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PBR Team Showcase at AIA

PBR Ohio will be hosting and scouting all games for the 2018 Fall Team Showcase at Athletes-in-Action (Home of Sinclair CC).

Each player that participates will receive a PBR Player Profile that our staff will update with videos, scouting reports, verified stats and more following the event. The PBR Staff will write up pre-content coverage of teams attending and players to watch, as well as post-content coverage of event and player results. The PBR Staff will provide Scout Blogs and team recaps throughout the event, and a daily recap of the top performers from each day.


Grady Field
1197 S Detroit St, Xenia, OH 45385
***Metal Cleats are not allowed***


Saturday at AIA

Team PBR (Parr)-Team PBR (Dint)
11:15 Cincinnati Royals-Team PBR (Dint)
Team PBR (Parr)-Cincinnati Royals
3:45 CBC-Midwest Prospects
6:00 Bo Jackson Elite 2022-CBC
8:15 Bo Jackson Elite 2022- Midwest Prospects

Sunday at AIA

12:45 Cincinnati Royals-Bo Jackson Elite 2022
Team PBR (Dint)-Midwest Prospects
Team PBR (Parr)-CBC


Team Rosters

Team PBR (Parr)

Snapshot: Team PBR is composed of players from across the state of Ohio as well as Michigan.

The pitching staff is highlighted by:

Austin Sizemore RHP / SS / Olentangy, OH / 2022

RHP Austin Sizmore (2022). On the mound the right-hander works with a fluid tempo to a delivery that doesn’t require much effort. Drop and drive type that gets down the mound well. Fastball comes through a high-¾ slot sitting 75-78 mph. Compliments fastball with a 64-67 mph breaking ball that showed signs of sharpness on an 11/5 plane.

Jaren Slusher RHP / OF / Northmont, OH / 2020

RHP Jaren Slusher (2022). Low effort delivery that uses  a small leg lift. Directionally sound toward home while taking momentum creating in the motion through the entirely of delivery. Fastball shows occasional run to the glove side at 74-78 mph. Curveball works with big gradual 11/5 depth at 61-66 mph. Was able to backdoor that pitch multiple times to LHH. Changeup shows some downward fade at 67-68 mph.

The position players are highlighted by:

McKay Whitaker 1B / OF / Worthington Kilbourne, OH / 2022

1B/OF McKay Whitaker (2022). A high follow in 2022 class. Stands out for present abilities and upside at the plate. Where projectable frame with high waist/broad shoulders and a ton of projection left. Very fluid, easy stroke from the left side. Barrel whips through contact with authority and he can spray it all over the field. Also is an above average defender over at first base. A well above average athlete over there with feel for the spot.

Connor Bramlett C / OF / Stephen Badin, OH / 2020

Catcher Connor Bramley (2020). A right-hander hitter that starts in a tall, open setup. Goes with a smooth leg kick to get things started. Uses an easy hands back load with upper half. Launches from a balanced position. Path is level to slightly uphill with average to slightly above average bat speed. Strong kid who gets through contact well. A line drive bat currently that should grow into added juice as he fills out projectable frame.

Name High School
Connor Bramlett Badin 2020
Austin Sizemore Olentangy 2022
Jacob Gresham Howell, MI
Jordan Boxer Miamisburg 2020
Seth Pebley Howell, MI 2022
Jaren Slusher Morthmont 2020
Kevin Sorensen Royal Oak, MI 2021
Jacob Howard Defiance 2022
McKay Whitaker Worthington Kilbourne 2022
Griffin Ailes Field 2022
John Cole Norwood 2020
Daniel Moore Benton Harbor, MI 2020
Nathaniel Ostas Labrae 2020
Austin Strickland Moeller 2020
Jalen Morrow St. Xavier 2022


Team PBR (Dint)

Snapshot: Team PBR is composed of players from across the state of Ohio.

The team is highlighted by:

Andrew Clelland RHP / 3B / Harrison Central, OH / 2020

RHP/3B Andrew Clelland (2020) passes the look test with flying colors, standing 6-foot-5 and having endless projection left on that frame. A two-way candidate for Pitt that really looks the part on the mound. Actions are athletic and he tosses a very easy 85-87 mph fastball. Breaking ball will need to sharpen up but you could easily seeing him being a 90 mph arm in the near future. Also showed thump in the bat from the right side and above average skill at third base.

Jackson Campbell OF / RHP / Cincinnati Country Day, OH / 2022

OF/RHP Jackson Campbell (2022) is up to 81 on the mound. Very impressive strength/bat speed combination at the plate. Uses a fluid leg kick for timing as bat flows through bat tip load. Uphill path allows for natural lift and barrel explodes through contact with authority. Run producer skill set. Also liked what I saw in the outfield. Moves with fluidity out there and cover a ton of ground. Big arm presently that projects for even more strength down the road.

Will Harding OF / 3B / Walsh Jesuit, OH / 2022

OF Will Harding (2022). Offers some of the more impressive strength/speed combination in his class. Swings it from the right side with a middle of the lineup look to him. Ball jumps and he can drive the ball to the opposite field with authority. Defensively, he has a corner frame with center field athleticism. High upside guy.

