Prep Baseball Report

Illinois State Games Takeaways: 2024s

By: Illinois Scouting Staff

On Aug. 8 and 9, PBR Illinois hosted the second annual Illinois State Games at Rantoul Family Sports Complex in Rantoul, competing in an event featuring the top players in the state, spanning grad classes 2024 through 2027.

For everything you need to know about the event, like stat leaders, historical context, commits, and more, click HERE. To see a full list of the players that attended, click HERE.

Shortly after the event, our staff published a full data dive at this event, where we analyzed several standouts from Tuesday's workout day, as well as the arms who took the mound in Rantoul. You can find both of those here: Position Players | Pitchers.

Now, at the event's conclusion, our staff has compiled our scout notes from our two-day trip, and we'll begin to roll out takeaways pieces over the next few days, starting with the 2024s to be followed with the 2025s and 2026s. Below you'll find scout notes and videos on an abundance of soon-to-be seniors from the event, broken down by teams.


+ RHP Henry Brummel (Pontiac, 2024; Indiana commit) emerged a winner from the event after his dominant showing on the bump. Listed at 6-foot-4, 200-pounds with long limbs and strength throughout. Brummel pitches with a controlled tempo and simple tall//fall delivery, gaining ground with ease down the mound. He worked his fastball up to 91.8 mph, sitting 89-91 mph consistently with some arm-side run through the zone. He showed confidence in a slider at 79-82 mph with late 10/4 action, thrown both for strikes and to put hitters away. Flashed a sharp curveball with over-the-top depth, kept mostly down at 72-74 mph. Also went to a fading changeup (14.3” avg. HM), 78-80 mph. Dynamic arsenal that should gather some intrigue from professional scouts this coming spring.  

Henry Brummel

+ LHP Ethan Eberle (Normal Community, 2024; Louisville commit) continues to be a tough look for opposing hitters. Listed at 6-foot-5, 215-pounds, long limbs. Eberle is deceptive with his delivery, working with a big leg-lift into a slight coil before striding across his body slightly down the mound. Hides the ball well with his short arm action and low ¾ release. The southpaw worked his fastball in the 85-87 mph range with up to 18.4” of run, averaging 16.5”. He went to his sweeping slider most often, ripping it confidently for strikes and to put hitters away, 71-73 mph with 2/8 shape. Flashed a straight changeup at 77 mph. Quiet confidence, “try and hit it” mentality. 

Ethan Eberle

+ Few players in the state standout in a uniform like OF/1B Savion Flowers (Kenwood, 2024; Eastern Kentucky), who easily came away as one of the bigger winners from the event in the 2024 class. At a chiseled, yet still projectable, 6-foot-5, 200-pounds, Flowers ran a 6.69 60 and reached 20.6 mph of run speed as well. He almost exclusively elevated the baseball in BP (80%) from the left side and hammered his hardest barrel up at 98.3 mph while launching his furthest barrel 360 feet, per TrackMan. Flowers was also up to 90 mph from the outfield, though we’ve seen him touch 94 mph previously, and flashed his natural arm strength in game on a lively throw to third base from right field. His tools, physical stature, and upside should undoubtedly draw professional buzz around Flowers this fall and into the spring season. 

Savion Flowers

+ All C Kyle Hartmann (Sycamore, 2024) has done over the last six months or so is solidify himself as a high-end backstop in the state’s soon-to-be senior group. Hartmann, who committed to Western Kentucky shortly after the event, showed off one of the strongest arms from behind the plate of the entire event, peaking at 84 mph during the workout day while popping at 1.90-2.00. That level of arm strength translated to the gameplay portion of the event, as Hartmann showed carry and accuracy to the bag in between innings. His fast, athletic, and strong right-handed swing generated hard contact on average (89.1 mph) and at peak (95.6 mph) in BP, while also flashing in-game, including a rocketed ground-rule double on the event’s first day.

Kyle Hartmann

+ RHP Tyler Holman (Liberty, MO, 2024) made the trip up to Rantoul from the St. Louis area and the 6-foot-4, 180-pound long-levered right-hander brought one of the higher ceilings in attendance to the mound. Holman, who’s still fully developing his feel down the mound, pumped his fastball at an easy, lively 87-90 mph, peaking at 91 mph on his firmest bullet with plenty more to come. He spun a tighter low-70s breaking ball at 2500+ RPM at peak and flashed a 78-79 mph changeup, too. Shortly after the event, Holman committed to the University of St. Louis. 

+ INF Cooper Malamazian (Nazareth Academy, 2024; Indiana commit) continues to trend up in front of our scouting staff, giving a strong look on both sides of the ball. Stands at 6-foot-1, 180-pounds with lean strength and plenty of room to add on muscle in the coming years. The right-hander hitter has fluidity and looseness in his stroke, remaining on the barrel throughout the weekend with hard contact to his pull-side. Power potential in the swing as he continues to put on good weight. Reached up to 98.1 mph for his max exit velocity with a max distance of 349’. His BLAST Metrics are also worth noting, as he averaged 22.7 mph for his hand speed and 73 mph for his bat speed. On the infield, Malamazian moves with ease and rhythm, shifting easily to either side of his glove with confident hands and actions. His arm plays with easy life across the diamond and on the move, reaching up to 89 mph in the workout. 

