Prep Baseball Report

Recruiting Roundup: Week of 10/29

By: Gavin Smith
Area Scout

Today, we’ll address all the Illinois prospects who made the decision to announce their commitment throughout this past week. We wrapped up our final showcase of 2023 in October, so as we head into the fall and winter offseason, now’s the time when recruiting season picks up. This past week was a busy one for commitments, so let’s begin.

Note: Player's names are listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Nathan Anderson LHP / 1B / Lyons Township, IL / 2024


From 5/20/23: “Uncommitted. Currently ranked No. 115 in the state. 5-foot-10, 190-pounds with evenly proportioned strength. Arm plays from a high ¾ slot from an up-tempo delivery, high leg-kick works into balance point, drop/drive lower-half works in-line down the mound. Heavy fastball usage on the day, working up to 88 mph and sitting mostly 84-86 mph with sink and some tilt through the zone. Went to a fading changeup at 77-78 mph, sells the pitch with arm-speed. Flashed a 1/7 breaking ball at 70-74 mph. High-follow 2024 with a dynamic arsenal.”  

John Balla RHP / Hersey, IL / 2024


From 8/8/23: “...showed off a loud arsenal during the nightcap on Wednesday. The right-handed pitcher stands at a broad-shouldered 5-foot-10, 175-pound frame with strength throughout. Balla uses a balanced delivery and short arm action with acceleration out front. Coming out of the bullpen, Balla fired off a heavy dose of fastballs that pounded the inside part of the plate. The fastball played up (T2410 RPM) and sat 84-86 throughout, topping at 86.6 mph. Balla showed feel for a high-spin curveball (T2820 RPM) that played with two-plane break to get swings and misses down in the zone.”  

Kadin Borck OF / RHP / McHenry, IL / 2024


No report available.

Michael Buono C / 2B / St. Charles North, IL / 2024


From 5/6/23: “Uncommitted, 5-foot-7, 140-pound, well-proportioned catcher. Hit in the three-hole and caught. Defensively, steady, reliable defender with the ability to present pitches and stick pitches in and around the zone. Willing blocker and his arm played accurately, true and repeatable out of the crouch. Routinely popped 2.12 in between innings and also had a 2.12 in game on a steal attempt. Offensively, right-handed hitter, stays within himself, uses the whole field and rarely chases out of the zone. Had a ground ball single down the first base line, struck out and grounded to third base; 4.58 down the line.”

Keaton Call OF / Collinsville, IL / 2024


No report available.

Conrad Charpentier LHP / 1B / Routt Catholic, IL / 2024


Positional Profile: LHP/1B
Body: 5-11, 147-pounds. Lean, high-waisted frame.
Delivery: Tall/fall type delivery, high leg kick to an upright posture at balance point, elevated front side, lands square and stays in line to target. Steady rhythm throughout, repeats well.
Arm Action: LH. Long arm swing with some wrap in the back, high 3/4 slot.
FB: T71, 69-70 mph. Slight arm-side action and sink at times, strikes.
CB: 55-59 mph. Higher 1/7 shape with some depth, gradual action. 
CH: 59-63 mph. Fastball arm speed, flashed sink.

Positional Profile: LHP/1B
Hit: LHH. Tall narrow setup, long stride. Present levers in swing, easy effort, uphill bat path and looks to elevate the baseball to the pull side.
Power: 77 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: LH. INF - 67 mph. Long full arm swing, high 3/4 slot.
Defense: Fields out in front, steady hands and clean release with length at times.
Run: 8.36 runner in the 60. 

Cody DelFavero OF / LHP / Morris, IL / 2024


From 6/20/23: “...stands at a strong, 5-foot-8, 181-pounds. DelFavero is a left/left prospect who took one of the more physical rounds of BP on the day. He flashed strong, explosive hands with a natural uphill path and registered a max exit velocity of 92.9 mph (87.8 mph avg). Defensively, he showed smooth feet and a strong arm, producing a max velocity of 84 mph on throws to home plate. In the mound he showed three-pitch feel from the left side with his fastball touching 81.1 mph with command to the glove side. His curveball showed a 10/4 shape, and he rounded out his arsenal with a change-up that showed downer action that he was able to land for strikes. Also ran a 7.17 60 time.” 

Logan Gale LHP / OF / Conant , IL / 2024


From 8/16/23: “ a left-handed bat to follow with easy twitch and lean strength. Gale took an impressive round of BP, finding the barrel consistently (75%) with added strength in regards to exit velocity (94.8 mph) and raw batted distance (354 feet). Gale also ran a 6.94 60 and was 87 mph from the outfield.” 

Daniel Hodel SS / 2B / Lincoln-Way West, IL / 2024


Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-11, 155-pounds. Well proportioned, projectable build.
Hit: RHH. Upright, balanced setup, knee-knock stride. Easy effort, sees the ball deep, loose hands, long path, balanced finish.
Power: 87 max exit velocity, averaged 83.2 mph. 306’ max distance.
Arm: RH. INF - 70 mph. Compact, 3/4 slot.
Defense: Active feet through the ball, steady hands, moves well up the middle.
Run: 7.48 runner in the 60. 

