative contact as he gains strength. 

+ C/RHP Carter Kutz (Hartford Union, 2025) is a physical 6-foot-1, 185-pound freshman that showed two-way prowess at Sunday’s event. Kutz started his day by running a 7.04 60-yard dash and made hard contact to all fields in BP. During his defensive session, he popped as low as a 2.00 with carry down to second base, up to 78 mph from the crouch. Moving to the mound, he threw a mid-80s fastball that topped at 86.2 mph, and his aptitude to spin the breaking ball at high rates (2,362 rpm on average) suggest he has some substantial upside as a pitcher, a side of his game he’s only just begun to develop. The fastball demonstrates hard arm-side action that also carries through the zone, with an induced vertical break measured at over 18.1 inches. Kutz’s secondaries – a curveball and changeup – also showed some upside despite his newness to them both. The curveball is aggressive with depth and the changeup is also firm and it shows late arm-side fade/sink.

+ INF Adam Urban (Wauwatosa West, 2025) provided our staff with a strong, more polished up-to-date look this past weekend. Urban showed some of the quickest hands from the 2025 class in BP, averaging 22.6 mph of hand speed, per Blast Motion. He backspun line drives to all fields and consistently stayed on plane, repeating with ease. On the infield, Urban’s arm strength was evident immediately as he uncorked an 87 mph bullet across the diamond from a loose, whippy ¾ slot. While he didn’t pitch at this showcase, Urban has previously shown as a high-follow pitcher inside this Class of 2025, and we’re eager to see him pitch again in the near future.