PBR Tournaments

Prep Baseball Report's tournament season is underway and, on this page, you can find homepages for all of the past, present, and future PBRT events below (listed chronologically). The homepages contain links to all of the rosters submitted by coaches, links to all of the news stories and analysis related to that event, as well as a sortable pitching velocities board.

To view our tournament coverage in-event, you can follow official PBR-affiliated state Twitter accounts, as well as @PBRTournaments and @PBRTScouting on Twitter.

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Tournament Name
Start Date
PBR Upper Midwest Fall Challenge IA 8/26 15U-16U, 18U  Gregg Young Campus
PBR Upper Midwest Limited Series IA 9/1 15U-16U, 18U Gregg Young Campus
PBR KC Labor Day Classic MO 9/1 16U-18U Creekside
PBR Upper Midwest Labor Day Classic IA 9/1 15U-16U, 18U  -
Labor Day Challenge GA 9/2 13U/14U; 15U/16U  LakePoint
PBR Labor Day Classic OH 9/2 16U-17U -
PBR Fall Open GA 9/8 14U-17U LakePoint
South Carolina Fall Championships SC 9/8 16U-17U Shipyard Park
Grand Park Fall Championships IN 9/8 14U-17U Grand Park
PBR Fall Series OH 9/9 14U-17U -
Texas Fall Championships TX 9/9 14U-17U -
Alabama Fall Open AL 9/9 14U-17U  Sand Mountain Park
PBR Upper Midwest Eastern Iowa Open IA 9/9 15U-16U, 18U The Bett Plex
Creekside Fall Championships MO 9/15 14U-17U Creekside
Grand Park Fall Championships IN 9/15 14U-17U Grand Park
PBR Cup GA 9/15 15U-17U LakePoint
PBR Upper Midwest Showdown IA 9/15 15U-16U, 18U TBK Bank Complex
Virginia Fall Championship VA 9/15 14U-17U -
South Carolina Fall Open SC 9/15 14U-17U -
PBR Ohio Fall Championships OH 9/16 14U-17U -
PBRT New York Fall Open NY 9/16 14U-17U Lumber Yard
LakePoint Fall Invite GA 9/22 14U-17U  LakePoint
MPB Fall Classic MO 9/22 14U-17U Creekside
New York Fall Championships NY 9/22 16U-17U Lumber Yard
Maryland Fall Open MD 9/22 14U-17U Henry S. Park Complex
Upper Midwest Central Iowa Open IA 9/23 15U-16U, 18U Gregg Young Campus
Virginia Fall Open VA 9/23 14U-17U -
The Rock Fall Championships WI 9/23 14U-17U The Rock Complex
North Carolina Fall Championships NC 9/23 16U-17U -
South Carolina Fall Championships SC 9/23 14U-15U Shipyard Park
Fall World Series NY 9/29 14U-17U Lumber Yard
Upperclass Fall World Series GA 9/29 16U-17U LakePoint
Battle for the Great Lakes OH 9/30 14U-17U Action Sports Center
D.C. Fall Championships VA 9/30 14U-17U Patriot Park
North Carolina Fall Championships NC 9/30 14U-16U USA Baseball Complex
Upper Midwest Wood Bat IA 9/30 15U-16U, 18U -
Florida Fall Open FL 9/30 14U-17U IMG Academy
Illinois Fall Open
IL 9/30 14U-17U Rantoul Family Complex
Southern Illinois Fall Open IL  9/30 14U-17U  -
Virginia Fall Open VA 9/30 14U-17U -
New York Fall Open NY 10/6 14U-17U -
Underclass Fall World Series GA 10/6 14U-15U LakePoint
Virginia Fall World Series VA 10/6 14U-17U -
Fall Capital Classic OH 10/7 14U-17U -
Creekside Fall Open MO 10/7 15U-18U Creekside
Grand Park Fall Open IN 10/7 14U-17U  Grand Park
PBR Fall Classic GA 10/13 14U-17U LakePoint
PBR KC Fall Showdown MO 10/13  13U-18U Creekside
Illinois Fall Open IL 10/13 14U-17U  Rantoul Family Complex
Fall Mid-American Classic OH 10/14 14U-17U -
Upper Midwest Iowa Club Championships IA 10/14 14U-16U, 18U Prospect Meadows
KC Halloween Hitfest MO 10/20 13U-18U  Creekside