Ryker Keller RHP / 2B / Father McGivney Catholic, IL / 2024


No report available.

Brandon Keska C / 2B / Shepard, IL / 2024


Positional Profile: C/2B
Body: 6-0, 180-pounds. Lean, athletic body.
Hit: RHH. Balanced setup, quiet load and short stride. Balanced, quiet, easy swing, looks to control the barrel, sprayed contact to all fields.
Power: 86 max exit velocity, averaged 83.8 mph. 288’ max distance.
Arm: RH. C - 76 mph. Short, quick arm action, high 3/4 slot. Flashed carry and accuracy on throws.
Defense: 2.14-2.20 pop times. One-knee when receiving, Soft handed receiver with the ability to frame. works towards second, quick transfer.
Run: 7.80 runner in the 60. 

Ben Llewellyn RHP / OF / Downers Grove North, IL / 2024


From 8/8/23: “...toes the rubber at a physical 6-foot-3, 180-pounds with a projectable fastball and aptitude to spin two breaking balls. Llewellyn moves down the mound with intent, pitching at 83-86 mph with his fastball and flashing four-seam carry (T17.7 IVB) at times. Llewellyn landed a gradual low-70s curveball for strikes and he confidently spun a tighter, more bullet-like slider at 74-78 mph, too.”  

Brady Lowe RHP / Quincy Senior , IL / 2024


No report available.

Michael Lucas SS / 2B / Lincoln Community, IL / 2024


Positional Profile: 2B/3B
Body: 5-11, 160-pounds. High waisted. Some strength in legs.
Hit: RHH. Balanced setup, early load and stride. Simple swing, short uphill path, flashed quick twitch through the zone, gap-to-gap approach.
Power: 88 max exit velocity, averaged 81.1 mph. 322’ max distance.
Arm: RH. INF - 82 mph. Loose, 3/4 slot, quick arm.
Defense: Some hop to his step, sure-handed with a two-hand gather out front, easy lateral range.
Run: 7.45 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Stretch only. Methodical tempo, medium leg lift, toe point going down mound.
Arm Action: RH. Long out of the glove into 3/4 slot.
FB: T81, 74-80 mph. Mostly straight. Flashed cutting action.  T1967, 1920 average rpm.
CB: 61-63 mph. Gradual 11/5 action.  T1940, 1880 average rpm.
SPLT: 68-71 mph. Developing feel. Flashed downer action. 

Anthony Massa 3B / SS / Lincoln Way West, IL / 2024


From 6/20/23: “Massa has a 6-foot-1, 200-pound frame with present strength and quick hands from the right side of the plate (26 mph avg), recording a max exit velocity of 93.1 mph and a max distance of 337’. Defensively, Massa’s hands worked easy, and he played through the ball, consistently making accurate throws.”

Eli Maynor RHP / 3B / Du Quoin, IL / 2024


No report available.

Cole Noreuil RHP / 3B / Delavan , IL / 2024


From 4/25/23: “Uncommitted. Currently slated at No. 97 in Illinois’ class of 2024. Stands at an athletic and strong 6-foot, 190-pounds. Noreuil threw 6 ⅓ innings, struck out 10, walked three, and allowed no runs or hits - only being taken out due to pitch count. Showed confidence on the mound and worked with a quick and quality pace. Produced weak ground ball contact throughout the game. Mostly threw fastballs with an occasional curveball mixed in. Fastball sat 86-89 mph, topping out at 90 mph with arm-side run. His curveball sat 71-72 mph with 12/6 shape. A quality look at a top uncommitted arm in Illinois’ junior class.”

Jaden Obaldo 2B / 3B / Crystal Lake Central, IL / 2024


From 8/10/22: “...was an all-around winner offensively from the Illinois State Games, finding the barrel for a few extra-base hits across the event. Obaldo’s a physical right-handed hitter with compact strength attached to a 5-foot-9, 175-pound frame, finding the barrel with gap-to-gap feel.” 

Brady Phillips LHP / Carterville, IL / 2024


From 9/26/23: ...offers an intriguing look on the mound. Though Phillips’ fastball doesn’t have overpowering velocity, playing in the low-80s, he creates natural rise on the pitch, allowing it to play up from its velocity band. He naturally backspins the baseball from a lower release height on average and his fastball grabbed plenty of in-zone whiffs, most of them at the top of the zone. Phillips also landed a low-70s slider for strikes and flashed natural fade on a 73-74 mph changeup.”

Colin Ryder 1B / OF / St. Charles North, IL / 2024


From 8/8/23: “...showed noticeable raw strength in BP attached to a hulking 6-foot-6, 235-pound frame. Ryder averaged 95 mph per batted ball, and he reached a peak exit velocity from a long, physical right-handed swing. Ryder also launched one of the event’s furthest balls, launching a home run deep into the left-center gap at an estimated 389 feet, per TrackMan.” 

Jackson Stanek 1B / C / St Rita, IL / 2024


From 6/24/23: “Physical hitter standing at 6-foot-1, 225-pounds. Simple swing with quick hands that generates easy power. All over the barrel for White Sox Elite on Saturday morning. Tallied three hits including a double that nearly left the yard. Natural hitter that can also take the ball the other way. Steady defender at first base.”  