Cooper Malamazian

+ Currently ranked No. 6 in Illinois, UTIL/LHP Brayden Mazzacano (Schaumburg, 2024; Illinois commit) continues to cement himself as one of the premier two-way prospects within the state. The southpaw is simple, yet athletic down the mound with little perceived effort. He worked his fastball up to 88.9 mph and cruised right at 84-88 mph with run and some finish through the zone. Slider and changeup looked to be his go-to offerings throughout our look; going to a 10/4 SL at 76-79 mph with the ability to land for some strikes and an upper-70s changeup with fade and feel for the zone. Flashed a 1/7 curveball at 73-75 mph and splitter at 74-79 mph with killed spin. Mazzacano took defensive reps both in the outfield and at first base, showcasing athletic actions at each position with the ability to track down fly balls when roaming the outfield. The left-handed hitter took an impressive round of BP, averaging 87.4 mph for his exit velocity and reaching up to 95.2 mph with a max distance of 363’. He put up some impressive numbers on BLAST across the board; averaging 22.8 mph for his hand speed (T26.1 mph), 74.5 mph for his bat speed (T80.6 mph) and 17.1 for his average rotational acceleration (T28.9). He has some rhythm in his left-handed swing, utilizing a controlled toe-tap timing trigger before firing through the zone with a flat path. 

Brayden Mazzacano

+ MIF Kenny Perez (De La Salle, 2024; Cincinnati commit) continues to look the part of a future asset in the middle of the field. Perez carries one of the more advanced gloves in the class, providing noticeably productive defense on the dirt with the likelihood being he sticks up the middle long term. His arm, alongside his glove, is advanced too, and Perez was 88 mph across the diamond on his hardest bullet. Offensively, Perez swings a simple, athletic right-handed barrel that flashed above-average raw power with wood, reaching peak exit velocities upwards of 95 mph while also elevating his furthest batted ball 347 feet, per TrackMan. Heading into the final year of his prep career, Perez looks the part of a pro follow that should draw attention throughout the fall, as well as into the spring. 

+ Still uncommitted, 3B/OF Jonah Weathers (Marian Catholic, 2024) has noteworthy tools and athleticism attached to a strong, well-proportioned 6-foot-3, 180-pound frame. Weathers, who’s also a standout basketball player at Marian Catholic, showed above-average hand (23.8 mph) and bat speed (76.5 mph) on the workout day to go along with a 95.2 mph max exit velocity and 346 ft. peak distance. He did so from a flat and simple right-handed swing, staying through the baseball to the pull-side while maintaining balance throughout. It didn’t take long for Weathers to show his strength in game, as he rocketed a triple into the right-center gap in his second at-bat of the event. He also ran a 6.80 60 and was 87 mph across the infield with a 90 mph arm from the outfield. 


+ RHP Wyatt Mammen (Lincoln, 2024) displayed one of the louder fastballs of the event. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound PBR Future Games alum was up to 89.8 mph on his firmest bullet, pitching at 87-89 mph, to go along with an upper-70s slider and low-80s changeup. 

+ An upside arm to follow that’s still uncommitted from this event: RHP Samuel McArthur (Champaign Central, 2024). McArthur toed the rubber on Tuesday afternoon at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds and showed a loose, whippy arm to go along with an athletic delivery downhill. He ran his fastball up to 89.1 mph, pitching in the mid-to-upper-80s, with seemingly more to come. McArthur spun an upper-70s breaking ball to pair with his heater and, while he didn’t have consistent feel for it in this look, it’s a pitch that has impressed our staff across a few prior looks. 

Samuel McArthur

+ Easily one of the biggest winners from the Illinois State Games was INF Jayden Patel (Lake Park, 2024). Patel, who’s still uncommitted, stands at an upside 6-foot-2, 170-pounds with lean strength and physical upside throughout his stature. He stays short and fluid from the left side with above-average bat-to-ball skills and stays within himself. Aside from a polished showing in BP on Tuesday, Patel hit throughout the entire event in game, spraying the ball to all fields comfortably. Patel has the actions to stick on the left side of the infield in the future, and his arm strength was evident during the workout (90 mph) as well as in-game. He’s an arrow-up name from Rantoul that should take a noticeable rise in our next rankings update. 

Jayden Patel

+ OF Anthony Sarro (St. Rita, 2024) is an uncommitted 5-foot-11, 170-pound left/left athlete that showed well in multiple ways at the Illinois State Games. Sarro ran a 6.99 60 and was on the barrel consistently (60%) as well as authoritatively (80%) during BP. His average exit velocity (89.9 mph), max exit velocity (94.4 mph) and peak batted distance (355 feet) are all noteworthy metrics that should continue to trend up as Sarro fills out physically. His offensive talents showed in game, as Sarro collected a pair of singles to the pull-side on Wednesday morning. 

Anthony Sarro

+ C Noah Tomaras (Lemont, 2024) had a strong showing behind the plate during Tuesday’s workout. The uncommitted 5-foot-11, 180-pound backstop led the entire event in pop times (1.88-1.97) with a quick, accurate release, topping at 77 mph from the crouch. Tomaras flashed bat strength at the plate as well with a 95.9 mph max exit velocity and 368 ft. peak batted distance. 

