Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel
Garrett Helsel




Gahanna Lincoln (HS) • OH
6-6 • 210LBS • L/L
Travel Team: Turn2 - Gronski


2022 National

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Garrett Helsel: 1B/LHP, (2022) Gahanna Lincoln, OH. 6-foot-5, 225-pound. At the plate, Helsel clocked an exit velocity of 89 mph. Physical lefty bat that has a middle of the lineup look to him.  Solid while in the infield, made throws at velocities up to 76 mph; showed firm hands, athletic feet, and a fluid clean exchange. Movements laterally were athletic and he fields the ball out front. Recorded a 60 time of 7.73 at the event. 


6-foot-5, 230-pound sturdy frame. Solid during batting practice, the left-handed hitter had an exit velocity of 87 mph. Begins in a wide balanced stance with a quick controlled load, then uses a toe tap. Bat speed is above average, uses a long upward swing plane and high finish. Found multiple barrels with loud contact. Gap to gap approach. Capable while in the infield, made throws up to 74 mph; shows a clean exchange, firm hands, and choppy feet. Fields the ball out front, movements laterally were developing. Decent accuracy to the bases, used a ¾ slot with a long arm action. Clocked a 60 time of 7.78 at the event. Solid on the mound, used a consistent arm action and a ¾ arm angle while showing good arm speed. Feel type pitcher who shows easy effort. Showed strong balance point with even shoulders. Lands square with a clean finish. Produced a fastball that came in at 83-85 mph; shows command low in the zone and running action. Throws a 1/7 curveball (69-73) with gradual action and around the zone command. Shows fading action and arm side command on his changeup (73-75).


Hit: Physical bat from the left side. Ball jumps off barrel. Gap to gap pop in BP with flashes of pull side power.
Power: Well above average pop for class.
Offensive Projection: Middle of lineup.
Max Exit BP Exit Velocity: 89mph.
Max BP Distance: 339 ft.
Field: Ideal frame for the first base position. Has feel for the spot with serviceable ball skills.
Throw: More than enough strength for the position.
Defensive Projection: 1B.

Scouting Notes: Upside arm on the mound. 6-5, LHP with long levers who gets down the mound well. Fastball hovered around 80 mph with signs of more in the tank. Slider was the sharper of the two breakers with good depth and sharp action. Also popped in a breaking ball with big, 1/7 shaped action.
Fastball: 78-81 mph.
Fastball Spin Rate: 1640-1820
Breaking Ball: 67-69 mph curveball and 73-74 mph slider.
Breaking Ball Spin Rate: 1847-1934


Hit:Left-handed hitter that starts in a balanced stance. Very fluid actions in the box from the left side. Uber physical bat that generates easy velocity. Took one of the louder rounds of the day. Left the yard in BP.
Power:Big time pop for class.
Offensive Projection:Run producer.
Max BP Exit Velocity:90 mph
Max BP Distance: 372 ft
Field:Ideal frame for the first base position. Plays with good tempo off the bag. Average lateral mobility with respectable ball skills.
Throw:More than enough strength for the spot.
Defensive Projection: 1B.

Scouting Notes:Obvious upside on the mound at 6-foot-5 and tossing it from the left side. Fastball had late life through the zone, sitting in the upper 70s with seemingly more velocity in the tank. Secondary wise, he spins a tight breaker and a playable changeup.
Fastball:77-79 mph.
Fastball Spin Rate:1575-1852
Breaking Ball:67-68 mph.
Breaking Ball Spin Rate:1808-1845


2/9/20 Pitching
Delivery Notes: Helsel showed a big frame, particularly for a LHP. He threw from a slightly lower than average ¾ arm slot. Delivery wasn’t particularly dynamic but he did show a good weight shift early in his delivery.
Fastball: Fastball was 79-81 mph and was mostly true through the zone.
Fastball Spin Rate: 1590-1700
Curveball: Breaking ball was 65-67 mph and showed a slider type action with good shape and decent spin.
Curveball Spin Rate: 1770-1810
Changeup: Changeup was 73-74 mph.
Pitchability: Average feel for his three pitch mix. Being a LHP with his big frame he’s a guy to keep an eye on for a potential velo spike which would make him an interesting prospect to college coaches.

2/9/20 Position Player
Hit:Physical bat from the left side. Simple load followed by an aggressive stroke . Doesn't get cheated. Ball jumps when squared. Pull side juice.
Power:Raw pull power.
Offensive Projection:Run Producer.
Field:Ideal frame for the first base position. Feel for the spot with smooth actions off the bag. Solid ball skills.
Throw: More than enough strength for the spot.
Defensive Projection:  1B.


Body Type: 6-foot-4, 225-pound tall, physical and projectable frame.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Weight goes towards 1st base line during load, backside collapses. Smooth arm action and more velocity to come with more efficient lower half.

Fastball: 72-75mph.Slight glove side movement being in and out of the zone.

Curveball: 62-64mph. 1/7 movement with some late drop to it. In and out of the zone. 

Pitchability: Needs to be in zone more consistently.

Additional Comments: Induces soft contact.



Body type:  6-foot-4, 225-pound big physical frame.