Name High School
Tyler Barni Walsh Jesuit 2022
Andrew Beck
Westerville Central 2022
Jacob Kraft Springboro 2020
Drew Bragg Jackson 2022
Holden Blankenship Jackson 2022
Will Wuich Centerville
Joseph Colin Providence, IN 2022
JT Popick Louisville
Andrew Clelland Harrison Central
Alex Whetsell
Upper Arlington
Jackson Campbell
Cincinnati Country Day
Will Harding
Walsh Jesuit


Bo Jackson Elite 2022

Snapshot: Bo Jackson Elite 2022 squad is one of the top teams for its age in the Midwest.

The roster is highlighted by a number of high level prospects including:

Jacob Miller RHP / OF / Liberty Union, OH / 2022

RHP Jacob Miller (2022) who is already committed to Louisville. Miller was the top overall prospect (as a rising freshman) at Top Prospect Games event in June. Delivery is fluid and actions are athletic on the bump. Works through a high-¾ slot with long whippy arm action. Advanced arm strength/arm speed for class generate impressive velocity on his fastball, sitting 80-84 mph fastball. To go along with the high velo Miller also has an array of secondary offerings he can command regularly. The breaker, splitter, and changeup are all quality offerings consistently in the zone. Expect him to receive interest from colleges sooner rather than late.

Matthew Wolfe SS / RHP / Olentangy Orange , OH / 2022

INF Matthew Wolfe (2022) is one of the top 3 prospects we’ve come across in the class thus far. Very talented defender with a third baseman frame and short stop hands/athleticism. That combination is usually a recipe for an elite defender. Ball jumps off his bat with gap abilities to both sides of the field. BP will impress but to get a real idea of his abilities you need to see in game, where he shows advanced strike zone knowledge and the ability to find the barrel with authority often when he pulls the trigger.

Luke Krouse LHP / OF / Antwerp, OH / 2022

LHP Luke Krouse (2022) is a top 10 prospect in his class. Super loose, whippy arm on the mound. Already has high velocity for class (79 mph) and projects for much more. The southpaw shows all the signs of a high velocity guy down the road. Throws from a high-¾ arm slot. curveball is a sharp out pitch that features 2/8 break with good depth. His changeup showed signs of being a well above average offering as well.

Matthew Graveline C / 3B / Centerville, OH / 2022

Catcher Matthew Graveline (2022) possess elite catch and throw abilities behind the dish, bringing well above average athleticism to the position. Also can play middle infield at an above average clip. At the plate he has an athletic swing with more twitch than strength. Very loose hands allow for natural whip through the zone, giving him more authority through contact than you’d expect. Very talented prospect.

Lucas Day LHP / 1B / Troy Christian, OH / 2022

1B Lucas Day (2022) possess one of the top hit tools in the class. Lefty swinger that first stood out for Bo Jackson Elite playing up a year and looking unbothered by high velocity arms. Very efficient upper half that creates early bat speed, giving barrel a running start through the zone. Ball comes off well, offering present gap pop with emerging power to pull side. Solid defender over at first base with fluid actions and feel for the spot. Bat is by far top tool but glove is also solid.

Landon Price LHP / 1B / Lincolnview, OH / 2022

OF/LHP Landon Price (2022) is a two-way prospect at this stage. Left-handed bat that starts in a taller setup. Leg kick timing trigger with simple hands prior to a nice, easy stroke through the zone. Slightly downhill path, staying compact through the zone. Impressive feel for finding the barrel. Corner type in the outfield. Quiet, smooth actions out there. Slinging arm action that projects for more strength down the road. At the Junior Future Games, he showed a fastball that sat in the high-70s, running up to 80.

Name High School
Landon Price
Lincolnview 2022
Kaden Saunders
Westerville South 2022
Trevor Newtz
Westerville North 2022
Connor Bourn
Olentangy Liberty 2022
Peyton Weiss
Westfall 2022
Jacob Miller
Liberty Union 2022
Jacob Edwards
Mechanicsburg 2022
Matthew Graveline
Centerville 2022
Luke Krouse
Antwerp 2022
Matthew Wolfe
Olentangy Orange 2022
Gavin Henry
Gahanna 2021
Lucas Day
Dayton Christian 2022
Austin Ety
Liberty Union 2022
Jackson Ware
Grove City 2022
Tanner Hudspeth
Roncali (IN) 2022


Midwest Prospects

Snapshot: The Midwest Prospects are composed of players from around SW Ohio.

The roster is highlighted by:

Ryan Horak RHP / 1B / Little Miami, OH / 2020

RHP/1B Ryan Horak (2020). Brings a physical presence to the bump. Arm is long and loose, showing signs of more velocity to come. The last time we sat him was over a year ago. He sat 77-79 mph with the fastball that will show slight run at times. Expecting to see a velocity jump with a year's growth and maturation. Changeup was very impressive. The offering has a fastball look out of the hand before displaying late fade at 72-74 mph. Also flashed a tight, 11/5 shaped breaking ball at 67-68 mph.