+ MIF Derek Ittner (Lake Park, 2024) stood out thanks to his motor, foot speed and all-around solid performance throughout the two days. The 5-foot-8, 150-pound, right-handed hitter ran a 6.88 60, was 83 mph across the infield and showed easy, smooth defensive actions. Offensively, he stays short to the baseball and controls the barrel. Athletic middle infielder to follow that can handle the bat.


+ Another big winner from last week’s event: MIF/RHP Jimmy Anderson (Joliet West, 2024). Fresh off a commitment to Heartland, the 6-foot, 180-pound Anderson shined all over the field on both sides of the ball. His strong showing started in Tuesday’s workout, where Anderson barreled line drives to all fields from a balanced, postured right-handed swing with natural backspin feel. Defensively, Anderson’s a free-flower on the dirt and his sure-handed actions paired with above-average arm strength are likely to keep him on the left side moving forward. Anderson also hopped on the mound, pitching at 85-87 mph while landing a 72-74 mph curveball for strikes consistently.  

Jimmy Anderson

+ MIF Ryan Colucci (Lake Park, 2024) is an intriguing middle-infield prospect that has continued to trend upwards after adding noticeable strength to his 5-foot-10, 170-pound frame. Colucci flashed some power potential during his round of BP, reaching a peak exit velocity of 95.5 mph. His strength translated to the infield as well, where Colucci was 86 mph across the infield on his hardest bullet. In game, Colucci went 3-for-5 with a double and he turned a handful of double plays, too.  

+ LHP Max Kaplan (New Trier, 2024) showed impressive pitchability during his three innings on the mound. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound southpaw has been trending up this summer after a successful spring for the New Trier Trevians. Kaplan displayed a clean operation on the mound with a sequenced delivery. Filled up the zone with a fastball that worked in the low-80s, T83.3 mph with noticeable arm-side run. Often went to a low-70s changeup that played with fade to get swings and misses. Tallied five strikeouts during his outing. Works quickly with a competitive demeanor. Kaplan is an uncommitted follow in the state’s 2024 class that continues to trend up as the year continues. 

Max Kaplan

+ RHP Ben Llewellyn (Downers Grove North, 2024) toes the rubber at a physical 6-foot-3, 180-pounds with a projectable fastball and aptitude to spin two breaking balls. Llewellyn moves down the mound with intent, pitching at 83-86 mph with his fastball and flashing four-seam carry (T17.7 IVB) at times. Llewellyn landed a gradual low-70s curveball for strikes and he confidently spun a tighter, more bullet-like slider at 74-78 mph, too. 

Ben Llewellyn

+ 1B/OF Colin Ryder (St. Charles North, 2024) showed noticeable raw strength in BP attached to a hulking 6-foot-6, 235-pound frame. Ryder averaged 95 mph per batted ball, and he reached a peak exit velocity from a long, physical right-handed swing. Ryder also launched one of the event’s furthest balls, launching a home run deep into the left-center gap at an estimated 389 feet, per TrackMan. 

+ 3B/OF Landon Smith (Mt. Pulaski, 2024) is an uncommitted senior that consistently put together quality at-bats during gameplay. Standing at a physical 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, Smith showed his strength early on in BP, reaching a peak exit velocity of 96.5 mph in his workout. As the event went on, Smith worked deep counts and competed at the plate consistently, finding the barrel as a result in a handful of those showings. In particular, Smith picked up a pair of hits in game three, including a loud double into the right-center gap. 

Landon Smith


+ A physical 6-foot-4, 200-pound uncommitted follow that showed well on both sides of the ball at this event: 1B/RHP Spencer Kennamann (Lakes Community, 2024). Kennamann showed natural and inherent bat strength in BP on Tuesday, averaging 90.4 mph per batted ball, while reaching a peak exit velocity of 97 mph on his hardest barrel. His right-handed juice showed in game, as Kennamann turned around an up-and-in 90 mph fastball for a beaming double into the left-center gap on Wednesday morning. Kennamann was also up to 86 mph on the mound with a feel for a curveball/slider mix. 

+ 1B Jack Roessler (Waterloo, 2024) first popped to our staff at the St. Louis Open, earning an invite to this event as a result. A 6-foot-3, 200-pound athlete, Roessler continued to swing a strong, physical right-handed barrel, hammering balls on repeat to the pull-side from a short, simple swing in BP. His ability to impact the baseball consistently (89.1 mph) and elevate it on average (281 ft.) are impressive, and his inherent strength flashed at peak, too; 99.6 mph max exit velocity, 336 foot peak distance.  

+ C Brock Suding (Tolono Unity, 2024) looks the part of a high-level backstop, and has repeatedly shown advanced catch and throw skills behind the dish. A physical 6-foot-2, 200-pound athlete, Suding moves well behind the dish, and he’s a comfortable blocker laterally, too. He showed advanced arm strength behind the plate (T81 mph), the second highest mark of the event, and he was accurate with quickness to the bag, popping at 1.93-to-2.02 in his workout. 

