Prep Baseball Report

PBR Mid-Atlantic Border Battle Rosters Released

By Greg Williams
PA Scouting Director

The 2015 PBR Mid-Atlantic Border Battle will take place on July 21 and 22 at Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland. 2015 marks the second year of this event. The inaugural Border Battle saw a total of 28 players that participated go on to make college commitments. To view last year's roster and where those players have committed CLICK HERE.

This year's roster will showcase another strong group of prospects including nine prospects from Maryland that make up a significant portion of the Grey Team roster. Action kicks off with batting practice at 8:00am prior to Game One on July 21. Following is a complete look at the full schedule, rosters for all four teams and pitching rotations for both days.


July 21:
9:00am  Grey Team vs. Red Team
1:00pm  Blue Team vs. White Team

July 22: 
9:00am  Grey Team vs. Blue Team
1:00pm  Red Team vs. White Team

* Players report 90 minutes prior to game time each day
* Live batting practice prior to each game on June 21
* 60 yard dash between games for both teams on June 21
* Defensive evaluations prior to each game on June 22

 Grey Team Position Class
Red Team Position Class
Mason Abate
RHP - 7/22 2016
Brett Alaimo
RHP/MIF 2016
Connor Bair
RHP/3B 2016
Andrew Brady
Alex Bendzlowicz
MIF/RHP 2017
Austin Braendel
C/OF 2016
Dillon Good
1B/RHP 2016
Dom Coconcelli
LHP - 7/21 2016
Jack Hallowell
OF 2017
Mitchum Donatelli
MIF/OF 2016
Matthew Harsh
LHP - 7/22 2017
Greg Grandelli
MIF/RHP 2016
Phillip Herber C/OF 2016   Eric Gross
C/3B 2017
Chase Hilliard
3B/MIF 2016
Brock Kauffman
MIF/3B 2017
Jordan Hutchins
MIF/RHP 2018
Kenny McKeever
MIF 2016
Matt Lozinak
C/1B 2016
Michael Mowery
OF 2016
Evan Moerschbacher
OF 2016
Alex Myers
RHP/OF 2016
Thomas Parris
Travis Perry
RHP/OF 2018
Scott Prutting
3B/1B 2017
Tommy Savastio
1B/RHP 2017
Jack Stines
OF /1B
2017   Seth Thomas OF/1B 2017
Travis Thibeault MIF 2018        
Blue Team Position Class
White Team Position Class
Jordan Art
OF/RHP 2017
Nick Doolittle
Jonathan Davis RHP/1B 2016   Christian Fedko
MIF/3B 2017
Kyle Ebersole
RHP - 7/21
Bayley Jamanis
Jimmy Farrow
MIF 2016
Kyle Katz
LHP/OF 2016
Keith Flaherty
3B/RHP 2016
Lawrence Kirk
RHP - 7/21 2016
Bryce Hensor
MIF 2017
Danny Long
MIF/RHP 2016
Joe Kroeger
C/OF 2016
Andrew Mayhew
RHP 2017
Nick Lehman
RHP/3B 2016
Mason McKinley
C/OF 2016
Joe Murray
MIF/OF 2016
Ryan McSorley
3B/MIF 2017
Isaac Neal
OF/RHP 2016
Alex Peterson
OF 2016
Tyler Peters
C/OF 2017
Nico Popa
MIF/OF 2016
Alex Rogers
1B 2016
Mike Speck
OF 2017
Charlie Warden
OF 2016
Bryce Stout
C/1B 2016
Mike YaSenka
RHP/MIF 2016
Jake Trautman
1B 2017

      Austin Wacker OF/RHP 2016

pitching rotations

Tuesday 6/23 Grey Team Red Team Blue Team White Team

Dillon Good (1-3)
Dom Coconcelli (1-3)
Kyle Ebersole (1-3)
Lawrence Kirk (1-3)

Jordan Hutchins (4-6)
Brett Alaimo (4-6)
Jonathan Davis (4-6)
Danny Long (5-6)

Connor Bair (7-9)
Travis Perry (7-9)
Nick Lehman (7-9)
Austin Wacker (7-9)

Wedesday 6/24 Grey Team Red Team Blue Team White Team

Mason Abate (1-3)
Andrew Brady (1-3)
Mike YaSenka (1-3)
Andrew Mayhew (1-3)

Matthew Harsh (4-6)
Alex Myers (4-5)
Isaac Neal (4-5)
Kyle Katz (4-6)

Alex Bendzlowicz (7-9)
Greg Grandelli (6-7)
Jordan Art (6-7)
Nick Doolittle (7-9)
Tommy Savastio (8-9) Keith Flaherty (8-9)  

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