Jake Stedman SS / 3B / Belleville West, IL / 2024


From 6/13/23: “ another uncommitted soon-to-be senior that showed well at this event. Stedman continues to add noticeable strength, now standing at a more filled out 5-foot-10, 170-pounds with physicality throughout. He swung with authority throughout BP, generating some of the highest bat speed (77.8 mph) and hand speed (26.1 mph) at peak from this event. Stedman’s firmest batted ball jumped off his bat at 97.2 mph and he drove three balls 330+ feet at 90+ mph into the pull-side gap. Across the infield, Stedman fired an 86 mph strike on his first throw, good for the hardest mark of the event. This showing, coupled with yet another strong season at Belleville West where he slashed .356/.374/.442, has Stedman headed into a key summer with momentum.”

Nolan VanDuzer RHP / 3B / LaSalle-Peru, IL / 2024


From 2/23/22: “...made his presence felt in the batters box during the event. VanDuzer lets the ball travel, and stays short and quick to the baseball while flashing advanced bat speed and hand speed. VanDuzer led the event in multiple offensive categories. VanDuzer led with a 23.7 mph hand speed, average bat speed of 76.4 mph, as well as the max exit velocity of 96.5 mph and average bat speed of 89 mph. VanDuzers furthest batted ball traveled 348 feet off the bat. Physically advanced right-handed hitting sophomore.”  

Ricky Vargas 3B / OF / Lane Tech, IL / 2024


No report available.

Sebastian Westphal 2B / OF / Yorkville, IL / 2024


No report available.

2025 Commits

Liam Arsich OF / RHP / Lincoln-Way Central, IL / 2025


From 8/3/23: “ a premier athlete with a lean, lanky 6-foot-3, 160-pound frame who is just scratching the surface of his future self. Arsich ran the fastest 60 time on Team Illinois (6.57) and also had the highest max run speed (21.4 mph). His speed was on full display throughout the week, as Arsich was 4.40 down the line on a groundball to second base and posted a 4.43 on a routine flyball to center field. He swiped a bag both in game one and game two, scoring a run as well. Offensively, Arsich flashes twitch and works to stay connected with his long-levers. He showed a knack for line drive, gap-to-gap contact, and is comfortable using the whole field. His most impressive showing came in game three, where Arsich went 2-for-4 with a loud double into the left-center gap, brought a run home, and he showed off his noticeable arm strength from the outfield (90 mph) by throwing a runner out at home to end an inning. Arsich is another high-end name to follow from this event.”

Connor Blue RHP / 1B / O'Fallon, IL / 2025


From 8/1/23: “...was impressive in his lone inning of work, punching out a pair in Saturday’s outing. At 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, Blue’s fastball played in the upper-80s, touching 89 mph, from a fast ¾ slot. His aptitude to spin is his calling card and Blue ripped off several swing-and-miss mid-70s sliders with tight, late break that grabbed chase out of the zone, particularly to right-handed hitters. He also mixed in a low spin changeup (1500 RPM) at 74-75 mph to left-handed bats, showing a true three-pitch mix in his brief stint. Like his counterparts, Blue also came away from this event as a name-to-know arm in the state’s 2025 group.” 

Joshua Holst LHP / Libertyville, IL / 2025


From 5/13/23: “Uncommitted, 6-foot-2, 205-pound, broad-shouldered, physical, left/left first baseman. Most notably known for his ability on the mound but he showed well hitting out of the five-hole and playing first base on this day. Presence to his overall game. Confident, physical tone in the box. Aggressive swings, present bat strength and looks to drive the baseball with authority from gap-to-gap. Finished 1-for-3 with a double and a walk. Drove a pitch down and in, into the opposite field gap (into the wind) for a double and one of the hardest hit balls on the day. Impressive frame and skill set for a sophomore.”

Luke McClure OF / LHP / Champaign Central , IL / 2025


From 8/8/23: “Showing well on the workout day was OF Luke McClure (Champaign Central, 2025). McClure was a 6.59 runner in the 60-yard dash at the event, which was good for third best at the State Games. A L/L outfielder, McClure also showed well with the bat during the workout with a flat bat path and a middle of the field approach, posting a peak exit velocity of 91.5 mph in his round.”  

Luke Mensik RHP / SS / Lincoln-Way Central , IL / 2025


From 5/11/23: “Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame with upside and room to till out, high waist. Started on the mound for the Knights and threw it well over his seven innings of work, scattering seven hits, one earned run, one walk and eight strikeouts. The right-hander has an easy tall and fall delivery with little perceived effort, creating some tilt with his fastball thanks to his higher release point. He worked his fastball up to 87 mph, sitting mostly 84-86 mph, showing the ability to work it to both sides of the plate. He showed a knack to spin the breaking ball, flipping in both a 10/4 slider at 76-78 mph and 11/5 curveball at 74-75 mph, both playing with sharp action and two-plane break with feel for the zone. Impressive polish over his arsenal with more velocity to come as he continues to mature.”