+ LHP Jackson Ugo (Andrew, 2024) is an uncommitted southpaw with a strong-bodied 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame to pair. Ugo’s fastball played in the mid-80s, touching 87 mph, with feel up in the zone and arm-side run at times. Off that, Ugo mixed in a low-70s curveball with depth (T2302 RPM) and he faded a changeup at 75-77 mph, too. 


+ RHP Brady Bengtson (Normal Community, 2024) brings a hulking 6-foot-6, 205-pound frame to the mound with room to add on mass as he continues to mature. Bengtson uses his levers to create a tough look on opposing hitters, working across his body from a lower arm angle. His fastball played at 82-84 mph, touching 85 mph, and averaging 16.8 inches of run, per TrackMan. He showed confidence in both of his breaking balls; an 11/5 curveball at 71-74 mph and a 10/4 slider at 67-69 mph, and he landed them both for strikes, too. 

Brady Bengtson

+ LHP Frankie Bilecki (Marist, 2024) is one of the top uncommitted arms in the state that’s been trending up all summer, leaving behind strong impressions on our staff at The Rock and Creekside. At 6-foot-2, 190-pounds, Bilecki is an intentful mover downhill with a power fastball, peaking at 88.6 mph, while pitching at 85-87 mph throughout. Off that, Bilecki spun a tight slider with late break that grabbed uncomfortable, off-balance swings in the mid-to-upper-70s. He punched out four batters over two innings of work at this event and is a high follow uncommitted southpaw headed into the fall. 

Frankie Bilecki

+ 1B/OF Ethan Borggren (Lane Tech, 2024; Northwestern commit) put together an impressive showing on Tuesday’s workout day. Borggren started his day by showing off his athleticism, running a 6.87 second 60 yard dash with a broad-shouldered 6-foot-3, 185-pound frame. The Northwestern commit was all over the barrel during BP (78% hard hit rate), with his best barrel registering a 96.7 mph max exit velocity and a max distance of 349 feet. Borggren also showed one of the strongest arms from the outfield at the event, touching 91 mph on his hardest bullet. 

+ OF/LHP Cody DelFavero (Morris, 2024) is a strong, compact 5-foot-10, 180-pound uncommitted senior with athleticism, running a 6.87 in the 60 to start his workout. He was all over the barrel in BP, generating power (94.6 mph and 361 feet) from a short, flat left-handed stroke with hand speed to pair. DelFavero showed that inherent strength in game, missing a home run to the pull-side in gameplay by a few feet. 

Cody DelFavero

+ RHP Clay Gadbois (Kankakee, 2024) had a strong showing on the mound, firing three shutout innings while only allowing two hits, one walk and striking out five. Projectable 6-foot-3, 175-pound frame. Pounded the zone with the fastball, sitting right at 83-85 mph (2300-2400+ RPM) with carry through the zone (17.1 avg IVB). Developing feel for a short 11/5 curveball, 69-72 mph. Simple delivery, low effort while remaining directional with the plate. 

Clay Gadbois

+ OF Gabriel Vojak (Mascoutah, 2024) is a scrappy L/L prospect to know from southern Illinois. Compact, strong frame, listed at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds. Was consistently on the barrel throughout the week, finishing 4-for-8 with a home run, double, three RBIs and four runs scored. Showed easy bat-strength in his flat stroke, taking his home run to the opposite field on a pitch up and away. Accurate reads in the outfield with a quick first step, 7.07 runner in the 60. Reached up to 84 mph from the OF in workouts. Hard-nosed kid that plays the game hard. 

Gabriel Vojak


+ RHP Danny Johnson (St. Ignatius, 2024) is an uncommitted arm to make note of. Athletic, projectable frame, 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame. Athletic delivery, controlled tempo into a medium leg-lift, slight drop/drive lower-half, works in-line. Long/loose arm swing that works into a ¾ slot. His fastball worked in the 82-84 mph range with slight running action at times. Confident in a 74-77 mph curveball that flashed above-average spin (T2369 RPM) with 11/5 shape. Showed feel for a straight change at 79-81 mph. 

Danny Johnson

+ At 5-foot-10, 165-pounds, MIF Cael Karczewski (Joliet West, 2024) has tools and athleticism to pair along with advanced up-the-middle actions on the infield. Offensively, Karczewski showed balance and polish at the plate, peppering line drives to all fields from a clean, simple, and repeatable right-handed swing. A 6.95 runner, Karczewski is also a fluid defender on the infield with steady, sure-handed actions that should stick on the dirt moving forward. 

+ OF Aidan Nolan (New Trier, 2024) started for the Trevians en route to their state playoff run this past spring, riding that positive momentum throughout the summer, including at the Illinois State Games. Nolan carries strength and athleticism (6.81 60) on a 6-foot, 185-pound frame that flashed in BP, sending his furthest batted ball an estimated 342 feet, from a long, leveraged right-handed swing.