Mattox Mead RHP / 3B / New Albany, OH / 2021

RHP Mattox Mead (2021) is out of New Albany. When we saw him last in the fall of 2017, he worked with an uptempo delivery that requires some effort. Arm action was shorter and clean while moving through a near high-3/4 slot. Arm shows obvious quickness to it. A drop and drive type guy who gets adequate energy with his lower half. Showed three pitches to his arsenal, highlighted by his 75-77 mph fastball. The better of his two secondary offerings on the day was his 11/5 shaped breaking ball. The pitch was very sharp at 63-64 mph. Also showed developing feel for a changeup.

Griffen Constable RHP / 2B / little miami, OH / 2021

RHP Griffen Constable (2021). This past summer, the 6-foot-2, 160-pound righty showed simple mechanics that are easily repeatable that requires regular effort. Drop and drive style delivery. Works through a near high ¾ slot with a long loose arm action that works down out of the glove. Fastball shows ASR at 74-77 mph. Changeup has downward action at 68-70 mph. Curveball has good shape with big 12/6 break at 61-64 mph. Shows the ability to throw each of the offerings in the zone.

Name High School
Aaron Boster Kings 2020
Ryan Caplinger Mason 2021
Ryan Horak Little Miami 2020
Auston Hubbard Mason 2020
Adam Kling Sycamore 2021
Jordan Alexander Lakota East 2021
Alex Moffit CHCA 2021
Jake Pera Turpin 2021
Joel Sagraves Milford 2021
Trevor Satchell Little Miami 2020
Jack Marlow Little Miami 2021
Jacob Zicka Moeller 2021
Will Myklebust Loveland 2020
Chase Speert New Albany 2021
Mattox Mead New Albany 2021
Griffen Constable Little Miami 2021


Cincinnati Baseball Club

Snapshot: The Cincinnati Baseball Club are composed of players from around SW Ohio.

The roster is highlighted by:

Drew Bachman LHP / 1B / Lakota East, OH / 2021

LHP Drew Bachman (2021). One of the top arms in his classes and potential FG candidate headed into next summer. A young arm with a very projectable, 6-foot-4 frame. Arm is loose and he is efficient enough the any added strength with maturity should translate to more velocity. The southpaw sat 78-81 mph on this day with decent feel for the breaking ball. A cross fire type who can create plane and a tough angle for opposing hitters.

Alex Bertram OF / RHP / Cincinnati Christian, OH / 2021

OF/RHP Alex Bertram (2021). Two-way prospect. Swings it from the left side. Hands are loose and barrel maintains fluidity through load and into launch. Lower half is smooth as well, creating consistent timing. A back leg hitter with an uphill path. His long levers allow him to do damage when he gets extended. A flatter path would help create more consistent ball flight. A bat to follow as he adds strength to projectable frame. In the outfield he plays with aggressive footwork to the baseball. Will slow tempo at fielding to ensure ball security. Plays one-handed through with average ball skills. Arm is long and loose, projecting for more strength as he matures. Frame and skill set play in the corners at this stage.

Jaxon Orlando OF / 1B / Mason, OH / 2021

OF Jaxon Orlando (2021). A right-handed hitter that starts in a balanced stance. Goes with a leg lift for timing as hands flow through bat tip load. Uphill path with present strength and speed to hands. Intent driven swing with feel for contact. Showed gap abilities to both sides of the field. Middle of the lineup type. Really impressive round of BP. In the outfield he plays low and under control in his approach. Ball skills are adequate. Corner type.

Michael Sprockett C / 3B / Lakota East, OH / 2021

C Michael Sprockett (2021). A left-handed bat that start in an athletic setup. Hands stay simple during his leg kick timing trigger. Compact stroke with some loft, displaying above average natural tools through the zone. Generates gap pop, with backspin abilities to both sides of the field. Feet and exchange skills are there behind the dish. Looked on par for class with in game abilities as well. Expect lower pop times naturally as arm strengthens with maturity.

Name High School
Trey Wilson
Lakota West
Jackson Lewis
Ricky Berrios
Mason Whiteley
Ayden Evans
Alex Bertram
Cincinnati Christian
Devin Faith
Chase Mulligan
Jaxon Orlando
Jackson Hauck
St. Xavier
Michael Sprockett
Lakota East
Drew Bachman
Lakota East
Walker Smallwood
Dixie Heights
William Juan
St. Xavier
Nolan Boyle
Alex Steele


Cincinnati Royals

Snapshot: The Cincinnati Royals are composed of players from around SW Ohio.

Name High School
Brady Isgro
Hamilton 2022
Davin Ronquist
Fairfield 2022
Jack Renaud
Mason 2022
Todd Grant
St. Xavier 2022
Kyriakos Georges
Elder 2022
Joey Faulkner
Anderson 2022
Aaron Adkins
Xenia 2022
Evan Whitney
Mason 2022
Brennan Horn
Elder 2022
Ben Ellinger
Centerville 2022
Zach Carty
Moeller 2022
Sam Crawley
Fairfield 2022
Austin Kube
Little Miami 2022
Kevin West Mason 2022