Swing mechanics:  Simple toe touch with really good rhythm that allows his hands to remain loose and loaded.

Hit:  Works to the pull side with natural ball flight to the middle part of the field.

Power:  Pop to the pull side, and flashed it backside.

Offensive projection:  Middle of the lineup guy.
Field: First baseman with the frame for the position. Plays with feel off the bag and respectable ball skills.
Above average arm strength for the first base position.
Defensive Projection:



Body Type: 6-foot-4, 215 pounds. Taller, sturdy build.

Swing Mechanics: Hits in the box out of a balanced stance with a shorter load. Produces a level bat path on his way to striking the ball.

Hit: Made solid contact multiple times showing ability to stay on pitches.

Power: 81 mph exit velocity. Exhibited raw power and more to come from this ‘22.

Offensive Projection:

Field: Fielded well over at first showing his glovework. Footwork is developing in quickness as he works the baseball.

Defensive Projection: First Base.


2/17/19 Pitching

Body Type: 6-foot-4, 215 pound strong, projectable frame.

Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Delivers the ball from high ¾ arm slot with a long, loose arm action. Stays tall on back leg and throws slightly across body.

Fastball: 72-75 mph. Mostly straight. Pounded the zone.

Curveball: 62-63 mph. 11-5 action that was thrown for strikes. Developing pitch.

Changeup: 65-67 mph. Showed arm side fade with sink. Commanded the pitch well.

Pitchability: Pounded the zone with his fastball. Commanded the zone with secondary offerings, but still developing into above average pitches.

Additional Comments: High follow for ‘22 class. As Garrett, becomes more comfortable with his movements and added strength, I think we will see a quick increase in velocity and “stuff”.

Middle of the lineup type bat from the left side. Uses a simple approach mechanically before showing a level path through the zone. Swing has some loft at times, allowing for natural lift. Swing offers a bit more strength than speed presently. Being left-handed is a big plus for the first base position and Helsel also brings ideal size as well. Moves of the bag with fluidity and remains under control. Ball skills are on par for class. Also a follow on the mound. Physical presence out there with signs of more velocity to come.

A lefty bat that starts in a balanced setup. Simple yet efficient load, slightly downhill stroke, more present strength than speed through the zone. Run producer frame and strength. Ball came off well, especially to pull side. Middle potential when batspeed arrives. At first base he plays off the bag with fluidity. Ball skills are on par for class/position. Two-way prospect. On the mound the southpaw works exclusively from the stretch. Long lever type that gets down the mound well. Works with smooth tempo throughout delivery. Long, loose arm action through a ¾ slot. Fastball was erratic command wise, sitting 65-69 mph. Spins a big breaking, 1/7 shaped curveball that came in at 54-58 mph. The offering acted as his out pitch.
60-yard dash: 8.3
Infield Velocity: 65
Exit Velocity: 83


Physical bat from the left side. Simple load into a balanced launch. Handsy hitter that offers more present strength than speed through the zone. Can show gap pop when he gets extended. Middle of the lineup potential. A first baseman with feel and the frame for the position. Glove works well. Lateral mobility would be area for improvement.
Home to 1st: 4.79
Infield Velocity: 69
Exit Velocity: 72


A big southpaw with upside on the mound. A long lever type that has room to add physicality to frame. Delivery has a slower pace to it and requires some effort. Arm is clean through an over the top slot with above average strength for class. Fastball stays mostly true through the zone. Only showed one breaking ball during outing. Helsel got hit around a bit by a talented Legends lineup but with his frame and arm strength he is a guy to follow.


A southpaw with a very projectable frame. Works with a fluid tempo to his lower effort delivery. Arm moves through a high ¾ slot with clean arm action. Fastball comes out easy, sitting 69-70 mph. All signs point to more velocity to come with maturity. Changeup is thrown with fastball arm speed showing some late dive at 62-63 mph. Still developing feel for the offering. An arm to follow as he hits his impending velocity jump. A middle of the lineup type bat from the left side. Strength stands out in swing as he takes an uphill path to the baseball. Lifts the ball naturally and creates impressive barrel jump for class. Launched a couple balls with authority to both gaps. Defensively, he looks to be a natural first baseman. Frame fits the spot and he has obvious feel for the position. An above average athlete over there as well.

60-yard dash: 8.18

Infield Velocity: 65

Exit Velocity: 73

A left-handed hitter that starts a wide setup. Uses very little movement in his loading sequence. Path is slightly downhill. Stronger than fast with the bat at this stage. Swing is compact and the ball comes off his bat well, especially to his pull side. The first baseman creates good throwing angles when approaching the baseball. Uses a long arm action thru a high ¾ slot. Will benefit from developing the glove and could see more loose actions with a display in confidence.On the mound the southpaw uses a big leg lift into a delivery that requires average effort. Hides the ball well behind his glove action while landing slightly closed at foot strike. Fastball comes out of a ¾ slot at 61-66 mph. Change up shows potential arm side fade at 57-59 mph. Would benefit from the development of a third pitch that works in on the hands of RHHs and away from LHHs.
60-Yard Dash: 8.82
Infield Velocity: 63
Exit Velocity: 69

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