+ RHP Lucas Riebeling (Columbia, 2024) showed well in front of our scouting staff, firing 2.2 innings while allowing just one earned run and striking out two. Up-tempo delivery, slight drop/drive lower-half that works in-line. Loose, clean arm that plays from a ¾ slot. Fastball worked in the 82-85 mph range with a finish through the zone. Showed some confidence in his curveball, landing it for strikes consistently at 71-73 mph (2200-2300 RPM). Also went to a fading changeup at 77-79 mph, killing spin. 

Lucas Riebeling

+ OF/1B Parker Violett (Kaneland, 2024) has loud tools attached to a 6-foot-3, 195-pound frame with present physicality and room to add more. Violett showed easy juice in BP from a flat right-handed swing, working gap-to-gap with backspin feel. He averaged 89.5 mph per batted ball, riffling a 99.3 mph bullet into the right-center gap for his hardest barrel. Aside from his bat strength, Violett is also a 6.72 runner that nearly reached 21 mph at peak run speed and he was 85 mph from the outfield, too. 


+ RHP Lance Kiesewetter (Henry-Senachwine, 2024) is a name that is slowly garnering more and more attention on the hill. His physical 6-foot-4, 225-pound frame is hard to miss on the bump, and his two innings at the Illinois State Games did not disappoint. He struck out three and allowed no hits in 1 ⅔ innings of work. His fastball sat 83-86 mph, topping out at 86.5 mph with clear carry and rise through the zone (T24” IVB). He mixed in a curveball with tight, 11/5 shape that sat 71-74 mph with quality spin at a max of 2428 RPM. Kiesewetter’s metrics have continued to tick up since the spring, and he is showing more confidence in his breaking ball as well. The uncommitted incoming senior is a name-to-know in the state’s 2024 class.

Lance Kiesewetter

+ OF Angel Mohammad (Taft, 2024) appeared to be on a mission at the Illinois State Games as he showed well in the workout and in-game. The 6-foot, 165-pounder began the event by running a 6.60 60 time, one of the event’s top times. From the outfield, he recorded a max velocity of 85 mph on his best bullet to home, and during his round of BP he hit his hardest ball 91.6 mph. Mohammad transitioned into gameplay well, where he tallied multiple extra base hits, including a triple and a near home run. A simple approach with a smooth and easy swing, he had a knack for putting the barrel on the baseball throughout the two-day event in Rantoul. Mohammad is an uncommitted name-to-know in Illinois’ 2024 class.

Angel Mohammad

+ RHP Tyler Tylka (Wauconda, 2024) takes the mound at an upside 6-foot-4, 185-pounds with room to add strength as he continues to mature physically. He’s an intentful mover downhill that controls his levers well for his size, pumping his fastball up to 86.1 mph, while pitching in the low-80s as his outing went on. Off his fastball, a true sweeping breaking ball in the low-70s that reached upwards of 17 inches of horizontal movement. He also killed spin and lift on a straight changeup at 74-77 mph. 


+ Listed at a long 6-foot-6, 180-pounds, Bauer Dalke (Althoff Catholic, 2024) provided an upside look on Tuesday evening. During his outing, Dalke ran his fastball up to 84.8 mph and sat in the 81-84 mph range throughout with true sink at times. As for his offspeeds, he featured a tight slider that played with cutting action and occasional depth, and was thrown for strikes. He also killed spin on cutting changeup with depth, too. 

+ 3B Kaileb Hackman (Normal Community, 2024) is a physically imposing 6-foot-1, 195-pound prospect that had one of the better workouts on day one of the Illinois State Games. Hackman showed an intriguing power/speed combo, running a 6.72 60 while squaring his hardest ball up at 99.1 mph, and sending his furthest barrel 369 feet as well. Across the diamond, Hackman was 85 mph on his hardest bullet. 

+ RHP Gage Luttrell (Sacred Heart Griffin, 2024) made for a quality look on the mound during the first day of action in Rantoul. Built at 6-foot-4, 215-pounds, Luttrell is a simple mover pairs it with a strong arm that topped at 87.5 mph on his hardest bullet to the plate, while sitting in the 83-86 mph range. One of the noteworthy things from Luttrell’s two innings of work was the confidence he had in a low-to-mid-70s breaking ball, as he was consistently able to land it both in the zone and throw it outside for whiffs. He rounded out his three-pitch mix with a changeup that ranged from 76-81 mph and played with fade/depth. 

Gage Luttrell

+ OF Keenan Oldani (South Elgin, 2024) showed out as one of the more physical athletes in Rantoul last week. Oldani, who stands at 6-foot-3, 197-pounds, recorded the highest exit velocity of the entire event, scoring a 105.5 mph line drive right back up the middle on his second to last swing. He breached the 100 mph park two other times during his round, posting an average exit velocity of 95.5 mph, which was an event best. In game, Oldani screamed a home run directly over the left field fence on Wednesday morning. Defensively, Oldani moved around the outfield well and he flashed above-average arm strength in Tuesday’s workout, peaking at 87 mph on his hardest bullet home. 

+ 1B/OF Baker Shelhamer (St. Rita, 2024) is a prospect that is sure to draw eyes with his athletic and strong 6-foot-4, 205-pound build. He possesses easy strength from the right side of the plate where he hammered a ball 101.6 mph in BP, with his furthest batted ball traveling 354 ft. Shelhamer was on the barrel through most of his round, too, with a sweet spot percentage of 77%. A strong arm from the outfield, he fired his best ball at 91 mph on a throw to home. In-game, Shelhamer went 1-for-3, and showed easy power when he found the barrel. 


+ RHP Nick Bestrick (Sandburg, 2024) stands in at 5-foot-10, 180-pounds with strength in his lower half. On the mound Bestrick impressed with his ability to attack hitters and comfortably turn to any offering regardless of count. Bestrick’s fastball played at 86-88 mph, touching 89 mph, and he consistently threw it in the zone. Off that, Bestrick showed a true power cutter that he throws with intent (T85 mph) and he consistently threw it to the glove-side, too. He spun two different breaking balls, a low-to-mid 70s curveball with tight downer movement that he throws for strikes and an upper-70s slider that plays with sweeping action, and he threw a changeup with hard-running action (T18.8” HM) at 78-80 mph. Bestrick is a high follow uncommitted arm in the state’s 2024 class. 

Nicholas Bestrick

+ Coming off an impressive spring season with Newton, INF Isaac Flowers (2024) left a more than positive first impression on our staff after this event and left Rantoul as unquestionably one of its’ biggest winners. A running back and linebacker for the Eagles’ football team, Flowers’ athleticism showed quickly, as he ran a 6.74 60 with a 1.64 10-yard split while reaching 20.4 mph at peak speed. That athleticism shows on the infield, where Flowers showed easy, fluid footwork and clean, athletic actions on the dirt. Offensively, Flowers was on the barrel to all fields a handful of times throughout the event from a short, compact left-handed swing. On Wednesday morning, Flowers took an outer-half slider in a left/left matchup and swatted it off the left field fence for an opposite field double. Flowers jumped on the scene after this event and is one of the top uncommitted prospects in the Illinois’ 2024 class. 

Isaac Flowers

+ 3B/OF Brooks Neuhoff (IMG Academy, 2024) was a winner from the Central Illinois Open in late July, earning an invite to the Illinois State Games as a result. He’s a muscled-up 6-foot, 175-pound athlete with natural strength attached to his right-handed barrel. In BP, Neuhoff showed easy bat speed from a short, simple, and flat swing, barreling balls constantly while working gap-to-gap with authority (99.4 mph max EV). Neuhoff’s feel to hit showed in game, as he finished 3-for-5 with a double and two singles to the opposite field. He made a handful of difficult plays at the hot corner as well, showing arm strength and carry across the diamond. 


+ A pair of uncommitted physically gifted athletes that both showed well and really look the part in a uniform to follow from this event: OF Cooper Marrs (Riverside-Brookfield, 2024) and OF Parker Reinke (St. Charles North, 2024). Marrs, who stands at 6-foot-4, 195-pounds, repeated hard line drive contact into the pull-side gap in BP on average (92 mph) and at peak (97.4 mph) from a loose, easy right-handed swing. His simple strength showed in-game, as Marrs screamed a stand-up double into the left-center gap Wednesday night. As for Reinke, the 6-foot-4, 200-pound soon-to-be senior took one of the event’s more physical BP rounds. He elevated the baseball consistently (280 ft. avg) and his furthest batted ball (374 ft.) was amongst the event’s leaders. All of Reinke’s quality of contact measurables registered on the high-end scales of our player performance tiers - 91.1 mph average exit velocity, 97.3 mph peak exit velocity, 88% sweet-spot rate, 75% hard-hit rate. 

+ RHP Toby Schriefer (Bradley Bourbonnais, 2024) is an uncommitted senior that carries a high ceiling on the mound. Schriefer stands at an athletically built 6-foot-3, 190-pound frame with strength throughout. He worked down the mound in a drop and drive pattern with an over the top arm action to boot. Schriefer had one of the better fastballs at the event, sitting 84-86, and topping out at 87.6 mph with big carry (T22.2” IVB) at times. Though still developing complete feel for a mid-70s slider, Schriefer’s primary secondary pitch flashed out-pitch potential with tight, late break. He also mixed in a fading changeup in the upper-70s that was primarily thrown to left-handed hitters. 

Toby Schriefer

+ An uncommitted left-handed bat that stood out was CIF Jake Troyner (Joliet Catholic, 2024), who helped lead the Hilltoppers to consecutive 2A state titles this spring. At 6-foot-2, 188-pounds, Troyner has an upside frame with noticeable athleticism and room to fill out. Troyner first caught our attention during batting practice where he showed a fluid, easy swing that stayed on the barrel, while also using the whole field. He started the gameplay portion of the event out strong, blasting a no-doubt home run to the pull-side on Tuesday morning, finishing the event 3-for-6 with a double, home run, and two RBIs. 

Jake Troyner

+ LHP Matthew Wnukowski (Tinley Park, 2024) stands at an athletic 6-foot-3, 215-pound build with strength in his lower half. On the mound Wnukowski impressed, tossing two clean innings where he struck out two batters and earned seven whiffs, mostly on his fastball. His fastball worked at 82-84 T85 mph with an average of 19.1 inches of ride that earned swings and misses in the zone. His two offspeed pitches, a upper-60s curveball and a mid-70s slider are both developing but flashed tight breaking movement with some feel for the zone.

Matthew Wnukowski


+ 1B Thomas Corley (Bolingbrook, 2024) has plenty of raw power attached to a strong, physical right-handed barrel. In BP, Corley averaged 90.4 mph per batted ball, peaking at 97.8 mph, and he sent his furthest ball 385 feet, per TrackMan. 

+ OF Cal Darling (Bradley-Bourbonnais, 2024) had a loud showing in multiple areas of Tuesday’s workout. The recent Heartland CC commit recorded one of the hardest hit balls of the entire event (101.1 mph), sent his furthest batted ball 342 feet, and was up to 91 mph from the outfield, which tied for the second-hardest throw of the event. 

+ RHP Casey Giemzik (Brother Rice, 2024) was one of the top RHPs at February's Preseason All-State showcase, and has continued to cement himself as a top uncommitted pitcher in the state. Giemzik stands at a well-proportioned 6-foot-3, 220-pound frame with strength throughout. The soon-to-be senior showed a repeatable delivery highlighted by a quick arm. Giemzik sat in the mid-80s throughout, touching 87.1 mph with plenty of carry (2525 RPM). Off his fastball, Giemzik used a mid-to-upper 70s slider as a secondary pitch that spun well (2634 RPM) with short movement. 

Casey Giemzik

+ Still uncommitted, INF Ryan Rossi (Glenbrook North, 2024) took a loud round of BP at this event. Rossi, who’s long levered 6-foot-3, 180-pound frame created natural whip out of his load, flashed barrel feel to the pull-side throughout his round. His hardest ball jumped off his barrel at 95.7 mph and traveled an estimated 348 feet, both of which are above-average batted ball metrics for his age. Also made a well above-average run through play where he showed body control and the ability to throw from a low slot and deliver it on the bag with ease.


+ RHP John Balla (Hersey, 2024) showed off a loud arsenal during the nightcap on Wednesday. The right-handed pitcher stands at a broad-shouldered 5-foot-10, 175-pound frame with strength throughout. Balla uses a balanced delivery and short arm action with acceleration out front. Coming out of the bullpen, Balla fired off a heavy dose of fastballs that pounded the inside part of the plate. The fastball played up (T2410 RPM) and sat 84-86 throughout, topping at 86.6 mph. Balla showed feel for a high-spin curveball (T2820 RPM) that played with two-plane break to get swings and misses down in the zone. 

John Balla

+ INF/RHP Enrico Veach (Springfield, 2024) pairs athleticism and polish to provide positive impact in multiple areas on the diamond. A strong-bodied athlete at 5-foot-11, 165-pounds, Veach was on the barrel from a short, level right-handed swing throughout his BP round with balance throughout. He showed more bat strength than we had seen from him previously, averaging 91.1 mph per batted ball, up eight ticks from the winter, and hitting his hardest ball at 96.1 mph while sending his farthest 350 feet. As his offensive profile trends up, Veach continues to look the part of a sure-handed defender on the dirt, covering ground confidently with soft hands to pair. He has the arm strength to stick as well, firing an 87 mph across the diamond on his firmest bullet. On top of that, Veach hopped on the mound at this event and pitched in the low-80s, touching 85 mph, with a low-70s breaking ball that breached the 2500 RPM mark. 


+ RHP Ben Carnahan (Normal University, 2024) threw it well over his two innings of work, not allowing an earned run with one walk against four strikeouts. The 6-foot, 175-pound right-hander worked his fastball up to 85 mph, sitting 82-84 mph with some life through the zone and run to the arm-side. Showed to have feel for an 11/5 curveball at 69-72 mph, landing it for strikes consistently. Flashed a 10/4 slider at 69-70 mph. Slightly up-tempo delivery, medium leg-lift works into a slight drop/drive lower-half, stride works in-line into a recoil finish. 

Ben Carnahan

+ 1B Lance Weitekamp (Morrisonville, 2024) is an uncommitted left-handed bat to make note of. Strong-bodied, 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame, athletic with round shoulders. Easy juice from the left-handed batter’s box; simple/short load, creates extension through contact with the ability to backspin the ball, leaving the yard for a home run on the first day of gameplay. Low-effort stroke with power upside as he continues to mature physically. Steady defender at first base. 

Lance Weitekamp

+ INF Gavin Duran (Harvest Christian, 2024) came away one of the event's biggest winners. Compact 5-foot-7, 175-pound frame with a strong lower-half and some strength throughout. The left-handed hitter has a quality approach in the box to pair with above-average bat-to-ball skills. Has some rhythm in his pre-pitch, athletic hands allow him to find the barrel and work the whole field. Averaged 91.6 mph for his exit velocity in BP, topping out at 96.7 mph with a max distance of 340'. Averaged 71 mph for his bat-speed to pair with an average on-plane efficiency of 78.1 %. Sure-handed defender up the middle that can likely stick on the infield moving forward. Scrappy prospect to know, plays with a high motor. 


+ OF Destin Edwards (Kenwood, 2024) is a 6-foot-2, 180-pound uncommitted soon-to-be senior with tools to pair. Edwards ran a 6.91 60, was an event-best 92 mph from the outfield, and generated noteworthy bat speed (75.7 mph) and rotational acceleration (24.6 g) on average. 

+ RHP Alexander Schiefer (Kaneland, 2024) flashed some wipeout stuff in the nightcap on day two, striking out four against one walk in 1.2 innings. Simple, compact delivery, drop/drive lower-half that works in-line. Creates carry on his fastball, topping out at 86 mph while sitting 84-85 mph (2300-2500 RPM), averaging 15.2 IVB (T19.6). Was confident in a high-spinning curveball, playing between 2,500-2,600 RPM at 71-74 mph, over-the-top shape and kept mostly down. 

Alexander Schiefer


+ There’s plenty to like with RHP Braden Grimm (Evanston, 2024), who’s a long, projectable 6-foot-1, 165-pound athlete with more to come. Grimm’s fastball played at 84-87 mph with noticeable raw spin (T2540 RPM) and carry (20.2 IVB) as well. He spun two breaking balls off his fastball; a low-70s curveball that peaked at 2636 RPM with more bend/depth and a tighter, bullet-like slider at 74-79 mph, topping at 2538 RPM. 

+ A premier athlete in the Illinois’ 2024 class: OF Jalen House (Downers Grove South). House shattered the Illinois State Games 60-yard dash record, cruising to a double-plus 6.37 time on our lasers with a 1.58 10-yard split while reaching 22 mph at peak speed. House brings a quiet look into the left side of the plate, and he showed more juice than we’d seen from him in the past, squaring his hardest ball up at 96.3 mph in BP. 

+ C/INF Jake Parpet (Conant, 2024) is an uncommitted follow in the 2024 class from this event with tools attached to a lean, athletic 5-foot-9, 160-pound frame. Parpet controlled the barrel in BP and used the whole field, spraying elevated contact while working gap-to-gap. He also ran a 6.95 60, was 87 mph across the infield, peaked at 76 mph from the chute, and popped a 1.90 on his quickest bullet to the bag. 

+ RHP Michael Pasquesi (Highland Park, 2024) has touch and feel for a three-pitch mix and he toes the rubber at strong, physical 6-foot-2, 190-pounds. He’s a polished, in-line mover downhill that has performed in front of our staff in the past, most recently at The Rock, and he showed that at this event, too. Pasquesi pitched at 85-86 mph with his fastball, spun two different breaking balls around the zone, and killed both spin/lift on a firm upper-70s changeup with natural arm-side run (T17.4” HM). 

+ RHP Devan Tupper (Normal University, 2024) is an athletic right-handed-pitching prospect with a high ceiling. Standing at 6-foot-3, 175-pounds Tupper was confident in his three-pitch mix, mostly working backwards against hitters. His mid-to-upper 80s, T87.3 mph, fastball played with rise and run, topping out at 19.6” of ride through the zone and 16.8” of horizontal movement. Tupper was confident in his upper-70s curveball as he threw it in any count and was able to throw it for strikes and generate swings-and-misses out of the zone with it. Tupper also threw a upper-70s changeup with hard running action with 17.3 inches of horizontal movement.


+ SS Joe Dolenga (Stevenson, 2024) is a toolsy uncommitted prospect that stands at 5-foot-10, 170-pounds. Beginning the Illinois State Games by running a 6.8 60 time, he then proceeded to show athletic actions with soft and fluid hands in the infield. Dolenga had one of the strongest arms across the infield, firing his hardest thrown ball across the diamond at 88 mph. An athletic hit setup, he flashed a quick and aggressive swing with easy power to all fields. Producing a peak exit velocity of 99.5 mph with fast, aggressive, and intentful acceleration out of his load, Dolenga also hit his farthest batted ball 338 ft. 

+ OF Logan Gale (Conant, 2024) is a left-handed bat to follow with easy twitch and lean strength. Gale took an impressive round of BP, finding the barrel consistently (75%) with added strength in regards to exit velocity (94.8 mph) and raw batted distance (354 feet). Gale also ran a 6.94 60 and was 87 mph from the outfield. 

+ Standing in a strong 6-foot, 200-pound frame, C/1B Dasaan Lee (Thornwood, 2024) was a regular producer throughout the event, especially on Wednesday night, where he worked on the barrel regularly to all fields. A simple and easy swing with a flat path, Lee has some quickness to the barrel at times, producing a peak bat speed of 78.8 mph in Tuesday’s workout. From the crouch, Lee posted his quickest pop time of 2.00 slightly quicker than his last recorded pop in the winter. A steady corner infielder, he produced an 81 mph velocity on throws to third base.

Dasaan Lee

+ INF Andrew Lucas (Oak Forest, 2024) is another uncommitted senior infielder to follow from this event. At 5-foot-11, 170-pounds, Lucas ran a 6.97 60 while reaching a peak speed of 20.1 mph. He worked on the barrel to the pull-side in BP from a short, flat right-handed stroke, averaging 87 mph per batted ball with a 92.3 mph peak exit velocity. Lucas also flashed above-average raw power, elevating his furthest ball 346 feet, per TrackMan. He showed arm strength on the infield too, firing an 87 mph high across the diamond on his firmest bullet.